Guest blogging has become come more popular in the blogosphere since it is a means of getting exposure in the blogging world, building backlinks, creating a brand for you and your blog, getting traffic and also just for the fun of it.

Not all bloggers have the ability to write excellent guest posts which have the readers begging for more. Plenty of bloggers suck at guest posting and that’s why the blog owners reject their guest post.

I have gathered 6 reasons why you suck at guest blogging. There might be more reasons, but I am only going to give you 6.

Why Your Guest Blogging Sucks

  • Your Word Limit Is Not Accepted
  • This happens to most new guest bloggers. They submit a post that is way too long or way too short.

    Not all long posts are worth reading. Some are long and boring with no beneficial points for its readers. And then there are some that are too short to be even called a blog post.

    On most blogs that accepts guest posts normally have a word limit. You should follow the rules and stick to them.

  • You Don’t Promote Your Guest Post
  • Think of guest blogging as writing for your own blog. After writing a post you would normally promote it so as to get traffic going to your article and this traffic turns into readers. Your readers will make comments on your article which will make you happy.

    So you should think of it just the same. You should promote your guest post so that when others see that you have lots of comments and views on that guest post they will know that you are a great guest blogger.

  • Not Enough Information
  • Your guest post should be full with information to benefit and satisfy your readers needs, depending on what you are blogging about. The best guest post is one that is fully developed with enough information to make any reader happy.

    I am pretty sure that you would not accept a guest post which is not fully developed with all key points…. So be sure that if you are a guest blogger, you have the main points for the post before you think about submitting it.

  • Too Much Links In Post
  • All guest blogger like to benefit by getting some links back to their site or to some articles that they have written to gain some sort of traffic. But having too much links in your post can make your post seem like a spam post and that you are doing too much promotion.

  • You Don’t Put Out Enough Effort In Writing
  • When you don’t take time to write your guest post, you may seem like a 4-year-old who is just learning to write. You should make sure that there are not spelling errors and your points are broken up into paragraphs.

    If you want to develop great writing all you have to do is read more and write more.

  • This Topic Is All Blogged Out
  • Some guest bloggers want to blog about a topic that is already blogged out. Not because everybody is blogging about a certain topic means that you have to guest blog about it as well. You should strive to stand out from the crowd and be unique when you are guest blogging.

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    Group Discussion

  • What other reasons do you think make guest bloggers suck?

    1. Reply

      Now a days the blog owners do not accept articles if it less than 500 words. And also the quality needs to be good. Sometimes the blog owner rejects articles for links too. I completely agree and am grateful you shared the article.

      • Reply

        Hey Sanjib Saha,

        Guest posting has to be of high quality for the blog owners to accept and publish it on their blog. 500 words I think is even too small. I accept high quality posts but 500 words is now considered to be a small amount.

        If people struggle to write 500 words then I think that person needs to practice more writing.

        Thanks for your comment.

    2. Gehad Ellaboudy


      very interesting, the 1st time i read an article analyzing guest blogging rejection reasons and they are all very reasonable

    3. Jane


      Hi Kharim,

      Every guest blogger should follow the necessary ethics. Link littering is one of the top headaches for host bloggers.

      Guest post promotion should be done by every guest blogger because it is more important than promoting their own blog posts. Bloggers who don’t promote their guest posts miss a whole lot of exposure without promoting it! That is sad.


      • Reply

        Thats true Jane, you should not make your guest post spammy. It will only get rejected. Promotion is also another key factor which most new guest bloggers hardly ever participate in. Thanks for the comment.

        Please I am also asking you to make one more comment on my other article:
        5 Important Questions Every Blogger Should Be Asking Themselves

    4. Ryan


      I’ve found that I tend to get rejected by bloggers who don’t trust me yet, so I’d say start commenting on the blogs you want to guest post on to build up a relationship or at least some dialogue and then drop the “oh by the way, can I guest post” option on the blogger. Much more receptive than an email out of the blue.

    5. William Tha Great


      Hey kharim,

      Thanks for the awesome article!

      I agree with you on the 6 points why most people suck at guest blogging. If you only follow 5 out of the 6 tips then you will suck at guest blogging. Those 6 are the main 6 things that make a good guest post. By not following every single one it will make your post suck!
      I am fairly new to guest blogging, but I can say whenever I first started out my first couple post were rejected. Mainly because I did not put enough effort into them. I had the mindset where I thought quantity was more important than quality.

      Now I can say for sure that quality is far more important than quantity. Since then I have not had a guest post rejected, because I take my time when writing guest post. I gove it everything I have to make it the best article I possibly can. You just have to learn from your mistakes because no matter who you are you will make them.

      Thanks again.

      God bless,
      William Veasley

      • Reply

        Thanks for the comment bro. You are right about what you have said in your comment.

        Hey, if you wanna share an article, then feel free to guest post here as well bro 🙂

    6. bbrian017


      Great article Kharim. You could rename this “6 reasons you won’t win the blog engage guest blogging contest” and it would apply so well lol. I haven’t been big on the guest blogging. I tried it a few times and it was great but I don’t think it’s my thing. Some people such as yourself have taken guest blogging to the next level and I applaud you for this.

      Anyone following thee 6 steps outlined here is bound to do well when guest blogging. I should get into this a little more in the near future!

      • Reply

        Thats a really great topic to blog about Brian. I think I will write a post about it + it will help me to higher my chances of winning the guest post.

        Well not everybody likes to guest post, so this article goes to the guest bloggers out there. Thanks for the kind comment bro 🙂

    7. Dana


      Time is my worst enemy in term of guest blogging for now. Recently, I create two more niche blog so my time is consumed for it. It is automatically I stop guest blogging since I do not have enough time to write a good blog post. Yes, I still can create the regular blog post but I think it is not enough for guest blogging.

    8. Reply

      Can I add a number 7 to the list?

      7) You Never Even Try

      I get asked all the time to do guest posts but just cant seem to shake the bug, not sure why. I recently was asked by an industry leader to write for one of their columns, I never could get off the ground even though I knew exactly what I was talking about.


    9. Reply

      Sometimes its happen me with me also , While I am going for Guest posting its get be rejected or published with some cuts off and my purpose its not solved

    10. Reply

      Nice overview on the problems when it comes to guest posting Kharim. Length is always an important factor and many don’t take it into consideration. Good article doesn’t necessarily mean a one thousand word long one. Sometimes going straight to the point is the best way of presenting the information.

      Promoting the articles is an absolute must. The more promoting results in more traffic and more comments. This gives you a higher chance of being accepted for a second guest post.

      I agree on your last point as well. If you want people to see you, you need to be unique. Posting something that has been posted a hundred times already is not going to do the trick.

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