Have you ever wondered why your blog traffic might be going down… way down? You might be destroying your blog. New webmasters and bloggers think that it is impossible to destroy a blog by building it up. There can be alot of reasons why blog is going down. I am going to help you see how your blog is being destroyed without you even know that you are doing it.

Eager To Make Money Online
This happened to me when I first discovered that I can make tons of money online. But having a thinking like that can be critical to your site. I remembered when I just got into Google Adsense, I plastered ads all over my site and expected to make tons of money over night. I did this for about a month and realized that I had only made just a little or nothing over $10.00 (for that month alone). What can $10.00 a month do for me??? Absolutely nothing. Unless you have a good amount of targeted traffic, Google Adsense or other Pay Per Click programs is useless.

Visitors are also turned off by too much ads on a site. So you have to know how to place your ads on a site.

Wrong Niche
New bloggers often find themselves on this lonely “wrong niche street” that they know nothing about. So in order to get articles for their blog they find bigger blogs in the niche that they think is right for them, copy articles and pass it off as their own.

It’s best to make a blog on a niche that you know about and that you have interest in. Copying other people’s information and passing it off as your own will do you no good. You might get a bit of traffic but in the long term you will realize that it was a waste of time. So before you think about blogging, find a niche that will suite you well.

Updating Your Blog/ Website
How often you update your site can also be a factor of it loosing traffic. I often find blogs that are out dated, (for example the last post was over a year ago). Also you might be destroying if you post too frequent. RSS subscribers don’t like their inboxes flooded. Give them time to read. So this depends on How Often You Post A Blog and What You Blog About.

Lack Of Communication
Readers of a blog love to communicate with the owner or creator of a blog especially if the blog has great tips. Whenever a comment is made on your post it is always polite to say thank you and to make contact with that commentator. Communicating with your audience can prove that you care about them.

In Conclusion

  • You can destroy your blog with too much ads. – When you have more blog than content, your blog has gone over the edge.
  • Wrong Niche – Don’t choose a niche you know nothing about. Make a blog on something that you love and brain storm before you make it.
  • No updating your blog. – No body wants to visit an outdated site. Old site means old information. They might find a couple interesting things but that won’t keep them at your site.
  • Updating too often – Reader will not be able to keep up with you if you are way ahead of them.
  • No Communication – People like when they can talk a site owner. This gives them a reason to come back to your site.

I hope these tips help you if you were destroying your blog and you will make the necessary changes to save it. Happy blogging to you. 🙂


  1. Gian Faye


    Totally agree. Plastering your blog with ads is a big No-No. When I visit a blog and all I can see is ads, I’ll immediately close the tab on my browser.

  2. Joshua Pitts


    I agree with the ads. I myself only put enough ads to cover basic hosting costs ( Usually 4 125×125’s ), but they don’t interfere with content. Ive also wrote an article on why you should develope before using ads and about when you should add ad’s to your blog.
    .-= Joshua Pitts´s last blog ..Ads – When should they be Added? =-.

    • Reply

      Thanks for your reply Joshua Pitts. If you place your ads moderately on your site it’s alright. But too much ads can make your visitors see that you are only interested in making money.

  3. Robyn from Sam's Web Guide


    Nice article Kharim.

    Another easy way to destroy a blog’s reputation is to allow spammers to comment.

    Many of these spammers don’t even rank in google because they’ve been banned for spamming. Especially if you have a do-follow blog. When google picks up that you are linking to this type of blog through your comments this damages your rep with google and it will be harder to achieve a good page rank.
    .-= Robyn from Sam’s Web Guide´s last blog ..Have You Ever Been Hacked? Simple Mistakes to Avoid & How to Recover =-.

    • Reply

      Thanks for backing me up on this one Robyn. How could I forget about these nasty spammers. Well I use Akismet and it has picked up some stupid spammers smapping affiliate link here. Thanks to Akismet it has protected my blog.

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