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As a new website owner, you are learning rather quickly that backlinks are important for the survival of your website. A website without backlinks makes your online business a lonely isolated island.  You must get backlinks, this fact is an inevitable truth.  But before that, you must sit back and thoughtfully form a solid strategy.

As you sit back,understand that your solid backlinking strategy will take time to form, and that each backlink should be thought of as a new relationship. This mindset will begin to lead you into building the strong successful strategy built for true SEO backlink rank builder champions.

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[box type=”gray”]It All Begins With Research[/box]

The very basis for the foundation to your strategy should be to research.  A few suggestions for topics to research are: Competitive Keyword Analysis, Domain Authority and Dofollow vs. Nofollow Links.  Analyze your keyword through a keyword analyzer tool. The less competitive the keyword, the easier it will be to rank high in Google for that keyword.

You will want to rank for an easy to moderate keyword. Keep your keyword relevant to what your website is about. If a singlekeyword is highly competitive, make your keyword a phrase. When you have carefully analyzed your keywords,the next part of your research would be to find which sites are ranking for that particular keyword. Write these sites down because you have just located yourcompetitors.

The next thing you will want to do for each competitor is to find out where your competitors have backlinks.  Analyze your competitors through a backlink research tool. Keep these backlinks on record also.  You will want to learn the PR to each backlink, the domain authority of the site, and whether the link is Dofollow orNofollow.  Dofollow links are favored by Google and Nofollow links will still be followed by other Search engines. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, research the suggested topics!



[box type=”blue”]Boost Your Rank With Backlinks[/box]

There are different ways to collect backlinks. A few of the possible ways to collect backlinks is by link exchanges, blog commenting, guestblogging, social media,  and directory submission.  We will discuss each method listed.


1. Link Exchange: A good link exchange should be an exchange between two relevant quality websites.  Your goal would be to link to a website that is in the same niche as yours, has a moderate to high domain authority for a similar keyword, and does not have many outgoing links. Your websites outgoing links should be kept to a minimum as well.  This type of link exchange will take time tobuild.  When you exchange links, ask if you can be a guest blogger as well.

2. Blog Commenting: The next type of link exchange is blog commenting. Comment on relevant blogswith moderate to high domain authorities.  Actually read the post and provide a thoughtful comment.  Reply to other comments as well. When you have found the blog to comment on, become a regularleaving thoughtful blog comments.  Let the blog owner get to know you so that you can later ask to become a guestblogger.

3. Guest Blogging: This is detrimental to receiving high quality backlinks. These relationships take time to develop, but a competitive SEO champion has a contact book filled with blogger partnerships painstakingly developed throughout the years. Your goal in a high PR blog would be about 24 guest articles.  I told you this would take time.

4. Social Media: Social media is important to quickly get the word out abouta particular article, guest blog, contest entries or to research the type of followers you are attracting. Welcome your new followers, provide discounts toyour service for the loyal followers and try to reply back to any questions or comments people leave.  This will form relationship and trust to your customers.

5. Directory Submission:  There are lots of directories in the internet. There are some top high quality directories like Yahoo Dmoz, Better Business Bureau, and others. Start by getting listed in a few of these high quality directories. Some of them require payment. Get creative with your Directory Submissions! List the top directories in your niche and focus on those.

Does your site have a blog? Submit to Blog Directories and RSS Feed directories as well. Do you have a forum? List your forum to forum directories. Do you have an affiliatte program? There are affiliate program directories as well.

Whatever service that you can provide, there are probably directories pertaining to that.

In addition, backlinks are needed for creating a successful blog & free link building tips to build up your blog and blog traffic.


  1. Aarav


    These are the awesome tips sir, i truly sure that it will work my new website. Thanks to share this useful information sir.

  2. Cem


    Great information on this website. Something that I will always be coming back to and referring. Most of the tips mentioned above is something most of the beginners are already doing.

    But, I will admit that I did not have the right mindset and I certainly was not thinking that each backlink was “relationship building”

    Thanks for the info.

  3. Ganesh Narayan Gupta


    Nice post buddy…Thanks for this article. I will follow them to create good backlinks for my blog.

