One of the most popular Internet marketing techniques used in today’s modern trends is SEO. Search Engine Optimization, or mostly known as SEO, is an Internet marketing technique mostly used to increase a website’s traffic through search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, or Bing.

Though successful compared to other forms of online advertisements, SEO involves a lot of work. Because it works with how search engines index a webpage or website in their search result pages or SERPs, SEO specialists or experts wide array of techniques and methods for search engines to believe that their websites are legitimate for a specific search query. And like other forms of Internet market, according to many SEO experts, this technique is also known for its good and bad techniques.

The Good and the Bad of SEO

SEO makes use of a number of techniques to increase the relevance of their website through search engines by use of specific keywords that is relevant to their website’s services and products. However, certain SEO techniques and methods are not only used to increase their website’s relevance in a specific SERP, but to manipulate and deceive search engines of their relevance.

This is the reason why the techniques used in SEO have been separate from what they believe as good and bad. These methods are known as White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO.

  • White Hat SEO
  • White Hat SEO is a method in SEO which is comprised of guideline approved SEO techniques and methods, both on-page and off-page. These techniques, according to many SEO experts, are what make an SEO campaign more successful because these techniques are far more permanent compared to the use of Black Hat SEO.

    However, the downside of this is that these techniques normally take more time compared to the use of Black Hat SEO. Most techniques used in White Hat SEO today include:

  • Blogging
  • Starting a blog for a website is one way for webmasters to update, edit, and add a new content to their website without having to change the structure of their website. Because search engines add more weight on websites with new contents, the use of blogs add to a website’s success in SEO.

  • Article Marketing and Press Release
  • Although believed to be ineffective, many SEO experts still believe that the use of article marketing can still help in creating high-quality links to a website, as well as the use of Press Releases.

  • Black Hat SEO
  • Compared to white hat, Black Hat SEO techniques and methods make use of deception to increase their website’s relevance in the search engines. Though most of its techniques have already been rendered useless in today’s SEO, many are still used to by many webmasters such as link spamming to blogs, forums, and other publicly accessible discussion boards, as well as the use of duplicate contents, link farms, link buying, and many other techniques.


    1. Atinder


      I think these days both parts of SEO are gone as we know Social media is emerging as a new SEO, but still white hat Search Engine Optimization method can be used specially Guest Posting for some Good results.

    2. Reply

      Thank you for another useful article in this subject, as well as a launch pad for thought & discussion.

      I would add that although writing good content and blogging is an important part of “White Hat SEO”, often I have found it is simply not enough any more.
      I have found that building more related or even personal web sites and blogs in an ever expanding universe of blogs/websites is needed to provide the “juice” for some of the original content (which I still update regularly)

      One aspect either I am confused with or respectfully disagree with is placing the buying of links into the category of “black hat SEO”.

      While Google might say they frown on this, it is quite evident that others such as, Amazon, among others are doing just this.
      As well is this not simply good business to reward a blogger or webmaster with fees for placing a relevant, non spammy link from his/her related content?
      This in my opinion is capitalism in a nut shell and frankly why many of are here.

    3. Kate


      I really appreciate this post you have shared, I am kind of new to this kind of activity working online I didn’t know that there are two categories regarding on SEO the Black hat SEO who keeps on sharing out bound links,which we call spam, and the good one we call White Hat SEO.

    4. Elizabeth


      My friend and I acknowledge the particular white hat SEO techniques are the most useful procedures to get a internet site to cruise clean in the search engines for a phrase where In the first place Good SEO is really important because we have to first establish which It is important to end up being listed whenever someone queries the net trying to find everything you offer an it truly helps your blog to develop more.

    5. SEO Tips


      I agree the white hat seo strategies are the best practices for a website t sail smooth in thee search engines for a long term. One shoul always opt for white hat SEO techniques as Google, Yahoo and Bing really like such strategies.

    6. jocuri online


      Nice post!
      If Google detects you are using black hat SEO techniques, you will be banned from SERP’s forever!

    7. Reply

      Liked the article Kharim. People should understand that black hard SEO approaches lead to nowhere in most cases. Most of the cheaters get caught up by the search enignes’ algorithms in the end and all the efforts go to waste. That is why if you really want to see positive results, sticking to the ‘good’ search engine optimization techniques is the best choice you can make.

    8. Richard


      I suggest staying with whitehat SEO. You don’t want to get into the habit of practicing deception to get visitors.

    9. Thiru


      Wonderful post mate.

      Especially every new bloggers should know about good and bad things about seo. This will help them a lot. Thanks for sharing.

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