I have been working with Google Adsense for quite a while now and I have some simple tips for low earners to boost their Income.

As we know, Google Adsense is a pay per click program where you get paid when a visitor clicks the Adsense ads on your site and you can earn anywhere $0.10 to a $1.00 or more depending on what the advertiser is paying per click.

New Adsense publishers have not optimized their Adsense fully, so this article is to help these new and probably low earners to make some money.

Adsense On Your Site

I know you might be caught up in the whole money making online and you might tend to place a numerous amount of ads on your site but this would not be recommend. If you fill your site with ads this means you would be destroying your site without even knowing it by making money.

Visitors tend to get turned off if you have more ads than content. Remember, the reason why visitors come to your site is because of the contents that you have, not to click on your ads. Wouldn’t it be strange if you just browse from site to site to click on the ads? You have to deliver quality content to your visitors and might be in turn you will get a few clicks depending on your traffic.

New Adsense User Tip: Two Adsense ads per page would be best.

Positioning Your Adsense Ads

I would not recommend you placing Google Adsense ads at the top of your site. Visitors do not like to be greeted with advertisements in their face. It’s best to place the ad at the bottom, in a suitable position in the content, and or at the side bar, depending on how your website is structured.

Layout and Colors


  • Layout



I have worked with all the adsense units and the 300×250 and 336×280 were the best performing adsense units. The 728×90 also performs well for me. So I would recommend using these ad units on your site.


  • Color



Choosing the right color for your ads is also very important. For me, I like to blend my ads.

To blend means you use the same color on your site to match your ads. For example, choosing the same background color and choosing the same link color.

I do this not because I want to hide my ads or trick my visitors that I placed the links there, but because it makes my site look more neater.

Group Discussion


  • Are you new to adsense and find these information helpful?
  • Already a user of adsense; Which ad unit performs best on your site?

Leave your comments below


  1. james


    Thanks for sharing such a nice piece of information to us. This is very knowledgeable information about for the Adsense. Thanks for the article.

  2. Vishnu Sahasranamam


    Am new to Google AdSense and I have been reading virtually everything that will help me maximise my earnings. Thanks for the tutorial.

  3. Prince Ramgarhia


    how and where you put your adsense code is the main part of your post getting great information from you thank you …

  4. Reply

    Hi Kharim,

    Great information about Adsene indeed!
    I am already publisher of Google adsense and 336*280 and 728* 90 are working great in my sites, Most of my click from 336*280 at below post title. Google also recommended these post ads. but I am so worried about Asian Country visitor because their click rate is only 0.03$-0.05$. Actually my primary traffic source is from India. I have receiving about 2000 visitor/ day but earning is only 4-5$/day

    Please suggest me How to increase my earning from Asian country.
    Thanks in Advance.

    Areesha Noor!

  5. Reply

    Thats amazing. I guess each and every bloggers dream is doing business with adsense other than any advertising network. It works good with everyone who have medium to high quality traffic. I guess blogger needs to follow there own writing skills and good content quality to attract audience and let them come regular. An important thing is social media who are really new in blog business cause many of them doent know properly about SEO and backlinks and the other method of building traffic. so social media could be a very good traffic source.

  6. Rana Sahb


    I didnt knew earlier that by just making an adjustment in the ad layout placing will increase my revenue .. thanks allot for that clue …

  7. Reply

    Thank You for the important information, specially for them who are new comer to adsense business. A few months back i have written some article about adsense, I think readers will love it. Actually there is no trick with adsense, its all depends all your quality posts and audience that how much you would earn. Thank You

  8. charan


    every blogger dream should have a adsense account , after adsense approved the real game start how to increase the adsense revenue .. i checked the pro bloggers with adsense account they place only 1 or 2 ads per page , some new bloggers keep nearly more than 3 .. placing the ads is very important instead of placing 3 ads @ worst place place @ proper place on the top or side bar .. for example like in this blog its very simple and neat and customizing is also important the size and font should add another beneficial thanks for sharing a valuable post Kharim.

