Article marketing used to be the bee’s knees in website promotion being at the top of the SEO techniques list; however over the years this has drastically changed. Many bloggers concentrated on article marketing as the only way of promoting a website and relied on this for generating traffic, which in turn, hopefully led to sales. Now days article marketing has evolved and is not just simply submitting an article to an article directory.


Forms Of Article Marketing 2011 Style

Basically if you are using an article to market and promote your website then this is still article marketing in my book. It all boils down to a simple article being published somewhere on the internet to hopefully gain you some kind of benefit to your website. In fact every time you submit an article somewhere on the Internet with links in it, you are simply just building a giant link wheel.



Guest Posting

The new generation of bloggers have really jumped into guest posting and it seems that they have left behind the old days of article marketing. Guest posting on someone else’s blog now days not only gives you back links; it can also give you a mountain of website traffic.


Guest posting also being due a reputation as it gets your name out, and seen on all the blogs around town.


article marketing 


Article Directories

Now I do not want to hear you moan and groan when I mention article directories. I know this method of article marketing is really outdated but it still works! I do not recommend you go overboard like they did in the old days, but I do definitely say that you need to take part in submitting articles to article directories.


One good reason is to diversify where your links are coming from. Another good reason to continue submitting to article directories is the fact that the article might get republished on other websites. Therefore you must submit your best work so people will republish it on their websites! You never know if you will receive blog traffic, but you will always get the SEO benefit.


Automatic Article Marketing

As soon as I mentioned automatic article submission, I know that everyone is cringing. But don’t panic because I have a good idea. If you want to use automatic article submission software then you should only point the links back to blogs you have guest posted on, articles you have submitted to article directories, and link wheel blogs that you have created.


The other thing that you must do when using automatic article spinning software is to definitely make sure you submit worthwhile content. If you submit unreadable junk then you can only harm your reputation, as everything will lead back to you in the end.



Although hub pages only allow no follow links until you get 75 points, it is definitely worth the wait. Hubpages let you make hub pages, with back links to wherever you choose, and you also have a chance to make money. There is nothing wrong with building up your profile on this website and waiting until you get your 75 points and you’ll “dofollow “ links.




Squidoo is by far the easiest and quickest way to do your article marketing. It will give you do follow links from the start, and will also give you a chance to earn money. I also like to add my RSS feeds into my Squidoo lenses. This not only keeps the lenses updated, but is continually pumping out the links for me. Publishing on this website is far more than article marketing.



Free Blogs

Wherever I can publish free content and get back links, I am there. This includes creating free blogs at places like,,, and so on. There are loads of places to add your articles to and get back links back to your main website. By submitting articles to your own properties on the Internet, you are also “keeping it in the family”, as I like to say.



Relying on one method of article marketing

Always spread your wings wide and when something goes down, like the recent panda update from Google, you will survive. We all know the saying “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”.


I have many more ways to do article marketing in 2011 and I am guessing that you might have a few as well. Please comment below and share your views on your article marketing style in 2011.


  1. mehndi designs video


    There’s definately a lot to know about this issue. I really like all the points you made.

  2. Reply

    that was so helpful for me.thanks for posting helpful things.this article helped me in marketing. i will trying this. thanks

  3. Reply

    I think guest posting works perfectly and so does article submission, squidoo and hubpages. The different forms you’ve mentioned is completely true Mitz. Squidoo and hubpages are also the right place to increase your income in addition to getting traffic. There will be demand for Article Marketing because there is need for quality content.

  4. John Cooper


    Hi Mitz,

    For best marketing of an article I just write good content and syndicate it to directories that are worth a damn. I’m not talking about the ones that will accept offshore articles that have a reading level of first grade.

    Better yet, look for websites that allow for guest blog posts. Those are a step above article directories by default, as they have someone who actually cares about their website.


  5. TheSignChef


    Mitz, what is a good way to get invited to guest post on a blog? I have been commenting on all sorts of blogs right now as I have just started to get into blogging and into a network. I figured just commenting would start the ball rollin and getting the bloggers familiar with me. Should I invite them first? What do you think? Thank you.

    • mitz


      Hi SignChef
      You need to contact the bloggers and ask if they will accept a guest post. You can also see if they have a “write for us” or “guest post” link on their website. Do not wait for things to happen, just go out and do it…!!!

      I am accepting guest posts on my blog and also have $100 prize money being drawn at the end of this month for guest posters..

      This blog also takes guest bloggers and so doe3s the Comluv website.

      Just remember to always work hard on guest posts and submit great content. If you make it easy for the blogger you will have no problem getting published.

  6. jkar photography


    Mitz, your articles are very great. It provides a lot of information for bloggers and newbies who are in the dark and seeking direction. Great writing skills.

    • Mitz


      Thanks Jkar
      My writing skills are improving but my spelling is really bad! Thank God for spell check!

  7. arthurprudentt777


    Hi Mitz,
    with regards to the article marketing it consumes too much time. Submitting your article to Ezine alone does not consist article marketing. Real article marketing for link benefits means submitting to hundreds of articles directories, sites and blogs. Besides, those pages with your articles would be considered as duplicate content hence no real link juice. Google won’t punish your site they just remove the pages from indexing. So you have to do something with the articles uniqueness. When you outsourcing the articles writing, spinning and submitting there would be another problem – quantity against quality.
    Being in the online casino affiliate business, I found a very useful strategy to promote my sites: press release submission. Basically you can find the PR sites which google is using to republish the news. Write a few good press releases, spin them and submit to different PR sites, interlink your press releases (build a link wheel). As a result your press releases would be published on the first google page in the news section. Lots of sites would republish your PR but google would index your PR anyways.
    Regards. Arthur

    • Mitz


      I definitely like press releases and probably should have mentioned it here…thanks for adding it in.

