In order for your blog post to go viral then it has to get tons of shares by people online. In turn this will pull in lots of traffic to your blog and create a buzz around that article.

But how do you get your audience to share your articles with others? How do you get them to Tweet your post or to share it on Facebook with their friends?

Well in this article I am going to show you how you can get tons of people to share your blog post with others.

blog post share buttons

[box type=”spacer”]Install Social Media Buttons On Your Blog[/box]

This is one of the most common ways for getting your article shared by your readers. When you install these buttons on your blog then this will make it easier for your audience to share your article with others.

All your reader needs to do is click on the social media button of their choice to share your blog post. This makes it really simple for them.

The most common place to find these social media buttons/icons are at the bottom of the article. You can also add some buttons at the top of your article as well so that your readers can have an idea that your article is worth reading because of the high number of share it has.

[box type=”spacer”]Add Floating Share Buttons To The Side Of Your Blog Post[/box]

Digg DiggAnother way to get more shares on your article is to add a floating bar with social media and social bookmarking buttons on your article page.

WordPress plugins such as Digg Digg does this pretty well.

What this plugin does is to add social media buttons of your choice to the left section of your blog post. As the reader scrolls down on the article while reading, the social media floating bar will be visible all the time.

Is this an effective way of getting your article shared by this reader?

Yes it is!

Lets say that you write an amazing blog post and the reader wants to share your article at that very moment, then the floating bar can be used to do so.

This makes it easy for the reader to share your article with others and then get back to reading that amazing blog post that you have written.

[box type=”spacer”]Write A Killer Blog Post[/box]

The most effective way of getting your article shared is to write a killer blog post. This will definitely get readers to share your article.

No matter where you place your social media buttons, once your article has great tips which will benefit your readers and others then they will want to share the blog post with their friends so that they can benefit as well.

But how do you know what is a killer blog post?

Well a killer blog post can be referred to an article that has information which the audience loves. An article that gets tons of comments because of the vital information that was found in it.

Look at your blog posts and see which has the most comments, these are the type of posts that your readers love. Write articles which is related to that blog post topic and no doubt people will create a buzz around that article again and want to share it with others.

[box type=”spacer”]Promote Your Own Article[/box]

When you publish an article, do you promote that article? Or do you just let it sit on your blog and hope that people will come and promote it for you?

If this is your attitude then you will hardly ever get traffic or shares on that article.

As soon as you publish an article then must share it with others and if your article is good enough then they in turn will share it as well. Promoting a blog post is a must if you want to get traffic, readers and share on that article as well.

[box type=”spacer”]Share To Unlock/Share To Download[/box]

There are some amazing WordPress plugins which enables you to hide sections of your article or the entire article if you wish to do so.

In order to unlock such sections that are hidden then the reader would have to share your article in order to make it visible.

If you want to promote an ebook for free then this is the best way to go. Tweet to download the book or like it via Facebook to download it.

This is a great way to get shares on your article, especially if what the reader is going to get is worth the share. This will cause your blog to get tons of traffic. The more traffic to that article then the more shares you will get for them to unlock the hidden content.

[box type=”spacer”]Host A Contest/Giveaway On Your Blog[/box]

I have been hosting cash giveaways for a few months now and this is an excellent way to get traffic to your blog and get your blog shared by others.

Once the prize is something worth having then the participants will not hesitate to share.

I normally use PunchTab to organize my contests. With it I can easily add the contents or pages of my blog which I want to get shared.

[box type=”spacer”]Ask Your Friend or Other Bloggers To Share[/box]

Your friends and other bloggers that you know are willing to help you. Why not ask them for a little assistance in sharing your article.

This is like one of the easiest methods to get your article shared.

It wouldn’t be anything hard in returning the favor as well. They share your article and you share theirs. Everybody will be getting shared, therefore everybody will be happy.

[box]Group Discussion[/box]

I would love to hear from you, what other tips do you have to share on how to get more people to share your blog post?


  1. Atinder S Gill


    Well, These days only few will share content after reading or solving their problem. So, using Social content locker is a very good idea to force social sharing and also, hosting quality contents or giveaways will attract many.

  2. Sushil Rajput


    Content marketing can get frustrating sometimes when you don’t have any idea about what to post next. But all you have to do is calm yourself down and think about these things. very useful post. Thanks for sharing

  3. sekhar


    Nice article Kharim, I do have social network share buttons on my site. But only for two major social sites, does it really help to have other social sites share button as well.

    • Reply

      Hey Sekhar,

      Glad to know you have social share buttons on your site. I would recommend that you use the most popular ones on your site so that you can get more shares.

      Thanks for your comment and all the best to you.

  4. Ankur Upadhyay


    I would like to add one more way of making your content viral on social media platforms. Social Sharing tribes(sites) like Triberr, JustRetweet and Viral Content Buzz can help any blogger in making his/her blog post viral. All you need to do is submit your blog post to these sites and earn some credits by sharing other bloggers’ posts.
    As they say, sharing is caring. 🙂

    Thanks for a great article, Kharim.

