What To Do With Your Ideas…

What do you do with your blog post ideas?

Really interesting question. But how would you go about answering it? Well let me help you out a bit. The other day I came up with an idea for a great blog post but I didn’t write it down. So what did you think happened? I totally forgot what I wanted to blog about.

This is where I now got the idea to write a post on What To Do With Your Ideas…

For that great idea that I came up with for writing that blog post seemed like I just threw it in the trash. But that’s not what really happened. Since I started blogging I have started doing lots of reading and thinking in order to come up with new blog posts.


How To Serve Up Tasty Blog Posts

We all know that blog readers are hungry and they are on the hunt for tasty blog posts. If they come to your restaurant, sorry I meant blog, and they don’t see your menu looking attractive then they will leave and visit a next blog for quality information to satisfy their appetite.

How do your prepare blog posts for your hungry readers?

In order for you to better server your readers then your blog posts have to look presentable, just like a tasty meal.

Imagine for a moment that your blog was a restaurant. Your blog, which is your restaurant, has to look presentable, your blog posts being the menu has to be eye catching and your content being the food has to be full of tasty content for your readers to fill their appetite.