  9. Neeraj


    I have not yet moved to this situation because I am not yet earning from adsense. Can you suggest what should I do to increase my rank? I am doing everything but doesn’t getting any result. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  10. Ryan Jones


    I would like to say this isn’t an instant situation, sure it’s working (halfway to my first payout), but you HAVE to get your website noticed before this is a viable option. You will need THOUSANDS of views a day for the payout to be plausible.

  11. Reply

    Quality traffic is readily one major factor that affects poor earnings from Adsense. Some bloggers have page views that count in thousands but these hardly convert because of where the traffic is coming from. Yes, traffic from social media websites would not do well for a blog that consistently want to earn from adsense.

  12. Reply

    I saw one comment above to remove low paying category from @harsh agarwal.

    How to do that in adsense?

  13. Reply

    Hi Kharim Tomlinson

    Excellent post which contains very useful tips for earning through Google Adsense. Proper placement of ads as well as the colours or ads also plays a significant role in this scenario.

    Thanks for sharing such an excellent article

  14. Janmejai


    Use the Adsense Experiment section,I have seen about 30% improvement after experimenting a lot with the ads.

  15. Abrar Mohi Shafee


    Truly an informative post. I am feeling really glum that I have found the page lately.

    Google Adsense is my favorite ad network which is better than all. There are possibilities to earn a lot with effective strategies. Many people think that increasing the ads number will increase earning. But I think that is just waste of time. Optimizing ad placement and generating quality visitors can only get higher revenues.

    Thanks again for your post Kharim. Wish you all the best.

  16. donatus


    Thanks for sharing this tips, it very helpful to increasing adsense earnings at easy, will get to work using this tips.

  17. Donatus


    Thank you for sharing, its very helpful. This will surely help to increasing adsense revenue

  18. Prakash


    Yes for increasing adsense earnings we have to take care of ad placement. It will surely increase the earnings.

  19. Jackie S


    I have to be honest. I don’t have much content on my site and I don’t make much money from adsense for that reason.

    I am still building my site and trying to find my audience. I do have two websites, each are different and the target audience are different.

    Thank you for these articles. I definitely have my work cut out in front of me. I will spend 45 to an hour on my website each day building content.

    • Reply

      Hey Jackie,

      What you need to do is write as often as possible and try your very best to develop a good writing pattern.

      This way you can always have something to post on your blog. Make sure that your articles are appealing to the reader and also post on a regular basis.

      Thanks for the comment and all the best with your two websites. Would love to hear your success stories.

  20. Gary Tyrell


    Google AdSense is a proven way to earn revenue from the comfort of your home. When visitors to your site come to one of your pages and click on an ad, you get paid a certain amount of money.

  21. Malik


    All the points you covered above are important equally but the positioning of Ad unit is most important for good CPC.

  22. Pankaj


    Surely Gonna Implement these technique on my blog and expecting at least 30 % growth in my adsense revenues

  23. Nikunj


    ya you are right in my site 728×90 is highest paying format and gives me high CTR. color and layout of site also effect adsense incomes.

  24. Paul Onwueme


    I think this post shows you have the interest of others at heart. Some people actually do charge money for tips on how to make money with adsense and I know for a fact that this is much better than what many of them offer for a fee.

    Great post!

  25. Phil Grand


    I just tried placing a big rectangular ad at the top center portion and it made more clicks than the one on the side. It really makes sense if you think about it. Although the value per click is still too low. Guess it will pick-up soon, I hope. Thanks!

  26. Amrik


    Great tips. Another tip is to always place a big square ad before the content for me that brings more money. but if you want to really make some extra money. I suggest you make your website mobile ready using a wordpress plugin which allows you to place a google banner. I dont know the exact name of plugin I use, I went blank. anyways, that alone brings me almost 30 bucks extra a month. Everyone uses there smart phones now indays to search online.

  27. Phil Grand


    The big banner ad on the side seem to win over the other ad sizes for me. I guess because it offers more advertisement choices for the reader to click. I’ll also try to experiment on different positions as per your advice. Thanks!

  28. Vijayraj Reddy


    color blend and position of the ad is very important to earn more from Adsense…

    • Reply

      You are so right. Some sites earn more when the Adsense colors blend with the background and other sites earn more when the Adsense colors stand out.

      You just have to play with your Adsense until you know which works best for you.

