It’s always polite to say thank you, it’s a sign that you are respectful or show some level of respect. The same goes for you if you are a blogger because you want your blog readers to know that you care about them and you also respect them.

A lot of bloggers don’t show that they respect their blog readers and yet they wonder they their readers leave and never come back.

Being respectful helps to keep visitors coming back your blog and this will also make your blog readers want to share the article that you have written with others.

In this blog post I will show you 5 ways that you can respect your blog readers.

5 Ways To Respect Your Blog Readers

Here are the best 5 ways to show that you have respect to your blog readers…

Deliver Quality Content

This is the ultimate way to show your blog readers that you respect them, by giving them nothing but quality content. Our blog readers are very happy and pleased when they come to our blog and they find they right information that they have been searching for, for the past couple hours, or even days.

There is nothing better than to greet your friend with a cold cup of lemonade on a hot day. This means you should always have quality content to present to your blog readers.

Don’t Spam

I am pretty that you would not like to be spammed, so in turn you should not spam. Respecting our blog readers who have subscribed to your rss feed, we do not want to annoy them with blog post 2 times per day, even if it is full of quality content.

Try and make a blog post once per day the max and give them time to read that post and apply the information you have written. I am pretty sure that your blog readers not only read your blog, but other blogs in your niche as well. So if you flood them with blog articles, they will get turned off and may stick to the other blogs.

Host Contests

This might be strange to you, but when you actually host a contest and your blog readers get a prize, this is also a sign that you respect and care for them.

I have not hosted any blog contest as yet, but I will be hosting one in the future. I want to show that I care that I care for my dear blog readers and give something back to them. So you can look out for something coming in the future.

Ask Them If They Need Help

Offering help to an elderly person is a sign that you respect them. The same goes for our blog readers. If you offer to help them, then this would be very great.

If they continue to come to your blog for information and they are not finding the key point that they want, you could offer some assistance. Make a blog post asking your blog readers what they would like to see you blog about, and ask them to leave their questions in the comment section below the blog post. You will be surprised how many help your blog readers really need.

Say “Thank You”

My mother taught me from I was a small child to say thank you. Now that I am older and have a blog, every comment that is made on my blog I always thank my blog readers for stopping by to read my article and how much I really appreciate their kind comment.

Saying “Thank You” means a lot and we should use those two words more often to put smiles on our blog readers face. This will also make them want to come back to your blog and make more comments, not only to gain traffic, but also to get a “Thank You.”

Group Discussion…

  • Are you showing YOUR blog readers that you respect them?

    1. Martha Gomez


      I would say Thank you for taking some time writing this awesome for the blog visitors like us.. It’s good to know that you value much your site’s visitors… Thanks again!! well done!

    2. Biodun


      Good points, also respond to your audience when they ask for help or ask a question. Readers will value your blog all the more if you take the time to interact with them.

    3. Richard


      Reading and responding to reader comments is always a good way to interact and show that you are listening. Don’t forget that your comment sections add to your content.

    4. Reply

      A great list you have provided there Kharim! I agree on pretty much every point. The first two play the biggest role in my opinion though. There’s no doubt that every blogger should strive to deliver top-notch content, as this is what can make you stand out from the rest. Coming up with original ideas and presenting them in an interesting way holds a huge importance. I agree on the posting frequency as well. Too much articles too often is not a recipe for success. You need to find a good balance – for example I’m posting once a week and it works well for now.

    5. Josh Ray


      This is a great list. I try to email everyone who leaves a comment on my blog and thank them personally.

    6. Thiru


      Readers are the asset to every blogger. Keeping assets safe is duty of every blogger. Thanks for sharing awesome ways to respect my readers.

    7. Sourav


      Very nice tips Kharim. Delivering quality content targeted to the readers is the best way to show respect to them.
      I would also like to add another way to this list – gaining the trust of the reader naturally rather than begging for it. This works in case of the affiliate promotions. We should not force our affiliate links on to our readers.

    8. William Veasley


      Hey kharim,

      Get job with what you are doing here. You are absolutely right about every single pointer in this article. From writing king content to saying thank you you nailed it right on point!

      The key to your success is your community, so with that being said they are your main priority. Or, atleast they should be. Anywho, I believe you should be as polite and perfessional as possible when dealing with your community.

      Your objective is to boost your crediability. Can’t doing that being a di*k, pardon my language.

      Thanks again dude i have been sleeping on you for way too long.

      God bless,
      William Veasley

    9. Chris


      I am old school and I believe delivering quality content on a consistent basis is the best way to give back to your readers

    10. Reply

      I guess I missed the “Thank You” 🙁

      I would not realise it if i didn’t read this post, Thanks Kharim!

    11. Peter J


      I think that asking if anyone needs help is quite important. It’s also a great way for building up long term relationships with them and they will start to trust you – which is what we all want?

    12. Mike


      Very good tips here, lol 🙂 Another way to show them respect is never trick them to buy products which are not good and don’t over fill their email inbox

    13. Murlu


      Just like a regular business; thank you goes a really long way.

      One way I would say to show some love is by giving them a link – if you really enjoyed one of their posts show it to your readers and tell why you liked it. Do this for various other blogs from your readers and you’ll soon get the link love back and will keep them around for quite some time.

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