Creating a buzz around a product so as to encourage the discussion on your product or service to go viral over the web is a social media marketing methodology that can bring immediate success to you. This brings to you the attention that large organizations spend for in millions. The technology today allows us to do it for free. Let’s take a look at how to get your product trending on twitter and other social media platforms.

1. Let Your Creative Juices Flow

The product has to have something interesting to catch the attention of people immediately. It could be the novelty of its idea, its shock value or something unique about it. It is always said that you ought to make your product stand out amidst the clutter of products but this is easier said than done. Give the process time. Remember that it is this message that is going to reach out to the millions.

2. Make The Most Of Social Media

Social media forms the backbone of product communication and brand management over the web. As social networking platforms form the crux of your strategy to get the product promoted, it is important for you yourself to be a part of the social networking world. Interact with people using the various social networking platforms. In case you are good at networking, it is easier for you to promote a product by making people you interact with a part of your campaign.

Goodwill works in generating word of mouth publicity. In this case it amounts to buzz over the web.

3. Focus On Capabilities That Offer A Solution To A Common But Troublesome Issue

Let’s face it that people will talk about something only when it is worthy of being talked about. A product that attends to an issue which people face often holds the potential of becoming an instant hit among people. As more and more people share the information on the product with the people they know, the product gains in popularity as people seek to know more about it.

4. Be An Integral Part But Not The Core Of The Product Promotion Process

Promotion over the web thrives on recommendations as people share information with others in their network. You cannot thus be the one who runs the show. You can only release information in the initial stages to set the ball rolling. Release more information as and when required. Make the most of the popularity that your product garners but do not expect to control the brand communication. Be prepared to get negative feedback as well from some quarters.

5. Capitalize On Initial Gains

Once the buzz around the product gains some steam, jump on to the bandwagon by releasing further information on the product for those interested in knowing more. Make the information available on your own website and on social media platforms. Feed the information into the marketing campaign that was as yet relying on something quirky about the product or the manner of communication.

The opportunities available over the web make it possible for you to promote your product or services on the back of their capabilities and not on the quantum of expenditure on marketing. Make the most of the avenues available to transcend even the geographical barriers when it comes to enhancing your product visibility in the target market segment.


About the author: Claudia is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on luxury and technology. She recently read an article on racing games for consoles that attracted her attention. These days she is busy in writing an article on hybrid cars.


  1. johnavery


    Great choice of titles for the sub headings. “Let Your Creative Juices Flow” i think these is where most bloggers are running out of stream.

    • Claudai Somerfield


      ha ha ha..I think you are pretty right…and yes thanks for praising the title and the sub heads.

  2. Ayesha


    Social media appeared as the backbone of product communication and brand management over the web. Marketing of every new product is very important. The above post holds good information.

  3. angel reyes


    Social media truly powerful regarding on how they can be used. As far as I know Social media is one of the best way to drive traffic or to promote products. Thanks for the information! I have learned so much about to gain more on social media.

    • Claudai Somerfield


      Yeah…these are really important and valuable tip to use..

  4. Philppe


    This was an interesting article. A World Wide Rave is when people around the world are talking about your company, and your products. It’s when communities eagerly link to your stuff on the Web. It’s when online buzz drives buyers to your virtual doorstep. I think this was an amazing concept.

  5. Tracyann0312


    Using social media, you can get costumers that can create worldwide rave in marketing. In other words, it can be the other reason why a lot of them used social media to get proper advertisements and exposure in the market they are in it. Thanks for the informational tips for marketers it is useful.

  6. Adam James


    Thanks Claudia, this was a great read.

    Creating something that goes viral is something that so many bloggers, marketers, or well anyone would love to do.

    And some achieve this purely by accident, and it’s these accidental incidences that seem to work best.

    Or something that is just pure and simply crazy, like a video a lad made about his band a few years ago.

    He just filmed himself breaking barbie dolls and throwing tomato ketchup everywhere and screaming the name of his band, he had the myspace page of his band on the bottom of the vid (this was back when myspace was cool of course) – this resulted in 2million hits to his myspace page in about 2 days apparently.

    This sort of thing makes me wonder about the quality of the traffic, but goes to show the power of shock value.

  7. Ann


    Hi Claudia,
    Social media is the key for most any campaign! These are 5 excellent points to create a sensation over your product. Point 4 is the best. Sometimes handing over that control is difficult, but it must be done to achieve the desired end result.

    • Claudai Somerfield


      Thank you so much for praising the article…I was in a search of those points which are easy to use and could be helpful for social media marketing..

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