      Thanks for your comment, Vijayraj.

  29. Samuel


    Very good Adsense tips. I’m glad you pointed out that I shouldn’t add too many ads, it’s easy to get carried away.

    • Reply

      That will only cause you to show your greediness 😀 Plus Google doesn’t allow more than 3 Adsense units on one page.

  30. Reply

    Nice suggestions Kharim. I do agree that reducing number of ads increases CPC and makes your blog more neat.

    However, placing Ads on sidebar or bottom of posts is not a very good suggestion. After making a lot of placement researches, I found that a LeaderBoard Ad unit at the top of post converts better. However, it may be different for different site structures and blogs.

    Another point to be noted: If you are getting too many clicks and very low pay per click rate, it is advisable to reduce the number of Ad units. In my ICT Trends website, I used to get huge clicks but the CPC was hardly 0.02 or 3. After I removed all the units and just kept 1 Ad unit and 1 link unit, the CPC improved up to 0.7 on average.

  31. Main Uddin


    Informative article but it needs more description about Google Adsense easy optimization

  32. Alden



    Thanks for these tips. I think, adsense ads inside the post is also effective. I’m having a nice number of clicks on that ad position. My only problem is that I got a low paying keyword. Increasing adsense revenue also depends on the keywords in my opinion.



  33. Main Uddin


    Website or Blog Portfolio as Niche-Specific Sites For Greater Profits.
    1.If you want to increase the revenue your site generates from ads, you will eventually need to build more than one website.
    2.When you create websites based around one specific, central topic, you are able to send more targeted traffic to them.
    3.Obviously, this increases the likelihood that visitors will be interested in the advertisements and therefore more likely to click.
    4.Plus, multiple properties means you can optimize each site for specific keywords to rank them higher in the search engines.
    5.Even if you only have one site and manage to rank it on the first page, chances are it’s only going to rank that well for one keyword.

  34. Reply

    Hope on next Attempt my site will be approved for Google Adsense. I will try for all tips.
    Thanks Kharim for this useful tips.

  35. Rhonda


    Hmm… I have to disagree with not having an ad at the top of the website. My 728×90 ad and 300×250 ads that are both at the top or near the top of the website are actually the ones that make the most money and get the most attention.

  36. Reply

    728×90 & 336×280 ad units perform pretty well for me…Link units are the one in which I don’t see any benefits

  37. Kevin


    Thanks Kharim for sharing these tips with us. I have already implemented some of them particularly those to do with color blending and hoping to see good results. All the best

  38. Wayne


    Hey … I’ve been looking through your website and getting some real good advice on getting into the blogging world. I personally started my own blog (it’s related mainly to the repairing of blackberry cellphone….i’m a cellphone technician). I don’t know what made me stay away from blogging but i’m glad i ventured into it.

    I havent applied for adsense yet, but i will eventually when i start getting some readership to my site and i have added more articles.

    • Reply

      Thanks for the comment Wayne and I wish you success with your blog. You should apply to adsense after your blog has traffic, lets say over 100 visitors daily.

  39. Michael


    Knowing the proper positioning of your adsense is a must for you to maximize your revenue. The more visible your ads to your readers, the higher possibility for them to click those ads. As a result, you will earn more thru their clicks.

  40. Tom


    Hi, i’ve optimized my blog for adsense as per your tips. Lets see how it works.Thanks

  41. Abhi


    This has to be one of my favorite posts! And on top of thats its also very useful topic for newbies. thank a lot for the info!

  42. Reply

    I’ve found that 125×125 is a good option for ad size. It’s very attractive and growing in popularity.

    • Kevin


      Indeed 125X125 ads are the least intrusive. Nobody wants to be bombarded with a clutter of ads. The ads should also blend with your website fonts.

  43. Christian Esperar


    Truly right! Sometimes I felt guilty why I put my Adsense before my post. If I have a time, I will remove the nasty annoying square like button in the my post. I think this will affect my visitor.

    • Reply

      You don’t have to feel guilty putting Adsense in your content or before your post… If you are having success with it then you can keep it there.then you can keep it there.

