John Paul Aguiar is the money dummy and this is because his blog has been successful in making money for the past 6 years. is full of blogging resources to help your blog become successful and have to potential to make money. If you are new to blogging then you have no problem in contacing John Paul to help build a super new blog.

John Paul Aguiar .com

This blog has a great green and black color scheme to it with easy to navigation bar. Want to subscribe, then you have no problem in doing so. This is because John Paul Aguiar makes it easy to subscribe with an opt-in form at the top of his blog.

John Paul Aguiar

You can also stay connected with John Paul Aguiar because he has a list of all his social profiles. He is a very active social media person and very easy to talk with.

One thing that I like about this blog is that it helps you and gives you some of the best tips in growing your Twitter followers. Everybody wants more followers on Twitter and John Paul can show you how with the Twitter Dummy which you can get for only $19.00! This is a great way to gain lots of traffic from Twitter, not only that but targeted traffic that is healthy for our blogs.

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John Paul Aguiar

Please make a visit to John Paul Aguiar .com and follow the money dummy to make some money from your blog as well.


  1. Johan


    Hey Kharim this is really some useful tips you give here I have done a post myself about how to make money blogging and you can always go check it out there are some useful tips and thanks again for sharing your point of views.

  2. Interesting Stories


    Yeah, great tips. I couldn’t have asked for a better blog. You’re always at hand to give excellent tips, going on to the point for simple understanding of your readers. You’re surely a terrific expert in this subject. Thanks a ton for currently being there for an individual like me.

    • Reply


      No blogger can make it alone.. I still get help from top bloggers.

  3. Megan Brown


    Great thanks a lot for sharing this post.

    I am newbie in this field so this would be proves very helpful for me. As blogging is not a one day game so I am sure that and also you have mentioned that John is a successful blogger from past 6 years so there is lot that I can get to learn form him.

    Thanks for the link also from today only I am going to visit at john’s blog and start learning.

  4. Reply

    Kharim… Thank U for this post man.. Nice surprise.

    I Appreciate the nice review and comps man.. I’m happy that I have helped your blogging and Twitter marketing 🙂

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