We all know that blog readers are hungry and they are on the hunt for tasty blog posts. If they come to your restaurant, sorry I meant blog, and they don’t see your menu looking attractive then they will leave and visit a next blog for quality information to satisfy their appetite.

How do your prepare blog posts for your hungry readers?

In order for you to better server your readers then your blog posts have to look presentable, just like a tasty meal.

Imagine for a moment that your blog was a restaurant. Your blog, which is your restaurant, has to look presentable, your blog posts being the menu has to be eye catching and your content being the food has to be full of tasty content for your readers to fill their appetite.

How To Serve Blog Posts

<li><strong>The Theme</strong>

First of all your blog has to have a great theme for your visitors to feel comfortable. As I stated above, imagine your blog was a restaurant. If you were operating a restaurant, wouldn’t you want it to look great for your customers? Well just like a blog, our visitors want to see an eye catching blog in order for them to want to browse around.

<li><strong>Eye Catching Menu</strong>

These eye catching menu would be your blog posts title. If you don’t have an interesting, eye catching blog post title then your readers are not going to dig more into this article.

For example, If you walk into a restaurant and take a look at the menu, and it doesn’t seem attractive and mouth watering, would you not walk right out of the building? Yes I am sure you would.

Just like your blog readers, if your blog titles don’t look appealing then they will instantly leave your blog and never return. So this is why it is very important to create eye catching headlines.

<li><strong>Juicy Contents</strong></li>

After getting your visitors to click on the blog title, which is the menu at your restaurant, you want to turn them into readers.

A blog visitor is different from a blog reader. A visitor will only come to your site and then move to the next, he is just eye shopping. So this is why you would want to turn your visitors into readers to have them coming back to your blog.

This means that you have to pack lots of meat into your content to fill your readers appetite. Make sure that when you write a blog post it is full of useful information, stick to the point and remember to write with your readers in mind.

Help You Write Blog Posts

To help you pack more meat into your content, check out these previous post that I wrote.

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Group Discussion

How do you spice up your blog posts for your readers?

Leave your comments below on this topic, it would be well appreciated. 🙂


  1. Reply

    You know, layout and organization is so important to the success of a blog.If someone is frustrated because of inability to navigate, they’re going to leave a lot sooner. The same goes for tacky layout or jumbled material.

  2. Thiru


    Awesome post,

    Every Readers will see the title first, then images then only started reading the blog. so we have to make more catchy things in below priorities.

    1. Title
    2. Image to blog post
    3. Content of the blog

    Hope you guys agree…

    • Reply

      yup thats true, you also have to write great introduction for each post, because this is what makes and determines if the reader wnats to continue reading the full article.

  3. Reply

    Wow, this looks quite good. I loved the way you have presented and explained this entire concept of yours, very interesting must say. Great recommendations, Thanks for the share!!!

  4. Onibalusi Bamidele


    Really great points Kharim,

    You are absolutely right, one of the most important thing is your design.

    Thanks a lot for the great post,

  5. Gines


    Mmmm…appetizing post! I agree with you on all 3 servings especially the juicy desert, er, I mean juicy content. The theme and the menu are for the eyes whilst content is for the brain.

    Have a good one Kharim!

  6. Reply

    I very agree with the juicy content part most!. Indeed giving what our visitors really need with useful and helpful content is very important.

    I also check my subscriber everyday with a question mark, is it increased? lol..to me, increasing readers are one of many signs that our content is helpful to other people.

    Great post! 😉

  7. Alan


    Great info!
    Besides one could provoke readers a bit, just for the sake of driving more traffic. 🙂

  8. Valentine Belonwu


    Hi Kharim,
    What a wonderful post here. It is very good for someone to have something worthy in a blog would. I like this “pack lots of meat into your content” I will do that soon. Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work.

  9. Daniel Sharkov


    Now that’s what I call a well written article. I just got it retweeted on Twitter. Having juicy contents is in my opinion what really matters. Having a great menu is of course very important, but if it doesn’t have quality content to offer, then it proves rather worthless.

  10. Anne Moss


    Isn’t it amazing how many metaphors bloggers come up with for blogging? I need to write a post about that 😉

  11. Ary


    Hey Kharim,
    Nice article, I like the way that you compare blog posts with a restaurant, well the blog with the restaurant, and the posts with the menu. Your images made me hungry too, for eating and reading.

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