What Happened To The True Passion For Blogging?

Have you ever asked yourself that question?

What happened to the true passion for blogging?

This question has been in my thoughts for some time now and I have decided to blog about it today. Started out blogging in the early part of this year, (March 10, 2010), I was so eager to start blogging and share my ideas of blogging with the world. I am still a blogger and will remain a blogger for a long time to come because I have true passion for it and I love what I am doing. There is not a week that passes that I do not publish a blog post. I like to keep my readers educated about the tips that I give to them about building up their blogs.

When I started blogging, there were couple new bloggers that I had met along the way and they seemed to be pretty interesting in the blogosphere just like me. But soon they stopped blogging every week, then it went to 2 weeks without publishing a new article, then a month and before you know it they stopped blogging.

So this lead me to ask the question: What happened to the true passion for blogging?