  44. Samuel King


    Very nice post mate. Even though all the points stated above and the comments provided are vital. There are some more pivotal points that many adsense bloggers fail to do, and that is actually optimizing the your site contents for adsense. After these have been done then can you really take full advantage of the adsense program.

  45. Reply

    This post suggests not to have the ad unit in the starting of the page but its there right on this blog, too 😉

  46. Megan Brown


    100% agreed in all points as these are only to earn money from adsense and these are the only mistakes many does inorder to earn quick money and get destroyed their site say in very first point you have said that “If you fill your site with ads this means you would be destroying your site without even knowing it by making money”. This is absolutely true as it obvious that visitors comes for our content not for our ads.

    Thanks a lot for this important sharing and Sorry to reach here LATE.

  47. keny


    I have been do it, but i am stay Vietnam and every click by viet nam country it very small income. If clicked by USA can help me income $1 – $1.4 /1clicked…
    So, what can I do to have more click by US Country ? Because i am a poor students in Vietnam country… I have to try design a website to earning income to learning..

  48. Marketing Philosophy


    Very informative and useful post, AdSense is a great way to monetize a website as long as you know how to use it and this post provides great ways to do that

  49. abhilash


    it a nice article , till now i think if i place ads on top the click rate be high ..
    you give me new idea . thank you

  50. Megan Brown


    Very Well said which is absolutely TRUE also.

    Like you say – Visitors visit for our content not to click on our ads. So first meaningful and Informative is required which makes them to land on our site and then on Ads.

    Second is also true about position coz I personally don’t like this that whenever I open any sites and first my eyes got ADS rather than what I want. So placing ads at perfect postion is very much important and the right place is BOTTOM. Agreed in this.

    Third is very much important about colours–There are many folks who hates many colour especially eye catchy or strong one which reflects bad rays to our eyes coz sometimes by watching such colour from more than 1 min many get HEADACHE. So what they do, Just simply click on CLOSED button.

    Thus thanks a lot for this very simple but much more important tips. If these tips are neglect then I am sure that we never get desired results form ADSENSE.

  51. ugbala chiemerie


    Great writeup.
    Am 17, but a great programmer, website-designer, and Cisco expert……….. keep writing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. jason


    Inserting adsense ads in post is probably the best way, that way visitors view ads only after clicking on posts

    • Reply

      My Adsense Unit in the post does pretty well, better than in the header or the footer. I have not really tried it in the side bar to see how it works. I might try it later on though. Thanks for your comment.

      Please I am asking you to also leave a comment on the article link below… Thanks 🙂
      5 Important Questions Every Blogger Should Be Asking Themselves

  53. nazimwarriach


    Though I am not a new on AdSense but I am a Low Earner. I am using Leaderboard and Sky Scrapper Ads on my blogs.
    Please write another post to discuss this topic in depth so people like me can also take more advantage.

  54. Jeremy


    I think that the position and the color plays the most vital role in your Adsense income. Traditionally, I saw people place 300×250 ads and 160×600 because those ads work best for them. The color is important too. Gurus say that you should optimize the color of Adsense to match with the theme but some other guys say no so I am really not sure about that.

    • Reply

      Thats true Jermy… Location, color and size is what makes Google Adsense works best. You have to know what works best for your site and adjust it. Another thing which makes it work great is lots of traffic.

  55. Reply

    Unluckily I don’t have Adsense. I think I should only try one of them. I’ve read good reviews about WhyDoWork AdSense, but i will still consider other. Thanks for the advice. This was really helpful for me.

  56. Fitsite.be


    Hi Kharim

    Nice article and some usefull tips. Especially about choosing the colours. But I wonder why you say not to place ads at the top of the page when you have ads just behind your post title? Would you say that by ‘top of the page’ you mean in the header?

  57. Clark Hetherington from SEO Ireland


    Hello Kharim,

    Very helpful hints in this article! Cheers to you. I agree that adsense adds from Google can help you earn. However, you need to maintain that high rank of your website so that the ad owner will not leave your website as well.

  58. seph from pay per click advertising


    Over all you should try to use ads that blend in, because people spend lots of time in forums and the forum design should not be disrupted by outstanding ad colors.

