Five Social Media Secrets For Online Success

In the 21st Century, social media has been one of the greatest internet inventions. Social media websites have been emerging all over the internet and are today not only used for communication between friends and family but also for business advertising, marketing and outreach by both new and existing companies all over the world. Social […]

Essential Factors to Consider When Hiring Web Hosting Experts

The need to have an effective website has become extremely critical especially due to the increasing competition in the online business, your business can only become more profitable if it is accessible to the largest number of online consumers, this is not easily achievable considering that you will be required to host your website using […]

Blogging Your Way To Success

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Every blogger wants to be successful, we all want to be an A-list, we want to have a high traffic blog and most importantly, many of us want to make a large amount of money blogging.

Blogging success might have various definitions to many people, to me it might be high traffic, to you it might be the amount you made and to others, it can be the type of community and interaction you have around your blog. Any one of it you want, the steps below will help you achieve blogging success.


Success With Google Adsense: My First Check

I am very happy and proud to say that on Saturday July 10, 2010 I got my very first Google Adsense check in the mail.

This is also my very first check that I have ever gotten in my life and it goes to show that hard work really pays off.

I would like to thanks Google for allowing me to participate in their program as a Google Adsense publisher and I look forward for more great things with them.

Here is a preview of my Adsense Check:


Promotion – Is It Important?

Promotion is another important factor of blogging and is really important for building up your blog. Apart from quality content you need to promote your blog to gain traffic to make your blog a success.

There are a number of ways that you can promote your blog. Through social media, blog commenting, buying advertisement space and the list goes on.

In one Oxford dictionary, the word promote means “to publicize and sell (a product)”. If you want to make money online as a blogger, no doubt, you would have to publicize your blog and get people to buy the products that you recommend to them.

But which is the best way to promote your blog and affiliate links?