I have been blogging for the past 4 months now and I have realized something different depending on the time that I post a new blog article, and I just realized this the other day.

I didn’t know that the time of posting a new blog article how it really affects my blogging community. I always though that once you post a new blog then your blog subscribers and visitors will eventually see the post and realize that there was a new article out. Well I guess it’s not like that.

When I did my very first guest post at Rob Rammuny’s blog, The Importance Of Being A Persistent Blogger, I realized that he published my article at about 12:00 am in the morning. I was thinking to myself, was he drunk or something. But my guest article got great response from his visitors.

Times That I Publish

  • Mornings (About 8:00am – 9:00am) – This was my regular time of posting. This seems like a great way to start the day with a fresh new blog post. When I post a new article at this time of day made my blog traffic go up, getting comments and great response from my blog community.
  • Afternoon (About 12:00pm – 2:00pm) – I think I have posted blog articles about 2 or 3 times and those blog articles didn’t do as well as I posted in the mornings. So I decided to stop posting articles in the afternoon.
  • Midnight (Exactly 12 midnight) – This is the one that works best for me. When I post articles in the midnight I realize that I get more views on those articles posted at midnight. This is because my rss feed publishes my articles every morning at 8:00am. So I try to write my articles ahead of time and then schedule it to publish at midnight.
  • Group Discussion

  • What time of the day do you publish your blog posts?

    1. Thomas O'Hearn


      I’ve definitely started watching traffic trends and setting up posts to be auto-published at specific times. It has been effective, and you’re not wasting time tracking traffic for one use: you should also be using the trends to time your sharing via outlets like Facebook and Twitter.

      Thanks for getting me started learning about this over a year ago, Kharim!

    2. Reply

      Before I start writing along with my content, I first settle my posting time so that I can post it to a perfect time zone all over the world because we are facing internet so meaning we must consider first the posting time.

    3. Ella


      I don’t really matters about posting time, but it must. For me, I want to consider first to establish good quality and unique content of my blog before analyzing the posting time. Establishing posting time is right, it helps actually to generate traffic. Content first before posting time, that’s a thoughts of mine only. Thanks for this wonderful information!

    4. Marketing Philosophy


      I never though that publishing time would play any role on how many visitors will get a post, from now then I will publish my articles at 12:00am , thanks for sharing.

    5. Reply

      You should track your analytics to see what day and time gets the most traffic. Each blog is different so the timing best for one may not be the best for another.

    6. Thomas


      Wow this is something I’ve wondered about, as I post my articles usually around this time, for the next few hours, and really have a difficult time with traffic sometimes.

      Maybe I need to approach this more like a job and get up in the morning, or actually set up a way to auto-publish.

      Great article, got me thinking!

    7. Jillian


      Hey Kharim!

      This post kinda brought up an old question I’ve been wondering about. Is there a set lag time for when posts publish to your RSS/email subscribers, or is it a set time of day?

    8. Reply

      I’ve played around with times to post my blog articles and have found that posting at either 7:45 GMT and 14:30 GMT tend to give me a good selection of hits and these usually come in from the US, maybe something to do with the time difference, also it goes with the fact my posts are tweeted within minutes of been posted, so this also helps as some of the times are quite busy on Twitter.

    9. Reply

      I used to post two articles a day, morning and afternoon, now, i am so busy in summer, and only can post once a day and my regular time posting is changed badly, is it bad?


    10. element321


      For my site I get the most traffic in the mornings around 8 AM, 12PM, and 4-6 PM hours all Central Time. I generally post the night before so my RSS feeds out to the diffrent sites. But normally I post whenever I can. I have crazy schedule and I get them whenever I can.

    11. Reply

      Hey Kharim,
      This is something I had been thinking about. I try and post my new articles between midnightand 5am (UK time). That way my readers in USA can read the article in the evening, and my readers in Australia and Asia can read in the morning or lunch time.

      I think, as has been said already, it really may depend on where the majority of your readers are based.


      PS I like the images on the feedback form, but in my browser its hard to read the text over them.

      • Reply

        Thanks for the comment Mark.

        Sorry, well once you know what you have typed I guess everything will be ok 😀

        OR You can click the bottom right hand corner to drag down the box so that you can see better 🙂

    12. Valentine Belonwu


      I always post in the morning by 6am my own time (Nigeria) which in USA will be like 12 to 1am and this enables me to get more traffics to my blog and only yesterday, I discovered that 50 visitors visited my blog. So i think it pays to post your article in the morning but this will depends your own time zone.
      Thank you.

    13. Reply

      I dint yet think of timing also a part of getting traffic. Generally I would like to post my blog on my official working time 10.00 to 11.00, I cant say that i m getting more traffic in this time of posting.. Its really a new thing for me to keep up timing even for blog posting. Let me see, here after i gonna post my blogs on 8.00 am schedule. Lets see, how it works for me?

    14. Murlu


      I would say either midnight or early morning but mostly leaning toward early morning because you’ll also catch the social media crowd as they’re getting into it.

    15. Sourav


      My posting schedule depends on the countries from which I get the most traffic. My stats show that the top two are US and India. When I used to play Mafia Wars on facebook, I have seen that most of the Americans are more active at night than in the morning. So I try to post it when it is evening in the US, that is, it’s morning here in India.

      • Reply

        Great going Sourav, this will help you to get more traffic from them. I will try this as well cause most of my traffic is also online in the nights as well 🙂

    16. Ian


      Interesting post
      Personally i always get better result when i post in the morning.
      I suppose it depends on what kind of users i have

    17. Ishan


      Well, it is best to analyze traffic before deciding time. My two top countries are US and India, so I publish at a time when it’s morning in US and evening in India. I have not tested any other schedules, however!

    18. Daniel Sharkov


      Well in my opinion posting time really depends on your time zone. For example when where I live is morning, in other parts of the world, such as the USA it is afternoon. That should also be taken into consideration if the bigger part of your visitors is from distant time zones.

      • Reply

        Thanks for the comment Daniel. Well according to my site stats, most of my visitors are in or close to my time zone.

        But some how, when I post at midnight it seems to work better for me.

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