So, you’re looking for smart ways to generate organic traffic?

In this article, I want to show you how coupon deals can multiply your traffic generation efforts.

The coupon marketing strategy can work for any niche, not just for shopping merchants.

Discount coupons and other buying-incentives and rebates are great motivators.

In the field of copywriting, the goal is to generate sales now and make the prospect happy. They’ve to make decisions based on personal convictions that your product has the solution.

With coupon discounts, the hurdles associated with Google ranking is eliminated. Off course, the strategy I’ll be sharing will not happen overnight. It takes time to achieve significant success online. So, prepare your mind to work it out.

1.    Search For Specific Coupon Codes

What coupon codes would you target? It’s the first thing to do if organic traffic is your meat. Whatever niche you’re into, I’m sure there are countless coupon deals which can be used for sales promotion. You’ve got to find the codes. Groupon is a great place to begin your search. And also, some affiliate merchants will make the research fun and rewarding.

If your niche isn’t related to shopping or grocery, where most of coupon deals are used, you can research web hosting discounts and use it to motivate blog readers. Hostgator and Bluehost are two great hosting services. They’re credible, reliable and the uptime is cute.

And because they’re popular in the blogosphere, offering a coupon code for subscription would improve sales and drive more traffic to your blog.

All right, you now have access to coupon discount networks, what’s next.

2.    Entice Google With Quality Content

What Google want more than ever is quality content.

A lot of people, especially affiliate marketers try to stuff keywords on their content. This used to work but today, the game is changed. In fact, quality content is not even enough to rank on Google; you need to also engage readers.

But without quality content, how would the engagement begin?

So, use the coupon discounts you’ve researched to write valuable posts. This post doesn’t have to be entirely unique, you can cite helpful articles and Google is totally in support of this. In fact, writing an article without linking to other authority blogs is a wrong SEO-content practice. Whenever I review we wood discount code, hostgator reseller packages or coupon codes, linking back to other relevant and authority blogs is my #2 assignment.

Someone must have researched and written about your topic, in the past. Oftentimes, these contents are superb, maybe it’s from an expert in the field – unlike web writers who writes on virtually every topic under the sun. So, link to relevant and Google friendly blogs – it’s to your advantage.

Begin with the coupon code (keyword) and use it on the Headline. Keyword placement still matters to Google, and you can’t just place them anyhow. The headline is the first and most important place to embed keywords naturally.

But the keyword which has coupon or discount as the qualifier must be meaningful. For instance, you cannot place “coupon hostgator code buy” on the headline. It makes no sense, even though it’s a buyer-key term.

3.    Build Relevant Backlinks

Coupon-related keywords uses anchor to strengthen the links. You must research alternative terms to use when linking back to your review page.

Google has been rolling out updates and it’s like bloggers and content marketers are scared, what do they have in mind this time? To be frank with you, backlinks will continue to matter in search engine optimization.

But the strategy has changed and you’ve to recognize that. In the past, getting 1000 off-page links could results in high ranking for your chosen key phrase.

But today, what you need isn’t a 1000 links, but 10 – 100 relevant and niche-specific links. Off course, if you’ve the opportunity to generate thousands of links naturally, then, go for it. But I know you don’t have the time to do it manually, so what you should focus on is being relevant.

Find blogs in your niche, which has fresh and quality contents. Then, write guest post and link back to your blog. Your post has to be unique, well researched and helpful. And because you’re targeting coupon related key phrases, it would be easy to rank, provided you use such terms as anchor (clickable link).

Coupon Code Concept

The coupon-code-concept is simple, but it’s proven to work for you. Thousand of buyers are online, but they’re confused as to what is right for them. The best way to convert a handful of these buyers and build relationships with them is by offering coupon code to every purchase they make.

Coupon marketing has been active and popular in the shopping niche, but, the impact has gotten to the blogosphere. You can now use the strategies above to rank your web pages, using specific keywords which are coupon-based.

That’s how it works – give it all it takes. Success is sure!


I’m Michael Chibuzor, and the SEO strategies in this post is what I used in my coupon blog, where I share free we wood discount code. And not just that, you can find amazing discount deals to help you save. That’s why promo code is vital to bloggers as they search for wooden watches, shoes and boots.

It may not be easy to rank on Google top 10 for generic keywords, but when you streamline and research long-tail keyphrases, it can be done within 30 days.

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  1. Anne


    Hello Michael,

    Thank you for sharing this post. This is such a great article! I an really interested in any ways to generate traffic to my website. Thank you very much for sharing this.


  2. Samuel


    The coupon code strategy is very interesting. I have an entertainment website and I make some affiliate money with apparel sales. It never occurred to me to offer coupon codes for different brands of clothes but thanks to you, I just got an idea for my website. Thank you for sharing this great strategy.

  3. Mohsin Ali


    I only use Hostgator coupons codes and really it bring me traffic and money.

  4. Sabrina


    Great tips! I’ve been trying generate some traffic to my site for quite a while now. 🙂

  5. TracyAnn0312


    You are right. Google always need quality content before they will post the article you did to their blog. They do this so that they can prevent repetition to the article submitted to them. Thanks for sharing another informational article about Google.

    • Michael Chibuzor


      Thank you very much for agreeing with me. I’m glad you enjoyed the post. Please visit again!

  6. Joe Boyle


    I think this is an interesting concept, but I don’t see it driving in an “explosive” amount of traffic. It will, without doubt, bring you in traffic if you know anything about SEO. It’s not hard to bring traffic into your website with coupons. But it’s hard to compete.

    This isn’t a new method. I’ve seen websites that rank in Alexa’s top 50,000 that have a page ranked number one in Google for coupons. The rest of their website gets very little attention, though. It’s there that the traffic becomes just a number.

    Let’s take the use of HostGator coupon codes, for example. People looking for those codes probably already know about hosting. They don’t need the basic tips. They just want the codes. They won’t continue on with your website. The same goes for GoDaddy. Whenever I buy a domain name from GoDaddy, I am sure to look for coupon codes. Sure, people gain the extra digit in their analytics, but it’s just that – a number. I have no other interaction. It’s useless traffic generally.

    I think the method could have potential if the webmaster is talented in SEO and marketing alike. You need to pull the SE viewers in through the coupon codes and INSTANTLY sell them to the the rest of your website.

    • Michael Chibuzor


      Yes, we need to carefully convert the traffic that comes from coupon and promotional codes. I learnt a lot from your comment. Thank you.

  7. Tobias Wagner


    Sweet, I’ve never thought of such a way of attracting a traffic. Thank you for the idea Michael.

    • Michael Chibuzor


      Thank you Tobias for reading my post. I hope my tips work for you!

  8. Azam


    A good tutorial on coupon code. All purchasers demands discount and coupons are the best entities in this regard.

  9. Debbie


    Hi, Michael! Great article! I’m interested in any new ways to generate traffic to my website. Thanks for sharing; have a nice day!

    • Michael Chibuzor


      You too Debby. I’m glad you went through my post. Please visit again!

  10. Aasma


    Hi Michael,

    Really nice tip, I would love try it on my own website. Let’s see how well it works for me.

    • Michael Chibuzor


      Oh ye, go ahead and give it a try. I’ll be waiting to hear how it goes.

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