    And I really enjoyed reading this article and some of the above information will be useful for me.So thanks a lot!

  59. PPC Management Specialists


    Google AdSense offers immense advantages for web site owners and advertisers alike. Wish you a happy and prosperous New Year

  60. Hunter


    I think you should play with different ad styles and positions, before you start getting lots of traffic.

  61. Tesur


    Very good information Thank’s for your information, i will try to implement it to my sites

  62. Bestofblogger


    Adense Optimization is important for good google adsense revenue. And also important ads come out related content.

  63. Ivy


    I am new to Google Adsense and is still in process of learning about it by reading related blogs. thanks for the post. It somehow gives me a clear view on how adsense works and it’s value.

  64. Reply

    I think it can be safe to say that if your intentions are just to make a site for just “ads” then chances are you will not be very successful in making money online. I don’t use Adsense on a lot of my sites, but I have found that placement, and the layout do have a very heavy emphasis on whether or not anyone ever clicks on your ads. Sometimes you might want to due away with Adsense as they will be competing with your affiliate sales :).

    • Reply

      That’s true. If you make a site jus to place ads on them then you won’t have much success in making money from those ads.

      You have to have more content than ads as well in order for it to work well for you.

      Thanks for the comment Garen 🙂

  65. Reply

    Your adsense ads blends great with your post, which is great.

    Anyhow adsense earning is small but good way to monetize blogs for a long run, because we don’t need to do anything and can earn money from it.

    Great tip

  66. Elliott


    Some great tips here. I have found that the key is to experiment with placement and colors. Keep working and be sure to give them at least 500 impressions to get a good feel for what works.

    I also use the Who Sees Ads plugin for WordPress which hides your adsense ads to regular viewers but shows them for search engine traffic. I has increased my CTR and income as well and has lots of options too!


    Another tip is to keep in mind that Adsense likes keywords. Be sure to focus on some of the keywords that you want to target in your post as it will help Adsense pull better ads.

  67. Daniel Snyder


    I like these tips! I know success with Adsense is determined by experimentation… since the design and layout of every blog is different, it will vary for each blog… take the time to play around!

  68. Hieu Martin


    I’m failed when singup Google adsense. But noway i will try it again and use this tips for my account

  69. mapo


    There are many ways to use AdSense to achieve your goals.Some people are using AdSense to earn a great deal of money in amounts that you would not have thought was possible unless you robbed a bank.

  70. ronald brown


    Im not ready for this yet but when the time comes i will take advantage of this post to the fullest . Keep up the good work as usual .

  71. Bit Doze


    These are some good advices, if you will not take into consideration this advices you will have allot of money to lose.

  72. Isabel Rodrigues - Pro Blogger Journey


    I have found good success with 336×280 and also the 728×90 one. As far as I feel apart from size even the placment of the ad is so very crucial. The colors, placement and ads should all blend with each other.
    .-= Isabel Rodrigues – Pro Blogger Journey´s last blog ..Is your Blog a Stranger to the World? =-.

  73. Keith


    At some point you have to decide you want to really increase the money, or worry about a reader not liking the placement of the ad. I have tested adsense on many sites, and in many niches, the large text ads (350 and 336) work the best, designed like the rest of your content (which you also mentioned), placed DIRECTLY under the title of the page. I have seen that one placement more than triple sites earnings.

    So, then the question becomes, do you want the visitor to read your article, or do you want them to click that ad. Some bloggers wrestle with that question. I don’t. But I don’t put adsense on my own sites, just for clients, and they don’t sell their own products.

    The other thing that is very important with adsense, or any other CPC type advertising, is you need traffic, lots of it. Adsense is a big numbers game, more impressions usually equals more clicks. Not just any traffic, but search traffic. So a smart SEO campaign is really important as well.

    Just thought I would add my $.02 (per click LOL)
    .-= Keith´s last blog ..What We Can Learn From GM =-.

  74. Justin Germino


    I myself tuned my AdSense from using 468×90 banners to 350×250 blocks on my blogs and saw a 45% improvement in AdSense two months in a row just by switching my ad sizes and locations around. Blending your adsense and know that the larger blocks just outperform the banners every time in my own experience with running AdSense on 6 blogs.