    • Reply

      Hey Ankur,

      Glad to see you here pal. You are so right about that. I have used sites like those to help boost my social media presence and drive traffic to my blog. They work pretty well.

      Thanks for the suggestion pal and thanks for the comment as well.

  5. Reply

    Writing great blog posts do force our readers to share it with their circles, but what if they don’t find a button to do that.
    IMO, I would place sharing buttons at places where they are visible and people can easily click on them to share the posts. This way you can get a lot of social shares on your blog posts.

    • Reply

      Hey Arbaz Khan,

      Your point is excellent pal. To make our great blog post easier to share then we have to place buttons in locations visible to our blog readers.

      We also have to remember to use the most popular buttons as well, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google + and the others.

      Thanks for the comment pal.

  6. Reply

    Hey Kharim,
    Your article is simply awesome, with every line you write, you have the goal of getting the reader to want to read the next line. I’m going to try your advice and see how it goes.

    Thanks for sharing such informative article,


    • Reply

      Hi Savannah,

      Thanks for the compliment on my article.

      This is because I write my article as if I am speaking to my audience from a platform. I write this way because I am writing for humans, not search engines. My writing style comes from doing a lot of reading as well.

      Thanks for the comment and hope that you come by again.

  7. Reply

    Really great tips you have shared. Among all the tips, may be asking friends to share our post is the easiest one to get the result. It is nice thing to do when we engage with friends and often times friends always help 🙂


    • Reply

      Hey Okto,

      You are so right about that pal. When you have a great friendly relationship with a person then it makes things much easier.

      So asking them to share your article won’t be a hassle to them

      Thanks for the comment pal.

  8. Pramod


    Hi brother !
    Its very important to install social media sharing buttons on the blog . Such buttons not only makes it easy for visitors to share the posts but also enforces the visitor to click on them as social media sharing buttons look attractive .Thanks for sharing the info .


    • Reply

      Hey Pramod,

      You are so right about that. When social media buttons are attractive then this also encourages the read to share the article.

      I love your point.

      Thanks for the comment pal.

  9. Jack Smith


    Great Points. I Will look after these points. I would even share the widgets like linwithin that will link your site to the related articles. This can also help out in getting more audiences to share your post.

  10. Reginald


    Hey mate,

    Nice write up. In fact, having a great article and content will increase shareability.

    Don’t forget about title too play a role 🙂

    • Reply

      Hey Reginald,

      You are so right about that. If you have a great article then what you have written will compel others into sharing it. Yes title also plays an important role.

      Thanks for the comment.

  11. Theodore Nwangene


    A very interesting article Kharim,
    Having your contents been shared and liked by many people is always the dream of every writer and blogger but, you have to do it well first in order to see that.

    The first place to start is always to writer interesting engaging blog posts that your readers will like and be proud to share because, no one will like to share a crappy article.

    Then, having social sharing buttons on your posts is the next step and, every other tip you mentioned here is also very important in order to ensure a viral post.

    Thanks for sharing Kharim and, do have a great week ahead :).

    • Reply

      Hey Theodore,

      You are so correct pal. Once your article is engaging then this will help to get your article shared. Just be sure to place the social sharing buttons on your blog, as you have mentioned.

      Thanks for the comment pal.

  12. anne rick


    I really want to start blogging, I just need more article to get more tips and ideas.

    • Reply

      Hi Anne,

      All you have to do is practice writing on a daily basis. Do so for short articles until you can begin writing more lengthy articles. Also do lots of reading to expand your vocabulary so that it makes the writing process very easy.

      Thanks for the comment and if you ever need help in starting your blog then please feel free to contact me.

  13. Reply

    Hello Kharim, I agree with you. First of all i created a rich list of friends on Social Networks like Facebook and then I installed Facebook button my site. I share each and every post on Facebook.
    Further more I have also made community on Facebook, my community members also share my post.

  14. David Knoll


    Nice article. Inbound marketing is definitely the way to go. Thank you for sharing the “PunchTab” site. I did not know about that and am sure to use it for hosting contests on my site.

  15. Jane


    Social sharing is becoming a new signal of authority. More (genuine) shares naturally imply that the quality of the article is good. If it is shared by many people then it should be good, right?

    Nice tips you’ve shared here. One note about the floating buttons though. With the recent HTML5 wave, most floating plugins misbehave and do not render properly in different screen sizes.

    • Reply

      Hi Jane,

      I agree with your point there. When an article gets lots of shares then yes it implies that the contents is good and worth reading.

      True some of the floating share buttons do give problems at times depending on the monitor size. But nothing try nothing done.

      Thanks for the comment Jane.

  16. Reply

    Some good tips here.

    I don’t agree with the Share To Unlock idea though.

    Why would you want to share something if you haven’t read it?

    • Reply

      Hey Mark,

      Tons of people I know use share to unlock on their blog and it works. First of all you need to build up your blog and establish yourself as a great blogger. Once you do that then when you use the share to unlock on your articles then it will work out pretty awesome for you.

      Thanks for the comment.

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