What do you do with your blog post ideas?

Really interesting question. But how would you go about answering it? Well let me help you out a bit. The other day I came up with an idea for a great blog post but I didn’t write it down. So what did you think happened? I totally forgot what I wanted to blog about.

This is where I now got the idea to write a post on What To Do With Your Ideas…

For that great idea that I came up with for writing that blog post seemed like I just threw it in the trash. But that’s not what really happened. Since I started blogging I have started doing lots of reading and thinking in order to come up with new blog posts.

Write Down Ideas

As soon as an idea come to your mind for a new blog post the best thing to do is write it down.

Why write down ideas as you they come to your mind?
I have 3 reason why you should write down blog post ideas.

  1. Helps you to not forget what you wanted to write about.
  2. Helps keep your blog post organized.
  3. Help with more ideas.
  • Helps you to not forget what you wanted to write about. – This is the main reason why you should write things down, so you don’t forget about them.
  • Helps keep your blog post organized. – When you write/ sketch your ideas on a notepad, it will also help you to organize your blog post so this will make it look neat and presentable when you publish it.
  • Help with more ideas. – And best of all, writing down your ideas will also help you to come up wiht new ideas for a future blog post. This way you will always have something to blog about.
  • Great Idea To Blog Faster

    I recently saw this post at WeBlogBetter.com entitled Speedy Blogging Tip where Kiesha spoke about how you can write blog posts quicker.

    Here is an excerpt of the post:

    To help you blog a little faster:

    Create a quick outline for several future posts. Open up 3 or 4 plain text windows and create the skeleton of a post for each one. Then return to these posts each day and attempt to fill in the gaps of as many as you can in one sitting.

    Don’t worry about the exact order and organization, just get ideas down.

    You can read the full article here…

    Group Discussion…

  • What do you do if you come up with a blog post idea?
  • How do you organize your ideas for writing a blog post?

    1. Reply

      I would have nothing if I didn’t write things down. I keep track of notes on my smartphone, iPad, or little scraps of paper – whatever is handy.

    2. Tej Kohli


      Many times I write different and out of topic matter , which is my own opinion for exploring my real feelings

    3. Richard


      I’m constantly thinking of ideas. Sometimes they come to me when I’m driving and I’ll actually just record a note on my phone to remind myself about it later on. The important thing is to have some way to record your thoughts when they come to you.

    4. Reply

      Great simple point Kharim, write it down. I am constantly taking notes in everything that I do, at my desk on the phone, driving, whatever. I need my notes.

    5. c5


      Writing them down is right. I just don’t do it. I used to have a pen and paper beside me and always write down anything. I don’t know, I just don’t these past few years. I still have access to a pen and paper (actually a notebook) but I seem to be more spontaneous and forgetful as ever. So when I blog, everything is straight from what I have in mind at the moment. 🙂

    6. Emerson Dunnings


      We really dig what you write on here. I try and visit it every day so keep up the good work!

    7. Daniel Sharkov


      The image you have used for the article is hilarious. Thumbs up for that!
      I definitely agree that if you come up with a great article idea, you should write it down. Forgetting what I wanted to write about has happened to me several times. The feeling when you remember that you wanted to write about something, but don’t know what it was is not a nice one without a doubt.

    8. Sourav


      I follow the strategy of writing down the ideas whenever I get some (if I have the means to write them down, I can’t do that in the shower, as Joe said)…otherwise I tend to forget them later. Poor memory 🙁 .
      I will try out Kiesha’s tip.

    9. Reply

      I agree with you Kharim! Not writing down the idea at the moment we got it is a mistake and usually when we want to blog, the idea had gone away!

      The situation always happen to me thus I also implement the habit of listing down the ideas in my small notebook or Notepad. And it works! 😀

    10. Gurl


      Hey, great suggestions here and Kiesha’s post has a great method for getting the posts started. One thing I have set up but not had to use yet is setting up Google Voice so my mobile number goes straight to the voice mail so I can record my ideas…and GV will transcribe the voice mails so those of us who hate listening to ourselves are spared that. GV is now open to anyone in the US..not sure about other countries though.

    11. Reply

      Another great post of you, Kharim!

      I agree with ALL of your points, i also usually typed in my ideas, and keywords in a notepad and then write the posts or tutorial. Thanks for sharing!

    12. Kiesha


      Hi Kharim!
      Thanks for sharing my post with your readers. Another great method I use for capturing ideas before they slip away when I don’t have any paper around – I grap my phone and use the voice recorder. I hate the sound of my own voice, but it helps me keep from losing ideas. 🙂

      • Reply

        Thanks for the comment hun. I have an iPod Touch that I bring with me everywhere I go. I also use it to write some of my posts.

        I also hate listing to my voice as well :p

    13. Joe Boyle


      What pisses me off is whenever I am in the shower, I get about 50 different ideas for posts that I know will turn out great. What sucks is that I am… In the shower.

      So I run out of the shower, soaking the floor as I go, scribble down whatever I can REMEMBER, and then get angry that I forgot some of the ideas, leaving me to resume my shower.

      Great post, Kharim! Rock on! 😀

      • Reply

        LOL Joe, that happened to me one time, but luckily I had my iPod Touch in the bathroom with me and I just pop opened the note bad and wrote down the idea 🙂

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