Have you ever asked yourself that question?

What happened to the true passion for blogging?

This question has been in my thoughts for some time now and I have decided to blog about it today. Started out blogging in the early part of this year, (March 10, 2010), I was so eager to start blogging and share my ideas of blogging with the world. I am still a blogger and will remain a blogger for a long time to come because I have true passion for it and I love what I am doing. There is not a week that passes that I do not publish a blog post. I like to keep my readers educated about the tips that I give to them about building up their blogs.

When I started blogging, there were couple new bloggers that I had met along the way and they seemed to be pretty interesting in the blogosphere just like me. But soon they stopped blogging every week, then it went to 2 weeks without publishing a new article, then a month and before you know it they stopped blogging.

So this lead me to ask the question: What happened to the true passion for blogging?

What Happened To The Passion?

Their passion seems to have disappeared like it was never there, and to be straight forward it was never there. They never had the true passion for blogging else they would be blogging up to this very day.

I bet they started their blog thinking that it was easy and they can make money by blogging. True and False…
True: You can make money blogging.
False: Blogging is not all that easy as you think.

Without true and genuine passion for blogging you will fail.

Why No Passion?

  • They Fail To Make Money
  • Most of the times this is why new bloggers quit, because they fail to make money online. Blogging to make money is not an over night thing. If you plan to make money in the first month of blogging, then I am so sorry because this is highly impossible.

    For you to make money blogging, you have to put a lot of hard work and effort into it. After starting your blog, it make take you up to a year before you start earning money from it, depending on how much work you decide to put into it.

  • No Traffic
  • If you are blogging day in – day out and you have little or no traffic you will get frustrated and eventually stop at one point or another. Imagine you blogging and none of your articles has no more than one or two comments, would you conclude that your blog sucks? No…..

    In order to build traffic you cannot be on your blog all the time. The blogosphere is made for every blogger and non-blogger as well. You have to give in order to receive. I find that building up traffic may take some time but it will worth every second spent getting it.

    Tips For Building Up Traffic

    – Forum Posting
    – Blog Commenting
    – Guest Posting
    Buy Advertisements
    – Social Media Sites
    – Top Quality Contents
    – Link Exchange*

    * link exchange doesn’t work all the time, only if one site has more traffic than the other. 2 low traffic sites won’t benefit from link exchange.

  • I Hate Writing
  • If that’s your conclusion then blogging isn’t for you. Most part of blogging requires that you write, apart from being well-educated about your niche. If you have no passion for writing then you definitely don’t have the passion for blogging.

    Copying other people’s published post don’t make you a blogger, it makes you a copy cat. You have to be unique and come up with your own ideas and thoughts and turn them into writing, and publish it for your readers to see.

  • I Hate Reading
  • If you hate to write then you will also hate to read. Blogging has a lot to do with both writing and reading.

    I love to read other blogs in my niche and this has help me to get new blog topic ideas and also help me to become a better blogger. Reading other blogs has also helped to carve my writing technique which I am very proud of.

    Group Discussion

    The lack of passion for blogging can also be caused by blogger burnout, but if you experience burnout in the first month of blogging then you should re-think and see if blogging is really for you.

  • In your words, what do you think happened to the true passion for blogging?

    1. Melody


      I fall off the train sometimes when life simply gets in the way. A blog can be just as demanding and exhausting as a regular job. And I know I’ll no longer take the time I put into it for granted.
      So many millions of people start and don’t follow through with their blogs that it’s often also tiresome as a reader to keep up with new posts…

    2. Laptopuri ieftine


      Bloggers are busy now with Facebook and Twitter to promote their articles. Is less blogging and more social sharing…

      • Reply

        Well busy with Facebook and Twitter can be a great way to promote your blog, I wouldn’t say no to that. But if you are not blogging, then it makes no sense you promote your blog.

    3. Thiru


      Hi Dude,,

      Wonderful write up, My opinion money only creates passion on blogging. If one cant earn money from blogging, definitely he/she quite blogging. Its my personal thought.