  4. Sagar nandwani


    well commenting is definitely a great way to gain backlinks if the blog is Dofollow. I made sure that my blog is dofollow from day 1.
    This way I can guarantee my loyal blog readers that every comment carried the pagerank value. I hope SML becomes dofollow someday.

  5. Krishna


    this post is perfect example of why people like PR.
    It has its own algorithm means weight. Like if you are getting more then 5 links from same website. They won’t give you mush of seo benefits like you do it for 5 different sites. Means get links from different websites to yours. Which most experts talks.

  6. Indiay


    Thank you for this wonderful insight I was not familiar with rss feed post I will definately incorporate it into my link building campaign.

  7. Reply

    Hi,These five solid strategies are excellent for beginners.I like guest posting it is very effective in bringing back links.Social media is powerful tool as so many people are connected to it.Quality back links are important.

  8. Crystal Watts


    Thanks for this informative post. Do-follow backlinks are a really great way to increase your traffic. Another gold mine of traffic is posting on sites that list their (Top Commentors) in the sidebar. This is your opportunity to not only generate a backlink but also to get front page exposure. Some site typically take around 5-7 posts to make it to the top commentor list.
    Yours in Success…

    • Reply

      I like that as well, commenting on sites so that I can try to be the top commentator. I have been top commentator on some popular blogs and I must say that I have enjoyed the amount of traffic that I got to my blog.

      Thanks for the wonderful comment as well.

  9. Ayesha


    Very helpful for new comers. It gives complete guideline and helps us in developing new strategies.Quite informative post !!

  10. Reply

    Great strategies…

    I don’t encourage link exchange… Rest all the ways are really beneficial to build quality backlinks

  11. Bryan Ring


    Thank you MIMI for the well thought out link lesson. I think a lot of SEO masters worry too much about what to do instead of just doing. Your article is very clear regarding the “Do”, to be successful. Yeah it is work, but if you are in this game, then get to work, right? Thanks again!

  12. Beth


    Nowadays, I find social media as the most powerful backlink strategy. All because there are lots of users who are very addicted to the use of social media. The good thing is that these users also help in disseminating information to other social media users too.

  13. Maja


    Guest Blogging is the emerging trend in getting quality back links and traffic but sometimes link exchange can low the ranking of the site. Be careful before adopting any link developing strategy.

  14. Philppe


    This was really interesting blog post. Well we all know that a good back link strategy is essential to your success in optimizing your website for the search engine results. I think these tips would be most helpful for most of the entrepreneur. Thanks for sharing it.

  15. Becca


    You’ve done a great job explaining how to build links. It’s a little bit hard to figure out what methods work better than others. It’s a very time consuming process, so the techniques you recommend helps streamline the process. Thanks!

  16. Jim Jenks


    I will definitely be working on getting some better links. I’ve gotten a few but I don’t really know how many of those are quality. I will be doing some more research thanks to you.

  17. Farrel


    Your post is packed with great information. Most of the time new owners are doing this kind of method. This is the very easy way on how to make your site to be known. Thanks for sharing this kind of post. Discussing all the methods makes me understand about Directory Submission.

  18. Reply

    These 5 Solid Backlink Strategy For Beginners is awesome.I like guest blogging because it is best ways for get links from high PR blogs.Thanks for sharing.

  19. mike


    Thanks for the easy guidelines to follow. Back linking is something that we’ve been making a priority this year… I see the benefits of being a guest blogger, are there good benefits for being a host of a guest blogger??

    • Noemi


      Hi Mike,
      There are benefits to being a host to a guest blogger if you follow some critical guidelines:

      1. Read the article with your blog’s topic and your reader’s interest in mind before you accept it. It’s your blog, so you can set your own topic guidelines. A lot of the times, if someone really wants to have their article on your blog, they will give you a quality well-written article that is relevant to your blog. Being picky about the articles, provides you with unique, high quality and free content!

      2. Limit the use of backlinks in the article. A high quality article will have only 1-2 links in it.

      3. Make sure that the backlinks are relevant to the article, the keywords and to your website as well. Google also looks at the relevancy of links that are coming out of your site to know what your site is about. So, if you have some good anchor texts coming out that are relevant to your site, it can actually work for your SEO efforts.

      Following these guidelines should work make guest posting work to your advantage.

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