For every great website or blog the backlinks are normally high. So If you want to make your site be one of the best then you need to work on your backlinks and this will in turn boost your traffic.
Want yo check the number of backlinks that your site has? To check your backlinks you can use


In order to build up your backlinks and traffic for your site, you have to spread the word about it any and everywhere that you can.

What strategies can you use to increase your backlinks?

[box]Guest Post For Backlinks[/box]

Guest Posting is a really great way to get exposed and, to build up your traffic and backlinks. When you make guest posts, you would normally get a link back to your site in your bio profile.

If you are writing guest post to gain traffic, you have to make sure that you write top quality contents just like you were writing it for your blog. After the blog readers have read your guest post then they will want to visit the author’s site, which would be you, and then the traffic would be coming in.

[box type=”gray”]Blog Commenting For More Backlinks[/box]

There are way over a million active blogs on the internet today and the number is drastically increasing every day, even right now as you are reading this article someone somewhere is creating a new blog. It does not matter if the blog is in your niche or not, making a comment on any blog that you stumble upon will increase your backlinks plus will boost your traffic.

Especially if these sites that you make comments on are in your niche or they have higher traffic, then you are bound to benefit both way by getting traffic and backlink.

TIP: When you make a comment, make sure you don’t just say, “great article” or “thanks for the info”. If you leave a well detailed comment, you are bound to double your traffic in no time.

[box type=”yellow”]Social Media Helps With Backlinks[/box]

Social Media sites are really great for building tons of traffic. Social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Stumble Upon, Digg, Linked In, and the list goes on. If you build up a relationship with other members with the users of these social media sites then you will benefit in a great way.

For Example: If you retweet other followers links on Twitter, then others will retweet your articles as well. It’s simple as that. Scratch my back and I will scratch yours. Tweet my links and I will tweet yours.

[box type=”red”]Backlinks: Specific Keywords & SEO Each Blog Post[/box]

This can be easily done, with the use of SEO-Tool – Keyword Density Checker.

The SEO-Tool Keyword Density Checker plugin generates keywords based on the words that you use in your article that you have written. This makes it easy for you to get the best keywords to use in that article.

[box type=”green”]Forum Posting Build Backlinks[/box]

Discussing specific topics or subjects with others who have similar interests leads to the establishment of online communities called forums. By being a regular and knowledgeable contributor to these forums, in the form of comments and short posts with a backlink to his or her own web site, a person can drive up the traffic and increase their page rank.

Forums are normally high trafficked, such as, that forum gave me lots of traffic.

[box type=”blue”]Advertise To Increase Backlinks[/box]

Buying advertisement space is the best way to get traffic to your site. If the site that you are advertising on give you a do-follow back to your site then this would make your site get even more exposure.

Want to buy ad space? Here are some Things To Consider When Buying Ad Space

Group Discussion

  • What steps do you take to increase your traffic and the quality of your backlinks?


  1. Ella


    But problem arise when we know that paid link are going to be penalized. Do you have any suggestion for this problem?

  2. Vandhana Karthick


    I accept all in your article and many people do not allow for guest post in their website and also I have kept social media plugin in my website I am getting nearly 100 unique visitors daily to my website but I have less fb likes and other social media sharing. Kindly give me exact what need to do get share widely in social media. I need financial niche websites is it any possible to help from you.

    • Reply

      Well what you need to do is use these social media sites more often.

      You can also place the badges on your blog as well. Use your FB page as a profile and interact more with your followers.

      Also host contests for your social profiles.

      Thanks for the comment.

  3. vishal


    thanks for the article i’m going to apply all the tips. i think best one is forum discussions and article posting.

  4. Reply

    Thank you Kharim for sharing this with us. Guest posting and blog commenting can bring a quality backlinks and increase your traffic by leaps and bounds. Forum marketing also helps in generating good traffic. Thanks!

  5. John Ernest


    The main aspect of a blog to have a lot of backlinks is its content. When people have a relevant and useful blog, people won’t hesitate to link back to your site as it can also complement their own blogs. Thanks for posting!

  6. Reply

    I’ve found it really tough to build backlinks since starting out. Thanks for your info here though, gotta keep plugging away at it

  7. Reply

    Very nice post very well explained everything. Guest blogging and comment posting both are working well. also if you have time do forum posting. forum posting also is another good way to get traffic and backlinks.