      Good day

      • Reply

        Thanks again for the comment Thiru. That’s true, money can make people develop the passion for blogging. But out of 100 new bloggers who just want to make money online, how much of them do you think will really find the true passion for blogging? Not much, might be 20 or less. Sometimes money can be a distraction and that is why some end up quit blogging.

    4. Reply

      This is what I think happened to blogging and why there seems to be no passion in blogging anymore. Everyone found out that people are making money on blogs that people come to so now they are just trying to find ways such as selling things on there blogs to have people come to there site. There is no passion of writing about certain topics on blogs.

      • Reply

        That is so true James. Money making online via blogging has taken over their minds so soon the passion for blogging has faded and they no longer enjoy it when they make no money and eventually quit blogging.

        But if money making was easy then they would be still blogging, but it is not so this leads them to failure instead of success.

    5. Vivek Krishnan


      Great Post, I am beginning to agree that with the advent of “make money online”, we may just be losing the true essence of blogging.

      • Reply

        Thanks for the comment Vivek. A lot of new bloggers who want to make money think that blogging is all about making money online, but it is MUCH MORE than that. Its about writing great contents, building up traffic, communicate with other bloggers and also your readers, and a lot more.

    6. Richard


      Definitely, you have to enjoy what you are doing first to have a passion in it. There are many ways to blog now that involves not just writing. It would help if you enjoyed writing, but you could also do a video blog or a podcast or photo blog As long as you start on the premise of doing something you enjoy, you’ll keep the passion alive. I would recommend not tying your passion for your blog to how much money or how much traffic you’re getting. These things take time. You’re much better off tying your measure of success to your enjoyment of the blog.

      • Reply

        Exactly as you say Richard, “you have to enjoy what you are doing first to have a passion in it” and this is so true. No passion = no enjoyment.

        This would be like forcing a kid to his/her medicine when you know that the kid hates taking it.

    7. Biodun


      Blogging is about writing content and promoting your blog. However, Passion is the key to successful blogging. When you blog with passion blogging will be fun, and this will drive you to update and build links in a more consistent basis.

    8. TotallyBrit


      I stumbled upon your blog sometime last week and decided to subscribe.
      I like people who share their expertise, but what I don’t like is when that expertise is not broken down to cover at least a wide variety of people.

      My point is, the ‘Bloggers’ who give advice and expect it to be everyone, basically generalising.
      Where am I getting with this? The Bloggers that always say you have to have a ‘Niche’.

      I don’t agree that everyone has to… I’ve seen very succesful blogs covering a wide array of subjects it left me scratching my head pondering whats their blog is all about.

      There are some people that are very passionate about a lot of things, maintaing 3-4 blogs just to differentiate the niche can lead to what you mentioned (Burning out)

    9. Reply

      I sometimes do not have passion anymore because people copy my content and the worse, they put it on their websites without putting my links.

      I have already sent friendly removal email to two websites last weeks because they copy exact contents from my blog to theirs.

      I realise as soon as we publish our idea or works, the copyright is just gone.

      Thanks god, they did remove those contents immediately, but i somehow was p*zzed off LOL.

      Something i learnt on the internet .__.

      Great post by the way Kharim 😀

    10. Ryan Biddulph


      Hi Kharim,

      Passion precedes greatness. If somebody loses their love for blogging it’s time to build a bigger fire under their desire.

      If the blogger can’t build a fire, I guess blogging’s not for them 🙂

      Thanks for sharing!


    11. Murlu


      Hey Kharim – great subject btw – I’m going to go out there and say that the biggest reason, I think, that people don’t have that same passion for blogging is because everyone is told to blog in a niche.

      Yup, that’s right.

      You see, people have a wide range of interests and having to stick to just one thing gets rather dull after a while. Bloggers are told to stay in their niche else they’ll lose the community, traffic, etc.

      That’s BS.

      Every blog should be treated just as it is – your own domain, your own creation. You get to decide what you want from the blog.

      Sure, you can try to please your community but lets face it – if you’re not having fun than what’s the point? That means everyone really needs to just talk about whatever.

      • Reply

        That’s so true Murlu. That’s what I was told as well when I started blogging, to stick to my niche. Your blog should be about your thoughts and not just the ‘niche’.

        Thanks for the comment and also the link back from your article 🙂

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