When it comes to being successful then you must follow certain do’s and don’t in order to reach a level of success. It doesn’t matter the field that you are in, once you start practicing the don’t side of things, then success is more than likely to come your way.

Would you like to become a successful blogger?

Even when it comes to blogging the same principle applies. If you want to become a successful blogger then you must apply some do’s and don’t on your blog to get there.

In this article I am going to discuss 5 do’s and don’t that you can apply on your blog if you want it to be successful.

5 Do’s To Make Your Blog Successful

[box type=”spacer”]Do: Blog On A Regular Basis[/box]

If you are desirous of making your blog successful then you need to write and publish on a regular basis.

If you take to long to write an article then your audience may end up leaving sooner or later.

Does this mean that the more content your writing and publish on your blog the more traffic will come in?

Not necessarily.

You have to write contents that appeals to your niche and also to your audience. When you write on a regular basis this shows that you are a person that cares for your audience needs and wants.

If you blog on a regular basis and your audience loves your content then they will be more inclined to subscribe to your blog.

Not only that, but your rankings for your blog will go up as well. Search engines will crawl your blog more and index your articles as time goes by.

All you have to do is create a schedule that suites you and write an article for your blog regularly.

[box type=”spacer”]Do: Reply To Comments[/box]

When your blog readers love your article then no doubt they will be enthused to leave a comment on that article.

How would you respond to such comments that your reader has left?

Would you ignore it or show appreciation for the reader leaving a comment?

I think and know it would be best to reply to that comment.

Remember, that person could have read the article and gain knowledge from what you have written if the post is good enough, and they left without leaving a comment. But to thank you somehow, that person went the extra mile to leave a comment on your blog post.

Replying to comments helps to build up your blog in a great way. So do reply to your comments if your circumstances allow you to.

[box type=”spacer”]Do: Promotion For Your Blog[/box]

Your blog will never be successful if you don’t do promotion. True or false?

That statement is true.

Do you think that your blog will become popular if you create it and haven’t told others about it?

Your blog will only be known by you if that is the case. It would be a secret blog, or you are a secret blogger.

The best way to make your blog successful in getting traffic is to tell others about it. Promote your blog every way possible. Do promotion via social media, social bookmarking, networking with other bloggers, on forums, via email marketing, blog commenting and the list goes on and on.

[box type=”spacer”]Do: Optimization For Every Article[/box]

One thing that can make your blog successful is if you have targeted traffic coming your blog. This means that the people that comes to your blog are people who are looking for contents that applies to them.

Hence, this type of traffic will make your blog successful.

But in order to get targeted traffic then you have to optimize your blog posts so that search engine can direct the targeted traffic to your blog.

You have to use the correct keywords to help target your article. Use search engine friendly titles and make sure that the keyword is listed in the title as well. When writing article make sure that the keyword or keywords is mentioned in the article on a regular basis.

[box type=”spacer”]Do: Stick To Your Blogging Niche[/box]

Whenever you start a blog make sure that you stick to topics that are related to your niche if you want your blog to be successful.

Why is this so?

Well let me give you a simple example.

If you start a blog which caters to automobiles, never blog about animals. This is because the people who visit your blog for tips on automobiles will never be interested in articles about animals.

The will get turned off by your blog.

It would be wise to write about articles pertaining to automobiles so that you can hold your audience.

5 Don’t Which Isn’t Good For Blogging

[box type=”spacer”]Don’t: Steal Content From Top Bloggers[/box]

I don’t even have to stretch this point too much, because stealing is wrong.

When it comes to blogging you should never steal contents from a pro blogger’s blog and pass the off the content as yours. This just won’t work.

I have seen new bloggers try to do this. Why? This is because their blog is new and they think that having the same content that a successful blogger has will cause their new blog to be successful as well.

This is a no-no and it will never work.

For one thing, search engines will hate your blog because of duplicate content. Your readers will also be disappointed in you when they know that you are a copy cat.

It is always best to be original and let your audience know what you have to offer. They want to learn from you, not what others have written that you copied and paste on your blog.

[box type=”spacer”]Don’t: Forget About Guest Blogging[/box]

You want your blog to be successful, don’t you?

Then why are you ignoring guest blogging?

I started this blog to make it successful and this is why the name is called WebMaster Success, so I do guest blogging in order to let others know about my blog. Guest blogging can pull in tons of new visitors to your blog. All you have to do is make sure that your guest post is awesome.

Don’t just guest post once for the month, make it a regular habit and post on different blogs so that you can pull in traffic from the various blogs that you guest post on.

[box type=”spacer”]Don’t: Fill Your Blog With Too Much Ads[/box]

I know everyone who owns a blog, well most people who own a blog, wants to make money blogging and placing ads on our blog is a great way to make money from our blogs.

But should you make your blog into a billboard because you want to earn from your blog?

No way!

Your blog would look messy and on top of that your visitors are not on your blog to click your ads. They visit your blog to read what you have written so as to gain some knowledge on a particular topic that your blog caters to.

