When you write there are a lot of things that take place. We’ve all heard of how highly successful people have extremely good habits when it comes to personal success. They follow specific routines. They make to do lists. They follow up on their projects, and they reflect on their goals.

We bloggers need to follow similar routines and develop similar writing activities if we wish to be great at what we do. Perhaps the most important part of our job is the actual writing of our blog posts, which means we have to be very efficient at writing and we need to be good at it. One way to become better at writing is to pursue good writing activities. I’ve tried to list four writing activities that work well for me, and I hope they are just as helpful for you!

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4 Writing Activities


Write Every Day

I’ve found that if I write every day, it becomes easier for me to get into the blogging mindset and quickly and efficiently write the posts I need to complete each day. This means that I schedule my blogging time to keep me writing every day. It’s hard at first to follow such a rigorous routine; however, eventually it pays off. Sometimes I have to stop myself from writing too much so I can work on other parts of my blog.

What Happens When You Write Top Quality Content

Write Keep A Journal

Another writing habit I’ve developed is journal writing. In my journal, I write down all my ideas, thoughts, and problems regarding my own writing. As a blogger, you could focus this journal to relate only to your blog. In either case, a journal is a great place to record your thoughts unedited. Don’t worry about grammatical conventions or writing full sentences. Just use your journal as a place to store all of your ideas; you can work through them later when you need more blog posts.

Don’t Worry About Writer’s Block

You’ve probably read a lot of posts online about writer’s block, or blogger’s block, or some variation on that; basically, these posts offer you tips for avoiding writer’s block, and while I think many of these tips are great ideas, they tend to overlook the main problem: that writer’s block is a function of the author. If you simply don’t believe in writer’s block, you’ve got the right attitude. Spend the time you would have used to worry about writer’s block to brainstorm ideas for your next set of posts!

Practice To Write In Different Styles

Finally, you should take some time to learn how to write different styles. Learn how to write reviews. Learn how to write a personal profile. Learn how to conduct an interview. Learn how to write a news article and an opinion piece. You’ll find that each of these kinds of writing styles will be useful when you run your blog: you’ll be able to profile important people in your industry and report on a new trend, seamlessly transitioning from one style to other without missing a beat. Being a great blogger is all about being able to write for a variety of different situations.

In Conclusion…

Practice to write everyday, as mentioned in this post, and in no time you will become a better blogger.


  1. Reply

    Another great solution for writer’s block is to get away from your desk, go for a run, anything to get a fresh perspective.

  2. ibyang


    Those simple activities are really great tips. it can enhance anyone’s writing skills and capabilities. Great post indeed. Sometimes, writers must learn to others to improve their articles and stories. continues learning is truly important to avoid being left behind with the latest trend.

  3. malagala


    In order to become a good writer continues practicing is essential but that is not enough for the development of the writing skills. We have to identify our weaknesses and correct them. That why feedbacks are quite important to the writers. Good post

  4. Zaman


    Well, the content is just amazingly superb. Such content should always be appreciated by all users, and surely they do, appreciated it a lot. However, most of the people, particularly the bloggers have this perception that regular and daily writing isn’t good or wise approach, there must be some gap of 1 or 2 days in order to bring something really of it’s own kind. Need clearance on this point. Thanks.

  5. Interesting Stories


    I couldn’t have asked for a better blog. You’re always at hand to give excellent tips, going on to the point for simple understanding of your readers. You’re surely a terrific expert in this subject. Thanks a ton for currently being there for an individual like me.

  6. Reply

    Thank you for another fantastic posting. Where else could anyone get that kind of information in such a perfect way of writing and i was looking for more info.

  7. Reply

    i’m writing my blog for last 5 months,and reading blogs a lot.but still i dont think my writing is being attractive,or appreciable…..ya….practice makes a man perfect….

  8. Megan Brown


    Thats true.

    practice makes man perfect. writing everyday matter lots. Due to this you mind get set while writing and you will able to present exactly what you are thinking. Another advantage is each time you write you observe new idea, new way to write it more perfectly. Also you will have word power which let you know that which word is used most in which sentence.

    Thanks for sharing it. This is really very important.

  9. SeoDezin


    If you write without fear with your own style. You are successful, To be a writer, each day practice is required.

  10. Marketing Philosophy


    In my opinion to become successful in something you have to be passionate about it and love it because this is the only way to stay focus to a schedule without losing your interest. This applying to blogging too because if you are not passionate about what you write there is no way to continue writing one article per day for a long time.

  11. Paul Salmon


    When I first started out, writing didn’t come very easy for me. At times, it still doesn’t for me, but it isn’t as hard as it was in the beginning. Writing takes time and effort until you become good at it to the point where you can easily write a post in little time.

    The best posts that I read are the ones written by someone who has included a little bit of their personality into the words that they type. While you may think you aren’t a good writer, I’m sure there are many other people that think you have a way with words.

  12. Joe


    The most important skill in writing is persistence to continue to write, it´s very difficult, sometimes you just simply don´t have mood or time and sitting down and start writing something valuable is really difficult. But persistence brings fruits.

  13. Argie Monroy


    It’s not hard to keep the routine of a daily blog post for a newbie blogger though. But you are definitely right with it, Alvina. A daily practice is what makes one improve and be a better blogger in the time to come.

    Thanks for sharing this remarkable post.

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