I am very happy and proud to say that on Saturday July 10, 2010 I got my very first Google Adsense check in the mail.

This is also my very first check that I have ever gotten in my life and it goes to show that hard work really pays off.

I would like to thanks Google for allowing me to participate in their program as a Google Adsense publisher and I look forward for more great things with them.

Here is a preview of my Adsense Check:

My Adsense Check

Some Tips For You

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I have been working with Google Adsense for quite a while now and I have some simple tips for low earners to boost their Income.

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  1. Reply

    Well what can I say, I got my first Adsense Check in August 2010 after almost 10 months of blogging. I know how it feels its a real milestone in many blogger’s career. Congrats

  2. Marketing Philosophy


    There are much better ways to monetize a blog than using Adsense but it’s the most simple and easy one especially for a newbie…

  3. sokun


    I can’t wait till i get my 1st adsense check. I’m still getting there at less than $20.

  4. Tinh


    Congrats for your first check. It is very important to know that our blog has generated contents. You are deserved to what you have done. Is WU is not added to your country by Google?

    P/S: Pleas hide some details like Name or address to advoid Google disabled your account

  5. Jakes


    Hi Kharim,
    Awesome… I had tried for Google adsense approval. But my blog was rejected due to some content regarding hacking. I just read you reply to Saurav. Isn’t true that our blog should be 6 months old to get Google’s approval. I didn’t knew that.

    • Mark Bell


      Hi Jakes,
      It depends where you have your site. I’m in the UK and got accepted immediately – my site was only a week or two old. Other parts of the world, you need to have owned the domain at least 6 months before you are accepted.

      If you have any content on hacking, you would need to remove it. Whilst hacking in the truest sense of the word is illegal, if you mean modification, of say open source software, then you should modify your site accordingly. That should help you get approved.

  6. Jillian


    Congratulations Kharim!

    This is the first of many, I’m sure. Make sure to make a photocopy and frame it to keep you motivated. 🙂

    I didn’t even know Google still printed checks. We’ll see if I ever get one, lol.

  7. Ron


    Congrats on your first google adsense check i know how hard it was for you to get to this point but you made it and at the end all the traffic and hard work paid off . Good luck may you recive many more checks . :mrgreen:

  8. Murlu


    That’s excellent man!

    I think I should be getting a check in soon as well so I’m right there with you at how great it is to finally see the reward paying off.

    From here, just look at what worked for you and keep repeating it!

      • Murlu


        Have you thought about what you’re going to invest your check toward?

        You could always flip it around and buy some ads which would bring in more people -> more clicks!

        • Reply

          Hey Murlu, I think you are thinking what I am thinking. I was thinking of the same thing.

          Well I have upcoming bills to pay for my hosting. So I am going to pay for about 6 months worth of hosting (I always pay for 6 months at a time) and then use the rest on ads.

          • Murlu

            Excellent thinking man

            You could even go to the extent of throwing some money at domain as well – add on an extra year or so 🙂

          • Oh my domain expires in the next 8 months, so I have lots of time for that. Plus I am making money with Twitter n so on. So I will have extra cash to do other stuff as well 🙂

  9. Gines


    Good job Kharim! Hard work really pays off. I had to cancel my AdSense account since I moved to a different part of the world. I can’t wait for them to approve my new account so I can go ahead with my other plans.

    Have a good one.

  10. Daniel Sharkov


    Congratulations for you first check Kharim, that is really waht I call success!
    On the side note, I strongly agree that hard work pays off. It is pretty much a matter of time – sometimes it takes weeks, while it might take years for some, but if one’s persevering enough, positive results are sure to come.

  11. Mark Bell


    Hey Kharim,
    Congrats on getting your cheque! How long has it taken you to achieve this?

    I recently got accepted on the AdSense program for a site I started and worked on over a day or two building pillar posts. I got accepted first time, and have started to make small sums already. But I need to really get working on traffic!

    Congrats again, keep up the great work!

    • Reply

      Well it took me some months to get this, but it was well worth the wait. It’s best to build up the traffic first and then the ppc will work well for you. 🙂

      Thanks for the comment Mark!

  12. Reply

    Awesome experience!! Congratulations Kharim, that’s so nice to see because they really pay, i haven’t received my check yet, but i am sure that was nice experience in your blogging life.

  13. Ishan


    Congratulations on your first check. I had disabled AdSense on my blog some time ago but AdSense for domains is getting some income and I hope to get my first check soon.

  14. Sourav


    Congrats for receiving your first check. It must be a great moment for you. I haven’t yet applied for Adsense because I don’t want to monetize my blog at the moment, it might have a negative impact on the readers (getting approved by Google is a different story 🙁 ).

    • Reply

      Yes that’s true. I think your site has to be over 6 months old before you can apply for it. I think I applied about 2 times before getting accepted.

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