Tech N Share opperated by Devesh out of India has been a wonderful asset to the blogosphere. This blog has great blogging tips and also resources to help you build a powerful blogging community.

As the blog name states, tech n share, upon seeing this name you would have already known that this blog gives you information having to deal with technology. It also has information pertaining to social media, blogging tips, how to make money online, building an email list, how to get traffic, entrepreneurship and much more.

Tech N Share

Tech N Share

What I like about is that this blog uses Thesis WordPress theme as it’s framework. Thesis is a very powerful theme and can do many great wonders for a blog. This theme is easy to customize and great for SEO purposes.

Tech N Share is easy to navigate through. It’s menu is not jumbled up and the sidebar is kept clean. The same thing can be said for the footer, which has 3 widgets displaying items such as the recent comments, recent posts and top commentators.

Amazing tips can be found on this blog and that is the reason why this blog has so many visitors coming back to it for their free blogging tips. Devesh the blog owner only publishes articles that are of high value so you will be sure to get the best tips.

You can subscribe easily to Tech N Share and aslo easily share the articles that you have read using the social media buttons. These are 2 important factors which contributes to a successful blog.

Tech N Share is a multi author blog. You can gain lots of knowledge from other bloggers by visiting and if you would like to share your knowledge then you can be a guest author for that blog.

Great Tech N Share Articles

Here are some articles that I think you would enjoy reading from

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How To Get Traffic In 45 Seconds

7 Effective Ways to Get Quality Traffic to Your Blog

12 Ways to Get More Comments on Your Blog

Would I Recommend Tech N Share?

Of course I would. This blog is a must read if you want to become a better blogger. As I stated, it has lots of tips for you to become a great blogger in a very short time.

You want to know how I became this good as a blogger? It’s blog like Tech N Share that helped me.

So visit Tech N Share now, but first leave your comments about this blog of you already know it.


  1. Mahesh


    It’s a cool place to get information as well as to share with same mind people. Thesis has been a great SEO theme so far. It helps to reduce the number of the plugins, as it pre-comes with those options.

  2. Scott


    I think the more simplistic the theme, the less legit the site looks. There is such thing as “too clean”.

  3. Reply

    I like the theme, but what makes it so special for SEO? Can I not get plugins to do everything I need WP to do as far as SEO is concerned?

  4. Reply is a complete package for the those who are keen to know about the knowledge on blogs to impart it in an organization or to pursue career in it.

  5. Jason


    Nice article Kharim. I agree with you about Tech n Share. If you’re a blogger you need to learn all the tricks of the trade and this is one site that will definately help.

  6. Shiva


    Technshare is really a great blog. Devesh is really doing a great job and sharing some great content, I have always been a fan of his blog.

  7. Reply

    Thanks for sharing about this cool site.Gonna check it now….Multi-author sites are getting more popularity these days.

  8. Liza


    Tech n Share is really a good website to get better ideas for blogging. Their blogging tips and tricks are really awesome. The most important thing which attract me towards them is a style of providing tips about making money online. That is really nyc, not only for me, but also for everyone.

  9. Gian Faye


    The blog consists of great tips for newbies and pros as well.
    Worth my time to visit and revisit it in the future. 😀

    • Interesting Stories


      Agreed, I haven’t been doing this for long but I’m learning alot from this site.
      Thx for the help.

  10. SeoDezin


    Guest post writing is great offer that usually divert much of the traffic towards your blog.

  11. John Cooper


    Hi Kharim,
    This is my second visit to your blog. Like your previous post, I found this very interesting. I just can’t imagine that how you write so wonderful posts.Well I found this post really informative so far. Keep it up bro.

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