Promotion – Is It Important?

Promotion is another important factor of blogging and is really important for building up your blog. Apart from quality content you need to promote your blog to gain traffic to make your blog a success.

There are a number of ways that you can promote your blog. Through social media, blog commenting, buying advertisement space and the list goes on.

In one Oxford dictionary, the word promote means “to publicize and sell (a product)”. If you want to make money online as a blogger, no doubt, you would have to publicize your blog and get people to buy the products that you recommend to them.

But which is the best way to promote your blog and affiliate links?


Tips On How To Sky Rocket A New Blog

My blog is doing really great and many bloggers are really impressed with the achievement of my blog so far. I am also happy with this level of achievement and I am going to be achieving many more great things to come in the future.

This is because I have put in a lot of work into this blog because I am determined to make my blog a success and to educate others on how they can make their blog a success as well.

In this post I am going to share with you what I did to get this blog off to a really great start. Getting this blog to where it’s at now was a lovely but challenging journey.

First Step To My Success

In order to get this level of success you have to take the word free out of my mind. This is the reason why I am on a WordPress self hosted blog. There is nothing better than self hosted and this is one of the 5 common mistakes new bloggers make.

I remember being on free hosting and waking up one morning to find my blog deleted with all my blog posts. All my articles were gone, never to be seen again. So my tip for you is to stay away from free hosting of all sort.


Blog Engage – A Must For All Bloggers

So it’s official that I started using BlogEngage yesterday and I must admit that I am impressed with it. I have always seen this BlogEngage thing around and I didn’t give it a try until yesterday, can you believe it.

I thought this BlogEngage was something pertaining to bloggers hooking up and getting marriage but it surely wasn’t. This is a community where you can communicate freely with other bloggers world-wide and build a great friendship.

In my previous article I wrote about Becoming A Friendly Blogger and BlogEngage is a great way to make friends online who are already bloggers.


Become A Friendly Blogger

Are you a friendly blogger? Do you try to make friends with other bloggers? Are you friendly to your blog readers?

You really need to consider these questions if you operate a blog, or if you are going to start a blog. Being friendly with other bloggers can really make blogging easy for you especially if you have blogger friends in the same niche. You could both talk about the advantages or disadvantages in your niche, the changes taking place in your niche, why you choose this niche and so on.

How do you become a friendly blogger to other bloggers, to other users on the internet and to readers of your blog?

Using Your Readers For Promotion

Did you know that you can use your blog readers to share your blog or post articles with others on the web? This is where promotion and free advertising comes into play. This might be a short article but this will definitely help your blog in the long run and save you a greatn deal of advertising work.

How Can I Use My Readers For Promotion?
There are alot of “quick share buttons” on many blog these days. I even use them on this blog. Well these buttons make it easier for your readers/visitors to share your articles or your blog. They can tweet your articles on Twitter, share it on Facebook, stumble it on Stumble Upon, etc. (more…)