SOCIAL MEDIA SUCCESSIn the 21st Century, social media has been one of the greatest internet inventions. Social media websites have been emerging all over the internet and are today not only used for communication between friends and family but also for business advertising, marketing and outreach by both new and existing companies all over the world.

Social media can be defined as a means of interaction through creating and sharing information over virtual communities and networks.

In order for a business to succeed in whichever activities they carry out in the social media platforms, they must employ the 5 basic Social Media Secrets for Success.

Some of the major social media platforms that can be used by businesses include Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Linked In, Pinterest, Myspace, and Instagram. Most social media platforms are free and require no charge to create an account.

Once an account has been opened and set up then the 5 Social Media Secrets for Success can be rolled out into action.

1. An Appropriate and Simple Platform.

In order to succeed in exposing a business in social media, one must select a social platform they are fully comfortable working in and one which they can easily master and develop. Imagine working in a platform that you don’t know scratch about. Creating posts in such a platform will be a strain and in the end be unsuccessful though a noble initiative. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter or Instagram where you can share photos of your products, the best platform lies with the one who will be administrating the social media account.

2. Regular Updates Of Posts.

A successful social media campaign incorporates regular updates to the social site. Updates must be posted in a regular and predetermined pattern in order to gain potential users who will eventually act as potential clients and then actual clients. If updates are regular, this will attract users who have interest in the information being posted.

3. Eye Catching and Professional Profile.

A company social media page must be attractive and display a sense of professionalism. A blank and amateur like business social page will most likely attract very few potential clients while on the other hand a page that displays clearly what an organization is all about and what it offers will attract many potential clients. Its common knowledge that the first impression which is the profile always maters in every aspect of business and life.

4. Proper Timing.

Success in social media is all about timing. If you time your posts to coincide with the times that most users are online, then you will have great social media audience that will boost your business clientele. The best times include break times such as lunch, off work hours and weekends.

5. Learn From Others.

The final tip in Social Media Secrets for Success is to always look for case studies and learn from them.

Learn from both the successful and unsuccessful social media business campaigns and create yourself a

guideline from a blend of the two i.e. from what you will have learnt.

That’s it. So for a starting company or an existing company that wants to enlarge the clientele base through social media these Social Media Secrets for Success will come in handy. Refer to them and take what you can implement and you will inevitably realize an increase in your client base.


  1. Ashish Sharma


    Social media is very powerful today for doing online business , I will use these secrets for managing social media for my website.

  2. pankaj karnwal


    i am too agree with your point. right timing is great thing for every thing according me 3 pm is very nice timing for a post and profession profile is also very effective and learn form other also a great point. i am too glad to see this post.

  3. Christy


    Well agreed with all your points or may be secrets for online success. Time priority is always crucial part of everything we do and time management can save lot of things and ring success in short time.

  4. Reply

    Hey Kharim,

    I have been looking into the Facebook posts reach potential lately and I have been wanting to ask a social media expert about it.
    Do you think the number of Facebook page likes can affect the power of a post reach?
    for example, if a page with 3 million likes tags a celebrity figure. The homepage feed of the celebrity fans would show the post, as their favorite Celebrity was tagged and mentioned, but would it be the same case for every page that tags and mentions the Celebrity?

    Thank you.

  5. Reply

    All the focuses which you have said here are great. Online networking these days assumes a key part for online success.And as you have rightly said here, fitting timing is a powerful approach to get parcel of activity it helps you construct connections, get new group of onlookers for your site Much obliged for imparting it. Fabulous post!

  6. Avnish


    I apply only one formula for social media success. That is More active = be effective.

    I am getting lot of advantage from this formula.

  7. Anderson


    Hi Kharim,
    This is my first visit on your site and got so impressed.
    What a nice and useful post indeed. 🙂
    By using social media sites we and easily increase traffic and visibility of a site. So all these five social sites are amazing for social media optimization.
    Thanks for sharing….

  8. Atinder S Gill


    Well, Social media is a key to success in this new era of blogging. it helps you build relationships, get new audience for your blog. And also, don’t forget the social signals which Google Love.

    BTW, very Well Written Buddy.

  9. Dylann Andre


    It’s very interesting and inspiring topic about these Five Social Media Secrets For Online Success. I’m sure many will be glad to read this article. Thanks for sharing it. Fantastic post!

  10. Reply

    Social media is one of the most important source to drive huge traffic to blog. But getting success in Social Media marketing is not so easy, specially for newbie. You mention here some effective points that’s everyone should follow to get success in social media.

  11. Rahul


    All the points which you have mentioned here are perfect. Social media nowadays plays a key role for online success.And as you have rightly mentioned here, proper timing is an effective way to get lot of traffic. Thanks for this post.

  12. Reply

    Hi Kharim Tomlinson,

    Social Media is a great source to drive instant massive traffic. Using some tips tricks we can do double or triple this traffic. I agreed with all your points. Regular posts have great impact in social media.


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