People like to receive great spam free and articles full of information to their inbox or whatever way they have subscribed to your blog. The first place why these people became readers is because they like the information that you have provided for them on your blog. After that, these readers became subscribers because they want your information sent straight to them.

Failure to provide clean quality content and along with other stuff may make these subscribers hit the unsubscribe button, and this is because they are disappointed in both you and your blog.

Do you want to know why your subscribers are disappointed?

Why Are Your Subscribers Disappointed

Here are some reasons why people unsubscribe from your blog.

  • Too Much Posts/ Spam
  • Sometimes having a lot can be annoying especially when it comes to having a lot of messages in your inbox. Flooding your RSS subscribers with too much information at once can make them want to leave your blog.

    I have seen this many of times where people unsubscribe because they are being flooded with too much blog posts. I am pretty sure that these people don’t only read your blog, but also others of the same niche.

    You don’t have to post too often. Give your reader’s time to read your article, might be re-read again and then apply what you have written to them. They will more appreciate what you have done by writing the article and not flooding them all the time.

    A Perfect Example: Lisa from only publishes blog post once a week (every Monday) and she has over 5,000 blog subscribers. This is because she doesn’t flood her subscribers with articles up to their necks, but gradually feed it to them every week.

  • No Posts/Articles
  • Along with too much blog post which seems like spamming, no blog post at all can make your readers have a disappointed look on their face. If you fail to post a single article in one month then your subscribers are sure to unsubscribe from your blog. It makes no sense to sign up to your blog if fail to publish even 1 article for that month.

    As I pointed out in Lisa’s case, you can publish once a week which is fair enough if you have a busy schedule. Posting once a week can add up to 4 articles per month which is great. But no article at all can be a real shame on your blog.

  • Lack Of Quality Content
  • Once the number of your subscribers starts to grow then this is the time to start providing the best posts that suit their needs. This is one of the main reasons why subscribers will be disappointed in you because you fail to deliver quality content.

    Imagine you are a singer and you were to perform at a stage show or concert. And when you open your mouth to sing, it’s like a screech or something; do you think your audience will stay to see your full performance? Hell no!!!

    As the saying goes, “Content is King” and if there is no king then there is no kingdom (which is your subscribers). You have to always give it your best and deliver quality content like you have never before.

  • Too Much Affiliate Promotion
  • I hate to subscribe to a blog and all this person do is affiliate marketing. This is really annoying to me. I subscribe to your blog because I want to get tips on how to become a better blogger, social media tips, how to get traffic or how to make money online.

    Nothing is wrong with affiliate marketing because this is a great way to make money online. Also recommending products to your readers is not bad. But if this is all you do then your subscribers are going to be very upset at you.


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    Group Discussion

  • Tell me, why do you hit the unsubscribe link?

    1. Mia Anderson


      I agree “content is a king”. I hate receiving emails that full of advertisements and it really looks like a spam. Quality of content always matters because readers are not just looking about your blog but also the quality as well. You made a great insights here and I learn a lot here. I should be aware.

    2. Reply

      Too much of anything is not good and that is why, the first two pints are the most important thing in this post.

    3. Vernessa Taylor


      Hi Kharim,

      I love your quote, “… if there is no King, then there is no Kingdom.” Couldn’t agree with your points more about why readers get disappointed then unsubscribe. Some of these intersect with a guest post I did for GrowMap a few months ago. I wrote it because I was so tired of seeing the ragged tactics of newsletter owners, especially when the articles taste like spam more than like good stuff to consume.

      You are so right. Bloggers do need to be careful to provide “clean, quality” content if they want to hang on to their subscribers.

    4. Lisa Kay


      I unsubscribed from a blog once because of posting infrequency. It was like once a month. When I find a blog that’s really helpful, not just the same stuff, I can’t wait for another post! For me, I would like that person to post more often (than once a week) but for the owner once a week makes sense, if that weekly posts is high quality. If not, the reader will lose interest, wondering why he/she waits a whole week for such a weak post. That leads to the clicking of the unsubscribe button!

      Thanks for the post!

      • Reply

        Thats true, too much post flooding your inbox is just crazy… And sometimes they post things that are not beneficial to their readers. Thanks for the lovely comment…

        Please I am asking you to make a comment on my other article.
        5 Important Questions Every Blogger Should Be Asking Themselves

    5. Richard


      It’s hard to find that perfect balance between too many and too few posts. I try to follow the rule of thumb of sticking to quality. It’s better to space your posts out, rather than forcing out something that’s not up to your normal quality.

    6. Thiru


      HI mate.

      Great points , I learned how to satisfy our subscribers. subscribers are really asset to a blogger so we need to value them.

    7. Estava Morioka


      I will unsubscribe from blogs if they send me too many emails. Most of the time I follow people on Twitter to keep up to date with them. I enjoyed this post. Thank you.

    8. Reply

      Kharim! I agree, i hate all promotion via email subscription that only sells something.

      Somewhat too spammy for me.

      Thanks for the awesome lists, will apply it.

      • Reply

        Thanks for the comment Kimi. Too much promotion is not always good. It’s like you join this club for free information and all they do is want you to buy stuff from them. You first have to build up an audience before you can effectively market to them.

    9. technology review


      Well these are some useful guidelines for the things to avoid when blogging so as to keep the blog followers intact
      Thanks for posting

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