A lot of great and inspiring things happen when you write great contents for your blog. But what really happens when you write top quality content for your blog?

For every action there is a reaction and this goes the same for blogging. If you are a blogger and the action that you take is to not write quality content for your blog, the reaction that you get can be really devastating.

If the action that you take as a blogger in writing quality content for your blog then your outcome can be really great and rewarding, and then you will be classed as a “pro blogger”.

Here are a list of things that happens when you put out the effort to write top quality contents for your blog.

Results Of Top Quality Content

  • Targeted Traffic
  • If you are a regular visitor of the top blogs on the web, you will notice that they all have great contents… they are not just great but of high quality and they are really useful for everybody who reads it.

    With top quality contents like these, they get lots of targeted traffic to their blogs. This is because the content appeals to the readers and satisfy their needs. If a visitor was looking up information and your blog has the right information targeted to your visitors then this can mean targeted traffic for your blog. You have to write and target your readers needs in order to get the desired targeted traffic.

  • More Unique Visitors
  • With you getting the targeted traffic, which is writing content to target your visitors, then this means you can turn this traffic into unique visitors by writing more content that appeals to them and then you will have them coming back to your blog when you have more to offer them.

    Unique visitors are sometimes hard to achieve, but once your blog articles are of high quality then this can be really easy work.

  • More Subscribers
  • Now that you have unique visitors coming to your blog, this means they will want to stay connected to your blog which means more blog subscribers.

    Your visitors, unique visitors or targeted traffic won’t subscribe to your blog if you have little or no content which have great value. The only reason why people subscribe to your blog is because you deliver top quality content to them. Take out the top quality content and then you will notice that the amount of subscribers that you once had will disappear like a rabbit at a magician performance.

    So this concludes that top quality contents equals more subscribers.

  • More Sharing
  • If you like this article, please share it. I don’t really have to ask you to tweet my content because I know you will.

    If you were trapped in a building with your friends inside and you found a way out, wouldn’t you be quick to tell your friends about the way out? Yes you would.
    And if you knew how to make money online with the few clicks of a mouse, I am pretty sure that you would be sharing this information to people who find it hard to make a penny online.

    This goes to show that if you came across an article that you like, you would be quick to share or pass on the information so that others can benefit from it as well.

  • Better Search Engine Ranking
  • Google likes to index sites that have top quality contents for its million, perhaps billions, of searchers who depend on Google each day to carry out their daily activities. Writing contents that people will benefit from then you can bet that your ranking on the most popular search engines will be high.

    Google also loves when you are unique and write your own content. If you copy other people’s article and try to pass them off as your own, then the Google Bot will want to push your site off the number 1 spot of search results. You will have low search engine ranking and page rank.

    So you have to be sure that you write top quality content and be unique while you are doing it.

  • More Comments
  • ALL high quality contents get lots of comments from its readers. Your readers will leave comments on your article thanking you for the information that you have given to them.

  • Easier To Make Money
  • If you have high quality contents which you work really hard to write, don’t you find it easier to make sales when you affiliate a product? Yes!

    This is because your readers trust what you say and they are willing to try products that you recommend to them because they want to be successful like you. But bear in mind that if you don’t give them the high quality content that they are looking for then you won’t make any sales where affiliate marketing is concerned.

    In Conclusion…

    We can all agree that is best to aim at writing high/top quality contents for our blog because the outcome can be really great. 🙂

    Group Discussion

    How have you benefited from writing top quality contents?


    1. Mitchell Allen


      Kharim, you have covered a lot of territory here. I agree with every single point, even though I don’t follow all of them. My main blog is not targeted, unless random babbling is a category 🙂

      Still, I do enjoy a number of regular readers, with whom I share laughs, thoughts and links.



    2. Thiru


      All you mentioned above are really true. There are plenty of good things in quality content, but till some people not aware of it. Thanks for your contribution to make them atleast little aware.

    3. Andy


      As an addition, if content is the “king” then grammar is the “queen”. You really have to focus on these to achieve a great result. Like what you said, for every action, there’s always an equal and opposite reaction so better strive hard to expect a good outcome.

    4. Thiru


      I have to agree with all the things that you have mentioned above. Because i have realized all the things in my personal experience and always content is king.

    5. Biodun


      Quality relevant content also reduces bounce rate of a site, if visitors get what they needed on your blog they will stay longer and might even bookmark to come back thus turn to a returning visitor or a customer.

    6. Reply

      There’s no doubt that posting top quality content is going to bring only pros to the table. The bad thing is that it is easier said than done. Writing quality content is one thing and top quality is something different if you ask me. I very rarely stumble upon articles that can really be classified as top quality. The big players (problogger, copyblogger, etc.) in the blogging world are big exactly because they were able to produce that kind of content.

      • Reply

        That’s true Daniel. Top quality content is really hard to write but it can be done if you continue to blog over a period of time just like the pro bloggers

    7. Peter J


      Keeping something entertaining is the only way you will manage to keep the same people coming back. Good quality content is what draws people into subscribing and doing everything as you said above. Great post also 😀

    8. Richard


      Writing good content really has tons of benefits. Actually, when you write good content, you can also pace yourself better and give your readers some extra time to absorb your material. This can really give you a break while your blog continues to grow.

    9. Murlu


      It’s all about building that trust – if you want to really go anywhere with your blog you have to give something of value to your readers else they’ll just go somewhere else.

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