In this economy, chasing receivables can turn out to be a full-time job. Meanwhile, you are following the sales leads or serving your clients from anywhere: home, Starbucks, – sometimes even at the office. If your books can go mobile, you may be less likely to build a stack of invoices and unsent reminders which need to be delivered. If you can offer your customers a link to pay electronically, you would have a better chance of getting paid on time. Cloud-Based financial tools offers a great way to interact with your clients for your invoicing, accounting and payment requirements.

Three trends which are driving the attractiveness of cloud-based billing solutions:

1. The development of web browsers that can do nearly everything that desktop application can do.

2. The rising recognition of “cloud computing” — outsourcing data processing, storage, safety measures, and upgrades to a third party.

3. The consistency of e-payments systems, eradicating the need for killing trees, filling envelopes, and applying stamps.

1. Invoicera
Invoicera is an amazing cloud-based invoicing and billing application. This will allow your customers to pay by PayPal,, Google Checkout and other payment gateways to popular online practical options. There are 20 global payment gateways supported the by Invoicera, which offers customers a privilege to choose their compatible method of payment support. Payments are an important part of the invoicing, therefore, multiple payment gateways have been provided to make payments easy and convenient.

2. Paypal Online Invoicing
With online billing from PayPal, you can create invoices and email them with a button to the credit card, electronic check or ACH payments. Customers do not need a PayPal account for this. Payments are received within minutes after a customer pays, and that those funds can be used to make purchases online with PayPal, withdrawals or purchases with credit card PayPal. PayPal Online Invoicing may be better for entrepreneurs who do not want to move all their accounts online, but who wants to give their customers the convenience of paying by credit card.

3. Blinksale
Blinksale is a web application based smart online billing and is perfect for those who need to charge customers for services or products sold. It allows customers to pay online instantly using PayPal, or add Blinkpay to your account to accept credit card payments. Either way, you get paid faster with Blinksale!

4. Freshbooks
Freshbooks specializes in billing and handles automatic billing, multiple currencies, and reminder scheduling. It has a clean user interface, which offers drop-down menus to select the records of customers and products you created. To you get paid quickly its payment processing is integrated with PayPal, Authorize.Net, Milestone Merchant Solutions, iTransact, Link Point, PSIGate,, or Google Checkout.

5. Zoho Invoice
Zoho Invoice is an easy to use online billing application for the online tracking, which allows you to send invoices for the projects and expenditure reviews, receive payments, and monitor the overall health of your business quickly and efficiently. Makes billing and follow-up very simple – it reduces the time required to handle the paperwork and get paid on time, so you can stay focused on customers and business. Zoho Invoice supports payment gateways like PayPal, Google Checkout,, etc.


  1. Nina Christopher


    I only have good words for these billing applications featured in here.I personally use Paypal.It’s a great deal of help for me.All are very useful.

  2. saha


    Agree with SeoDezin. Paypal is first and best choice for eCommerce sites. Paypal facility is not available in many countries. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Sheila


    I am surprised to see pay pal and number 2 here; i would’ve thought that id would be leading the charge in terms of transaction security and safety…

  4. Marketing Philosophy


    Thanks for sharing I only knew Paypal Online Invoicing!

  5. Cape Town Villas


    I use this site all the time, much like many other internet users, I suppose. It’s a fantastic source of information.

  6. SeoDezin


    These services are not available in all countries. Especially paypal facility is not available in third world country.

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