Today, it is almost indispensable for an online entrepreneur to have one or more blogs. Nowadays, the web is full of micro blogs and blogs that must compete with each other in order to have a good ranking in search results pages.

To have a successful blog, it must be well written, frequently updated and well designed, in one word it must be user friendly. It must target an audience. If you are a blogger, know your audience is a fundamental rule for the success of your blog.

1 – Choose the best niche you want to write articles for your blog. To do this, select a topic that fascinates you and you know to make your job easier. If you do something you love, blogging is very often for you, a pleasure and not a constraint. If you are a new blogger don’t try to narrow yourself to a specific niche, just blog the way your heart says.

2 – Your blog must be unique and original in design and especially in terms of content. Remember you are writing content for reader not for search engine and rankings so always give a personal touch to your items and post frequently. The more you publish, the better your content and you feed the search engines that scan blogs daily.

3 – Updated your blog regularly to keep your site active but you do not have to post every day! Try to work at your own pace. To begin with, two or three articles per week are more than enough at start. Having gained notoriety, you can drop a little on the accelerator if you wish.

4 – You must be an active member of the blogosphere. Visit other blogs in your niche and post them relevant comments. A good review in a high traffic blog will attract the beautiful people to your site.

5 – A blog is a great tool for promotion and marketing. Use it wisely. Do not use a blog to insult a person or demean another blog. You must use it to provide quality information. Remove unwanted Ads and other things from your blog and make it as user friendly.

6 – If you have a blog with good readership base, don’t use it only to sell only product but to provide support to customers and meet the demand of the commentators. Give, give and give, is the key to success.

7 – Make a newsletter or eBook and give a gift to your visitors in exchange for their e-mail address in order to re-contact later. Thus, you will return to your blog. To do this, use an auto-responder like Aweber, mail chimp etc., Email is the best way to reach people directly so each and every mail id is priceless.

8 – Promote your blog. You can include your blog URL in your forum signature, mention it in your newsletter, submit it to blog directories, social bookmarking sites etc.

Follow those methods regularly one day you will surely achieve your goal. If you know more tips for creating a successful blog, tell us in comment.


  1. Maja


    All eight tips are valid for the success of a blog but the most important is regular post and quality posts as read will wait for coming post to enhance the knowledge.

  2. Azam


    For the success of a blog it is necessary to choose a smart niche and select those keywords that have smart local searches. Optimize blog under these keywords. I think you will move on the way for the success of a blog.

  3. Chris


    Thanks for the information. I am a newbie and I didn’t know the 7th step, so I learned something new from your guide.
    Thank you!

  4. William


    I’d say in the long run probably the most important thing to do in the beginning is to really consider the best niche for you. As you said, it should be something that you have something to say about. Because if it’s not, you’re going to run out of ideas pretty quickly. So, don’t start a tech blog/SEO blog just because they are popular. Instead, start a blog about your hobby (of course, tech or SEO might be exactly that for you). Anyway, nice post.

    • Ron


      Agree with your point William 🙂

      Thanks so much for your valuable comments guys

  5. Reply

    Yes,different and being unique is going to make you stand out! I so like this whole point of your post. On the part where you suggested to make an e-book, it takes time but it is sure worth it.

  6. milla


    site promoting is one of most important things..and want to add that we need to look our readers as friends – not subscribers 😉

  7. MIchael Chibuzor


    Your blog must be ‘unique’ caught my mind. You’ve some great tips here. Keep up the good works and happy New 2012

  8. Gabriel Gutierrez


    Thanks for sharing this useful blog on how to create a successful serve as a guide to all..keep posting

  9. Reply

    Apart from the stated just find a unique way to ADD value to your niche, nobody can ever your kind of touch, just do your thing consistently, persistently and in your own unique way!

  10. Martin


    Make sure you mark your presence in offline as well. Try to organize or participate to blogger meetings.

  11. Megan Brown


    Great..this is not only awesome but truely effective too.

    As I am personaly follow this and it always works for me.

  12. Raj


    Link to other blogs in your niche… More you give, more people will consider linking back to you!

    • Marketing Philosophy


      This really works, round ups can help you build relations with other bloggers and makes it very possible that other bloggers will include you too on their own round ups


  13. Kate Brown Wilson


    The tips you have shared in creating a great blog is very useful not only for those people who is just starting , even the professional can follow these list of tips for them to become more successful, specially this 2012.

  14. Reply

    Hi Ron,
    Absolutely interesting and worth’s reading! Very effective method! I agree with these great tips to doing this i can make blog successful.Thanks for sharing..

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