    Thanks Keep writing.

    • Reply

      I have been doing blog commenting and also guest posting and this has worked well for me. Thanks for the comment Ajnabii

  8. Ayesha


    We increase backlinks by creating more comments. Commenting is convenient for amplifying backlinks. It gain good traffic. The above post is very helpful.

  9. Ben


    I’ve found it really tough to build backlinks since starting out. Thanks for your info here though, gotta keep plugging away at it 🙂

    • Reply

      Backlinks aren’t hard to build. Just do what I post in this article and you will have more backlinks that ever

  10. Reply

    Very well said Kharim…

    Guest posting, blog commenting work like a charm for me. Forum posting used to work earlier but now I don’t see any benefit via forum backlinks.

  11. Clara


    Forum commenting is something I haven’t done enough of, but of course the key is finding forums that reflect your niche.

  12. Bryan Ring


    Very impressive tips here K..I especially love the “Back link checker”, very interesting. I blog for business and promote good posts at the same time. So here I go…promoting another great post! Thank for the very useful SEO article. I think the back link checker is still processing, to tell ya the truth I have not ever checked.

    • Reply

      Thanks very much for the comment man, I really appreciate it.

      I’m always checking my backlinks to make sure I’m increasing it as the days go by. That’s the reason why blog commenting and guest posting, along with forum submission is important. More backlinks means more search engine traffic, and more traffic means more money.

      Thanks again for the comment.

  13. Chris


    Thank you so much for taking the time to share this info ! I am trying to get on board with these processes and I find your tips extremely helpful. I have done some guest posting and it seems like a great and worthwhile strategy.

  14. Reply

    I have been searching for ways on how to notch up my website’s traffic for a bit. It’s true that guest blogging has been helpful, but I have also learned a few more tricks. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Reply

    That was really gold mine article. Strategics in driving traffic to one’s website have been an indispensable one for social media marketing. Got a handful of tips and learning here. Now its time for applied learning.

  16. Marian


    Hello, Kharim! You wrote a very useful article. Everybody is interested in higher traffic and many quality backlinks. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Reply

    There are many ways to increase website traffic. As the oldest search engine strategy says, publish unique and informative content. Search engines always look for fresh and unique content. Once you have published content on the website, you can start promoting your website.

  18. Lily


    Blog commenting should be done manually so that comments are more sensible and to ensure that it’s related to the topic discussed not something like, “Great post! Post more!”

  19. Daniel


    Great post! That was interesting.I like your quality that you put into your post.Please do continue with more like this.

  20. Reply

    These links building and traffic building tip are awesome and I found that Guest Posting is one of the best way to get backlinks from high PR blogs, but it should be same niche.

  21. winkey


    thanks for your sharing, i’m looking for the ways to increase the back links to my web site, it is very useful to me, thanks

  22. Reply

    Thanks for the tips, Kharim,

    I seldom using backlinkswatch.

    Some tips i have applied, some i have not. Example, guest posting and advertise.

    Will look into them soon.


  23. Alvin


    nice tips, i think its necessary for every blogger that he must know about these points because because if we want to build a successful blog than its necessary to concentrate on all these areas.

  24. Thiru


    Great Post mate,

    I would like to add, Classifieds ads submission also increase our back links. Hope my info useful to some people here.

  25. Richard Chidike


    This is a great article and one i need to print and read all over again. Every blogger needs to know these infos. Thanks.

  26. Music Diva


    I am sooo happy you are writing about backlinks right now.. That is my #1 focus at the moment, cause no matter how fab our sites/blogs are, without quality backlinks, we’ll get minimal traffic..

    BTW, gave my son your weather report.. their ship comes into Galveston port today.. Can’t wait to see how they liked the Caribbean!

  27. Suresh Khanal


    Thanks Kharim for the checklist. I found I’m missing many of them 😛 Especially forum participation, SEO each post and guest blogging. I’m joining soon. Do you have any more references for good forums for bloggers?

  28. Ryan Biddulph


    Hi Kharim,

    Excellent tips here.

    I leave comments on blogs, visit forums, use social networking and bookmarking sites, and write guest posts. I would say to be all over the place, meaning to expand your presence through as many channels as possible.

    The keyword tool you shared looks very helpful. Thanks!

    Ryan Biddulph

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