  75. Murlu


    One amazing tip I’d like to share is a simple set of codes you can include on your pages to help display relevant ads.

    These two pieces of code are:

    With these, you’d place them only within the body content of your blog posts. You don’t want Adsense to pick up on your sidebar and footer because they often include recent comments, top commentors, related posts and other bits of information which throws off the effectiveness.

    Within the WordPress editor, just place the section start before your title and the end right before the comments. This will ensure adsense is scanning only your body content which in turn gives you highly relevant ads.

      • Murlu


        Just to quickly add onto the comment again.

        The reason why you don’t want to include the comments is that many times you’ll only have ones which say “Great Post!” which doesn’t add that much value for Adsense.

        Also, if the comments get off topic, it will also display irrelevant ads.
        .-= Murlu´s last blog ..15 WordPress Plugins To Install On A New Blog =-.

        • Reply

          Thanks for your tips and comments Murlu. Do you have any ideas how to target the ‘high paying adsense ads’?

          Those tips can be used as you said Murlu to target the section that you want, such as the content or body of your blog or website. 🙂
          .-= Kharim´s last blog ..Blogging Your Way To Success =-.

          • Murlu

            From my experience, it really depends on the subject of your blog and its blog posts.

            For example, if you were to check Google Adwords for PPC costs, you’ll notice that most of the high payout keywords are for industries such as medical, credit cards, insurance and so on.

            The reason why these companies pay so much is that they’ll get their money back in the long term. It’s a loss leader.

            Since these companies are willing to bid upwards of $100+ per click, if your blog targeted subjects and keywords they bid on, your Adsense will more likely show these ads and thus, earn you more money.

            In a nutshell more or less.
            .-= Murlu´s last blog ..How To Choose A Web Host: 7 Important Factors =-.

    • Keith


      I just use the WhyDoWork Adsense plugin on my clients sites, it allows you to use different adsense codes in different part of the page/post/site, as well as allows you control of when the ads appear (I like to wait 5 days so all the RSS readers have usually come and gone, after that referral and search traffic will come, and those are the clickers anyway). Really make adsense much easier with that plugin….
      .-= Keith´s last blog ..Social Bookmarking Rant =-.

  76. Reply

    Position and color matching is the best way to raise your Adsense income.. well except driving huge amounts of traffic..lol

    Greta post.
    .-= John Paul Aguiar´s last blog ..There Is A New Blogging Star Born Everyday, Are You Next? =-.

    • Reply

      Thanks for reading and commenting @ John Paul Aguiar. It’s all about your ads location, color, and size. 🙂 Nice

  77. Sachin


    Nice tips Kharim. I’ve been using these for some time now. Please let me add my penny of advice on the fact that 2 Adsense slots per page are recommended: it is because it increases your Click Through Rate (CTR) allowing Google to pay you more money per ad clicked. I used to have 3 ad slots but increased the CTR when I reduced the number to 2.
    .-= Sachin @ Web Design Mauritius´s last blog ..Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for “coming soon” pages. =-.

    • Reply

      Thank you for reading and commenting Sachim. You are right. I used to have 3 ads per page and since I removed 1 of them and now have 2 ads per page, I have notice an improvement in clicks and earnings.

  78. Tek3D


    Nice tips but I still prefer placing ads on the header.
    Btw, I think there are some problems with the layout of this theme 😀
    .-= Tek3D´s last blog ..Teach Yourself C++ in 21 Days =-.

  79. Reply

    Nice Tips Kharim. One more thing which I believe should work is remove low paying category from adsense settings and keep your ad unit minimum above the fold.
    .-= Harsh Agrawal´s last blog ..Blogspot to WordPress Import Problem Solved : Blogger to WordPress Migration =-.

  80. Chadrack


    Great thoughts but all the same wondering if these are from your own experience since I couldn’t see adsense ads here!

    On point #1, yes your readers do not come to your blog for some ads but the content. However, your providing your content is not because your are a philantropist! You need the revenue and putting the ads where they are conspicous will pay you more. Just try it out!
    .-= Chadrack@Home Business Marketing´s last blog ..Invaluable Net Profit Marketing Strategies! =-.

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