      You can outsource your article writing and submission to the right people… I never submit the same article twice though, except for the auto submission thing.

    • TheSignChef


      I agree 100%. I don’t see how duplicating the same content all over the net brings any real “link juice.” Can anyone provide some info and doing effective PR submissions. Thank you.

  8. Reply

    I like squidoo because I do not have to wait for approval and the lense is live right away, I do seo for companies and it is sometimes hard to get spammy looking articles approved.

  9. Ivin


    When I started blogging on a professional level, Article marketing was one of THE biggest suggestions to get traffic. I wasn’t really convinced and although I have submitted MANY articles this way, never really saw significant traffic come from it.

    The posts you mention here are geniunely unconventional and should rightly be called Article Marketing 2.0. Good show!

    • Mitz


      Hi Irvin
      You can use article marketing for traffic or SEO which leads to traffic anyway. You might not realize the affects of article marketing but is does work in many ways.

      I love anything that gives me quality traffic..The targeted stuff!

  10. Damon


    I have really neglected a lot of my back linking and SEO over the past 18 months or so because I have been very busy. Although I have now recently started to devote more time to it and I will agree the landscape has definitely changed. Especially with all of the updates google has been doing. I say article marketing in article directories is not really worth it any more because of all the spammers.

    It is almost impossible to put a spam guest post on a top site in a given niche. I think these days, the time spent on guest posting, given the links, the traffic and the potential forging of a good networking relationship with that blog owner, will far out weigh any time spent writing in article directories. I think google is largely discounting those type of links these days.

    • Mitz


      I have found places to guest post because I saw that they grabbed my article from Ezine articles. They already knew who I was..I thought their website was great so I approached them…

      They are the golden websites because they are not flooded with millions of guest posters!

  11. Reply

    I am using
    bloggers dot com
    for auto post marketing bcz they fetch my posts auto and give me a instant backlink

  12. Petre


    I think guest posting is the best method to make yourself known out there, although you should try every method to be noticed in the blogging community.

  13. Joe


    I think it’s definitely shifting more towards quality over quantity.

    If you can get in-content links from a dozen websites that are made up of nothing but unique content, that’s going to be more effective than blasting the same article to 100 websites that have very little (if any) content that is unique to their site only.

  14. Reply

    I couldn’t agree more. The uniqueness really matters a lot. Every now and then SEO strategies keep changing. You should be updated to make your strategies effective.

    • Mitz


      I know …Isn’t it just crazy how things change??? But this happens in business too..and you have to be very versatile to stay in business and stay in the competition.

  15. Reply

    Your post really helped me to understand the post.. It has great details and yet it is easy to understand.
    That’s what i was looking for. I will definitely share it with others.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Interesting Stories


      Agreed, thanks for the helpful suggestions, I’ve only been using digg and reddit lately

    • Philip Calano


      There are many styles in writing articles. In viewing what is the best topic for articles to be written, you can find it here. Try to find new topic that interests viewers.

  16. Trudy


    I usually outsource my article writing so this post definitely helps put into perspective what I need to bew looking for in terms of quality and acceptance. Thanks for the info!

  17. Kira


    I think it’s gonna be guest blogging as the most interactive and most SEO friendly among the group. That is if you’re going to consider search engine trends and updates. But as always, desired outcomes could only be real if all things done correctly.

  18. danika


    I like the idea of using automatic article software to create links back to pages that have your link on, trying to gather all of the benifit in a single page and then pass it on through your single link.

    Ill try it thanks!

    • Mitz


      Yes the auto article submitter can work in some circumstances but you must do it right… If you spam and misuse the software you risk your business getting kicked off Google.

      I have tested it…not on my important websites though..But yes it can be cool for building links to your ezine articles and Youtube videos too… which point to your website anyway.

  19. Carl


    I totally agree with you, it’s important to diversify your link portfolio even if you don’t think that all those methods are effective. They all provide uniqueness to your SEO and that is very good. But I definitely have to agree with the other commentators, guest posting is the best way to invest your time when working on article marketing in 2011.

    • Mitz


      I see everyone is obsessed with guest posting but don’t forget about Squidoo, Free blogs, and so on…

      I have a “linkwheel” which includes a blogger blog that now makes money itself. It was just a tool I used and because it is mine, I get to build on it…And in a few years it will provide me with another real business. This was not my intention as I was only link building.

  20. William Tha Great


    I would have to say that Guest blogging works wonders if you go about it the right way. You have to first know what your purpose for guest blogging actually is, and then you can go from there. Different reasons for guest blogging will mean you need to guest blog on certain blogs. Say for instance, if you motivation is purely traffic then you should be looking at the bigger blogs in your niche.

    Has guest blogging worked wonders for you?

    God bless,
    William Veasley

    • Mitz


      Yes guest blogging has done wonders for me… I have articles on many websites and have built solid traffic coming in everyday. Of course I have the SEO aspect as well…

  21. Marketing Philosophy


    Today the best way of article marketing is guest posting because you don’t just get traffic or backlinks to your own site but you establish your self as an expert on your niche and become recognizable on the blog world!

    • Mitz


      I think guest posting rocks but ……. If you can’t always do that…why not have a few articles on Ezine articles so they can get republished and also give you back links.

      I totally agree that it gives you expert status and the posts stay there and continue to give you traffic every now and then.

  22. Reply

    Currently the only form of article marketing that I participate in is guest posting. Because of my tight schedule I am not really able to branch out as yet.

    Thanks for this lovely post Mitz 🙂 I really appreciate the tips.

    • Mitz


      Ahh…I know guest posting shows great results…But when you are writing those great articles…just slip one on ezine articles. Make sure it is good though… I put one on there a month ago and it has been republished 45 times. I get traffic from all sorts of websites just from that one article.

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