You can place ads on your blog but you have to neatly place them and this in turn will make your blog no look so messy.

[box type=”spacer”]Don’t: Post Every Single Day[/box]

Posting on a regular basis can be a good thing for your blog. It shows that you are an active blogger and your blog will also show signs of life.

But posting every single day will help to kill your blog.

Still it depends on the niche that you are in.

For example, if your blog is like a news blog, then no doubt you would want to post the latest news as you get them. You wouldn’t want to be posting late news. You would even post multiple times per day as well for that type of blog.

But otherwise if it’s a blog like this then posting a few days apart would be recommended. You want your readers to read your article and  have time to apply what you have written for them.

If you do post a few days apart then the days that you don’t post can be used for writing guest posts, blog promotion and other stuff to help your blog grow.

[box type=”spacer”]Don’t: Make Your Blog Too Cluttered[/box]

A blog that is cluttered is really scary.

Readers can never navigate through the blog with ease or find what they are looking for.

Visitors sometimes hit the back button or end up leaving if the blog isn’t looking presentable.

If a blog doesn’t have people who stick around and never return, then that blog will be empty. An empty blog is an unknown blog. So if you want people to stay on your blog then make it clutter free and easy to navigate.

[box]Group Discussion[/box]

These are some simple yet effective blogging rules that can help to make your blog successful if you apply them.

What other tips that you can offer to make a blog successful?


  1. Gautam


    You really pointed some great things that can help make a blog successful.If these points followed carefully and regularly one can really make his site a success.

  2. keshavroy


    i have read your article ,it is interesting to read it
    i have know is guest posting is helpful for increasing the traffic on blogs and websites
    and any other method increase the traffic

  3. Reply

    Its very detailed and helpful article for newbie bloggers like me. I think regular new updates and interaction with readers are main points.

  4. varun


    Wow great article and nicely written..i am very impressed by the way of your writing..simple and great.

  5. Karl King


    These kind of tips can also apply to my musical content that I post online. I am a DJ, and a lot of the blogging tips that bloggers offer use the same techniques that I use to promote myself. Thank you very much for the advice.

  6. Sam Adeyinka


    Hey Kharim,

    When a blogger who truly is desirous of success in blogging follow this insightful tips, then success truly would knock at such persons door.

    I’m glad I found this article, will save it for future referencing.

    Thanks for the share. 🙂


    • Reply

      Hey Sam,

      Yes blogging success can be achieved with these simple success tips. I hope you will apply them and be successful as well.

      Thanks for the comment.

  7. Reply

    hi kharim, this is nicely written post. For a blogger to be successful, these tips should always be kept in mind.

  8. Ryan Biddulph


    Hi Kharim,

    Super tips! I would blog multiple times daily, and do 😉 I treat my blog more like cnn.com and less like a blog…..and I am getting 10,000 page visits daily, so yep, it is working 😉

    Thanks for sharing!


  9. Parul Arora


    Hey There,

    You have mentioned each and every way and important Dos and Don’ts that every blogger can become HQ Popular Blogger within few months for sure.

    Well, I must say I should share this article among my readers on Facebook and G+ as it’s very promising.

    I do agree, Bloggers forget to reply to comments but its one of the most important task they should do regularly.

    In return in increases their Returning Users percentage.


    • Reply

      Hello Parul,

      Replying to comments is a must. This goes to show that you have life on your blog and this will help to contribute to a great blogging community.

      Thanks for the comment and all the best to you.

  10. Rajkumar


    Yes these are really good steps that will make sure the readers that blog is regularly updated and maintained. So that will guarantee them the content is fresh too.

  11. Manny


    Hi Kharim Tomlinson

    You rightly spotted the top 5 do’s and don’t for blogging. Blogging seem a simple job but while writing every single post you have to keep in mind multiple factors that can be difference between success or failure of your blogging career.

    the thing i learned here is start guest posting that i was ignoring till date.

    Thanks for helping with your priceless tips..!

    • Reply

      Hey Manny,

      Lots of people thing that blogging is simple but it’s not. The writing for one thing can be challenging when it comes to carving a good post.

      Guest blogging as well can be difficult but it’s something that we should not ignore.

      Thanks very much for your comment.

  12. ishan


    Hi Kharim ,
    Short and simple, with clear explanation to some of main points.
    SEO is very important, it helps the Search engine to understand Content more accurately, and seriously speaking “One shouldn’t ever think of any unfair means to Cheat SE” because sooner or later You will surely get caught..!

  13. Felix Lee


    I believe that a blogger should not necessarily post everyday to keep readers from visiting your site. What is more important is that you post helpful and sensible articles that your readers will appreciate and it is equally important to keep interacting with them also by encouraging them to comment on your posts as well as replying to them.

  14. Rohit Dubey


    thanks for this post very helpful.
    and specially for new bloggers like us..
    and keep posting such because we learn from it and will keep learning..

    • Reply

      Hello Rohit,

      Yes I try to write articles for new bloggers every now and then so that they too can become a successful blogger.

      Thanks for the comment and hope to see you again.

