This post is a way of thanking my commentators and I reward them for leaving their comments by giving a link back to their articles.

Links of the week is a process in which I check the comments of the commentators for the week to see the links that they have placed in the comments using the comment luv plugin. I always check the comments that are made on my articles and visit the links left back in the comments.

After visiting these links I will read the articles, those that are well written with great tips will be mentioned here.

These links have really great tips to make you a successful webmaster and I want you to check these links out to help you to become more educated.

Blogging Tips

  • Should You Use Your BEST Article As Guest Post
  • 3 Solid Reasons Your Blog Is The Perfect Launch Pad For Your Business
  • 5 WordPress Plugins To Keep Your Happy Commentators Happier
  • 13 Essential Plugins For a New WordPress Blog
  • SEO Lies – Myths and Truths About SEO
  • Mastering PageRank – Useful and Detailed Video Course on SEO

Make Money Online Tips


Other Articles Of Interest

  • Word spreads as our community continues to grow
  • Are you the color that will break the mood?

How To Get Your Links Featured

In order to get your articles featured here, you have to make comments on my articles. At the end of the week if your article is good enough then it will be featured here.

When you make comments on my blog posts and use the comment luv feature, I will visit your blog post and if it has great info that my blog readers can benefit from then it will be featured in the links of the week.


  1. Murlu


    Nice, found a couple that I haven’t read yet – looking through them now.

  2. Jillian


    Hey Kharim!

    This is a really thoughtful idea, and there are some pretty great posts in that list. Thanks for including me 🙂

  3. Natalia


    This is a really creative way to encourage comment Kharim! I’ve been MIA for a bit but !’m happy I saw this… something I can use on my own blog for sure!

  4. Joe Boyle


    Yet another list of great blog posts! I have been to every one of those posts and can give a second thumbs up for all of them!

    Great post !:D

  5. Gines


    I appreciate the luv Kharim! I’m flattered.

    Going to check the rest. Have a good one.

  6. Daniel Sharkov


    Thanks for placing two of my articles Kharim! That is really appreciated!
    Will check out the rest of the links certainly.

  7. Sourav


    I am honored, flattered …and everything of that sort. Thanks for including two of my articles in your list. I am going to check out the others.

  8. Amanda


    Hi Kharim,
    I am so flattered to have one of my articles chosen on your elite list. This is a great gift for the weekend and that I am so thankful about it. There’s only a few out there that does what you do and I salute you for being so unselfish. Keep up the great work!

  9. Kent Chow


    Kharim, this is very creative, thoughtful, and encouraging to reward others to leave comments on your blog.

    I am a newbie. I love reading and executing different blogging tips. It’s a Win-Win situation to your reads.

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