You may have heard that email marketing is one of the best ways to convert customers, drive sales, and turn marketing leads into customers, but whatever you’ve heard, forget it now if you don’t have the right emailing strategy and content.  

Email As Often As Possible  

Your customers and subscribers wanted to hear from you so let them have it. Once a day, twice a week, or multiple times a day emails are just fine! In fact, with this strategy, you’ll be left with only your mom as a subscriber in no time. Most data shows that subscribers prefer once a week to bi-weekly emails over more frequent emails, so by ignoring this rule, you can get started on the path to scaring away all of those pesky subscribers.  

Promote Every Item In Your Shop  

Send out tons of emails about nothing more than the items or services you are selling. Do or do not include photos (it’s up to you) but make sure you include prices, links and why they should buy it. If you make it urgent with a ‘buy it now’ call to action, you’re likely to get even better results. Most of your subscribers will probably unsubscribe after the second or third email like this. Clients tend to prefer emails with value rather than those that just try to sell them things, so promote away!  

Talk About Anything  

“I’m sorry this email is late but I had to take my Grandmother to the hospital” is a perfectly legitimate way to start your newsletter. Talk about anything and everything, insert humour, and be fun, your subscribers will be gone in no time. The truth is that your subscribers probably signed up for specific information so if you don’t give them that, then they’re out of there. While you can use humour, remember that jokes and ‘subtle humour’ is harder to get in text format, so you might want to have someone else read it first.  

Use Your Email Address to Send Newsletters Out  

Did you know that you can send emails out from your very own email address? Even if you’re using a good newsletter program you can still have it send out from your personal email address and with your name on it! In fact, a lot of people do this. Lucky for you, that also means you’ll likely be marked as spam as soon as your new subscribers see a name they don’t recognize. If you want people to recognize where the email is from then you have to use a business email and name not your own.  

Use A High Conversion Opt-In Form that Has Nothing To Do With Your Business  

“Enter your email address here to opt in to win!” type opt in forms are popular and convert well, but the new subscribers are likely to unsubscribe as soon as they start getting newsletters. While offering free stuff is a great way to get subscribers, you have to make sure that it’s 100% relevant to what your newsletter is about or the subscribers are just going to leave. For example, free eBooks written by you are good converters and attract people who are actually interested in your newsletter. Instead, try offering an entry into a drawing for a free cruise. That will reel them in!  

Auto-Add Everyone In Your Contacts List to Your Email List  

You know a lot of people and they know you, so why wouldn’t they want to be on your email list? After all, your newsletter is yours and they’re sure to be interested right? If you’re brave enough to break privacy rules by emailing your friends, family, and acquaintances with unsolicited business content then feel free, because the majority of them are going to unsubscribe immediately, and you will never make a sale.  

Forgo Split Testing (Or Any Testing)  

You don’t need to know how well your newsletters are doing so skip testing of any kind and don’t even bother with analytics. A/B testing or split testing is most often used to see which formats and options create more conversion and sales, but since that isn’t your goal, why bother?  

Write Your Newsletters Yourself  

You don’t have to be a fabulous writer to put out a blog so why not take this same theory and apply it to your newsletter. Even if your grammar sucks, you can’t spell, and you’ve forgotten the difference between pronouns and adverbs, you can still write a newsletter. The pros usually hire high quality copywriters with marketing experience to create high converting content, but hey, you’re too good for that.  

If you follow all of this fabulous advice then you’re sure to be stuck with a 1 or 2 person email list and absolutely no sales! On the other hand, if you turn it around and hire a quality company like to produce quality and informative newsletters, and then test, market, and send at the right times, then you will gain subscribers, make sales, and find out why email marketing is one of the top converting forms of marketing out there.  

[box]George Torres is a professional email marketer where he creates, promotes, and makes sales using the power of email. Visit his site to find out more, or contact him today to see about getting him to write your newsletter. Thanks in advance![/box]


  1. Art


    Great post!
    Without Call to Action many people might see your message but that will be the end of the interaction… CTA directs them wherever you want to and makes the visitors (or at least a percentage of them) to do what you want them to do. A really powerful tool.
    Cheers 🙂

  2. Jane


    Hey George, a great way to get your point across 🙂 When you tell people what to do to improve something, its boring. Tell them what to do to ruin their business, it becomes quite interesting (just like the post linked in my commentluv link).

    Adding people in contact list to email list is something that I am starting to see these days – I’m becoming a victim of this. I send an email to someone and BAM I start receiving unsolicited emails from strange companies – I never subscribed to any of those lists. For such emails, I don’t simply unsubscribe but report them as spam, so they can stay away from spamming others or get blocked.

    Thanks for sharing wonderful points.

  3. Reply

    These are very good points that I have learned to follow over time and most times I’m afraid to send out a blast and fear that my list has forgotten who I am. How does one overcome this fear of keeping your list engaged?

  4. Reply

    Great article!

    I must admit I did send emails from my own email address in the early days. When my list started to grow beyond my close customers I realised they wouldn’t know who I am so changed it to my company name.

    Other than that I’m not spamming my list.

  5. Reply

    Email marketing is only effective if your newsletter has something for your customer. To attract customers, you have to be punctual about the newsletter. By the way email marketing is not too much effective as it was in the past.

  6. Amelia Olivia


    Writing Newletters by yourself adds human touch which is a very best way to reach your potential customers.

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