  15. Reply

    Hi Kharim ,
    Thanks for sharing such a awesome article. In my views the points that you had mentioned above are more tan enough to make blogging career successful and will help me a lot. I liked your article very much.
    Once again thanks for sharing.

  16. Krunal


    Surprised to see that you have not included anything related to SEO. People often fails at that. Guest posting and commenting are a part of SEO but when you take a look at other stuff like keyword research and marketing, people often find themselves in a dilemma.

    • Reply

      Hey Krunal,

      Well SEO would be a whole new topic to this. I do agree with you though that SEO is important. I have other articles pertaining to SEO on this blog.

      Thanks for the comment.

  17. Peter


    Thanks for the tips! I guess I am making one of the don’ts that you list and that is posting almost every day! 🙂 I just started my blog and am not getting any traffic, so I guess my reasoning is that try to put in as much content early and they will come 🙂 Will have to figure a way to do guest blogging, but still not sure about the strategy on how to do this…

    • Reply

      Hello Peter,

      All you have to do is promote everyday instead of post everyday.

      If your blog is new then you can post on everyday and also promote so that you can get traffic to those new articles.

      After you have about 15 posts then you can post every other day and promote everyday as well. When your traffic starts to rise then you must continue with your promotion.

      When you get blog comments then you have to make sure that you interact with your audience so that they can see that you are showing interest and appreciation for them coming to your blog.

      Thanks for the comment and all the best to you.

  18. Nermeen


    Haha I really forget about guest blogging thanks for reminding me. I have really read about it and how important it is but I have been just ignoring it for a while.

    I like the fact that bloggers should not post an article every single day (which really contradicts with the opinion of many other bloggers). But you really convinced me with your reasoning.

    • Reply

      Hi Nermeen,

      I think you should try guest blogging and see how wonderful it is. This really helps to bring in traffic to your blog.

      I don’t post daily, and yes I am still having success with this blog. On the other hand though, this depends on the niche that you are blogging in. As I said if you own something like a news blog then posting regularly with the latest news is what will help you to become successful.

      Thanks for the comment and best of luck to you.

  19. Aqib Khan


    Awesome Post Indeed

    I saw this Post yesterday but due to shortage of time I could not read it. Today I’ve read it. It’s really useful to understand!

    These Tips are very useful to being a Successful Blogger. The more we can make our site popular with these tips. I Agree with all your points. You have made me understand about that which I used to want.

    Thank you Kharim for making me understand about that much useful Article. Waiting for new update 🙂

    • Reply

      Hey Aqib,

      I am so happy that you came back to my blog to read the article. I am very thankful for you to do that.

      I hope that you will apply these tips that I have mentioned here and get great results for your blog.

      Thanks for the comment.

  20. ritika


    very useful.
    blog should nott e cluttered
    very usefully said that fill your blogs with ads

  21. Lalita Bisht


    Hi Kharim, this is a good read, you mentioned excellent points here. I am already using some of them but you tell me lots of more which is really helpful for me. I am talking advantage through this info. Thanks and keep sharing.

    • Reply

      Hi Lalita Bisht,

      Well the things that you are already doing, please continue to do them and the others that are mentioned in this article just try to apply them and see how they work for you.

      Thanks very much and all the best to you.

  22. Paul


    Hi Kharim,
    In the last weeks, I read many blogs about monetizing, SEO, blogging. Frankly speaking, even your post is not so ornamented but it tells the simple truth. I am completely agree about stealing content, guest blogging, posting sequence.

    • Reply

      Hey Paul,

      Yes guest posting and updating your own blog on a regular basis is what will help to go the trick. That will make your blog skyrocket.

      Thanks for the comment pal.

  23. Abhay


    The main problem I am facing is not updting my blog regularly but am optimising my posts and still it is not ranking.

    • Reply

      Hello Abhay,

      Updating your blog regularly is awesome and optimising is also important as well. But are you promoting your articles?

      Such as sharing them on Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites? Are you using social bookmarking sites as well?

      You can also do guest posting to bring traffic to your blog, along with lots of blog commenting. Those two things will do the trick to help get some exposure to your articles.

      Thanks for the comment.

  24. Gagan


    HI Kharim, very useful article with Do’s and Don’ts to make a successful blogging. Yes, I to believe all this points are very important to be followed. Especially posting regularly and answering the comments…

    • Reply

      Hi Gagan,

      Well I am always trying to help new bloggers on their road to blogging success.

      If these points are followed then a new blogger can have lots of success with blogging.

      Thanks for the comment.

  25. Reply

    What i think is that the Guest posting is also getting very fame as lots of new bloggers came to lime light when they post a guest post on other blog . It also increase the traffic on their blog as well as fame also 🙂 You have shared very well the Do’s and Dont’s and are very helpful for everyone 🙂

    • Reply

      Hi Jones,

      You are so correct. Guest posting gives you lots of exposure to new traffic. It also helps to build up your reputation as a blogger.

      If bloggers want to be successful then they need to consider doing guest posting.

      Thanks for your comment.

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