Please Note: This will not literally kill your blog readers, but I used the word kill instead of annoying. 🙂 Please enjoy the article.

Personally, I fell like I’m being killed when I browse or visit certain blogs on the Internet and sometimes my first visit is usually my last visit. I hate it when I visit a blog and it seems like the blog owner does not care about how his/her blog appeals to it’s audience. Honestly it feels like they are killing me.

Check this simple equation: Killing your blog readers = killing your traffic = killing your blog!!!

Here are some ways that bloggers kill their blog readers without even knowing it.

How To Kill Your Blog Readers

  • Small Fonts
  • I hate to strain my eyes to read your blog post. It doesn’t make sense to continue reading your blog if your font size is way below the average size. I think the default size for your font should be about 12px. If your article font is smaller that, then you might be found guilty of killing your blog readers.

  • Bad Color Scheme
  • Another thing that is irritating to the eyes are blinding colors. Using bad color schemes on your blog’s theme can make it real difficult to read your blog post. Also if the color of your font is close to the color of your background then reading your articles would be a task and a half.

    It’s always best to keep the content are white and your text in black. It might seem old fashion (black and white) but at least your articles are readable.

  • Deliver Poor Content
  • Not all bloggers, especially the new bloggers, knows how to delivery great content. They deliver poor content to their audience in terms of the content not being fully developed.

  • Bad Grammar/Incorrect Spelling
  • One thing that I must admit that I hate and that is bad grammar and incorrect spelling. If you are a blogger who does not take time to fully develop your blog po st then you might find that your post has a few errors in grammar and spelling. I don’t know about you, but this is a turn off for me.

    I’m not saying that this hasn’t happen to me, I’m not perfect and so are you, but if this is an error that repeats itself then there is a serious problem. Most of the times these errors occur because we rush to write a blog post and does not notice the errors.

    To correct this problem you need to do some reading. Most errors in grammar and spelling is caused by lack of reading. Another thing to do is to read your own article (proof read) before publishing it and find if there are any errors.

    My friend, Gloson, has written an article to help you some more. Please check out his great article: 9 Most Confusing Confusions in English Grammar

  • Too Much Links
  • Too much links in you’re your articles makes it seems like you are running a spam blog. This is a simple problem to fix, so I wont spend too much time on this point. Make sure you only link to things relating to what you are talking about or to your blog’s niche and remember to not over do it with too much links.

  • Too Much Images
  • Using images on your blog is not a no- no, but using too much images can kill your readers. Too much images makes you blog load slow. If you have high-speed Internet connection this doesn’t mean that your readers also have the same speed as you.

    Also too much images on a blog sometimes makes the blog looks messy. Use only necessary images on your blog and correctly place them so that they don’t make your blog looks like a mess.

  • No Paragraphs
  • Using no paragraphs on your blog post is one of the worst thing to do. It hurts my eyes to see blog posts like this. Its like everything is jumbled up together, and that’s the truth. It’s really hard to read articles where the words are just sucked on to each other.

    It’s best to break up your blog post in different points and use sub-headings (like I do) to make a new point stand out. This makes your blog post looks more developed.

    Group Discussion

  • What are other ways bloggers kill their blog readers without even knowing? And how can we stop it?

    1. Reply

      White text on black background. Any background that makes it difficult to read. I have very bad vision so anything that cannot be easily read makes me run.

      On my own blog, because I know I have a few regular readers who are visually impaired (just coincidence, my blog is mostly about statistics and statistical programming) I try to make sure everything is accessible to screen readers. If I have posted a jpg file of a table to make it look better on the screen, I’ll also have a link to a separate page with html readable by common screen readers.

      • Reply

        That’s true. I hate to see black backgrounds with white text. I visited a site yesterday and that’s what I saw, I left immediately. Thanks for the comment

      • Reply

        Too much pop ups will help to knock your blog readers off your blog. I stopped using pop ups… Thanks for the comment Jay.

        Please I am asking you to also leave a comment on the article link below… Thanks 🙂
        5 Important Questions Every Blogger Should Be Asking Themselves

    2. Thiru


      Right points mate,

      Especially the small font blog, i cant tolerate such guys having good content with small fonts. It will definitely increase their bounce rate too.

    3. Andrew


      haha. Loved your title. I definitely don’t like everything you’ve mentioned especially with no paragraphs. Makes it seem boring to read and just looking at it would make you not want to read it.

      • Reply

        Lol glad you loved the headline. I try my best to write catchy headlines for my articles.

        I hate the no paragraphs, it makes the blog post seems long and boring. Its best to break up different points into paragraphs as I stated and use sub-headings 🙂 Just like I do.

    4. Reply

      Kharim, love it!!!

      I love all the points, especially the fonts, i notice some blogs have small fonts, or the line height is too close to each other.

      I know i have bad points above, such as grammar, etc, but i have a will to improve it LOL i hope this counts.

      Thanks for this awesome post, retweeted!

    5. Zarko


      Nice post, these are all sure killers.

      Am actually amazed how many bloggers use incredibly small text, have no idea why!

      besides mentioned already I think ads inside the post annoy me the most, or popups that want close and popup on every page. I mean I’m all about promoting a product and I placed popup subscription on my blog, but not on every page!

      I guess there is much more to add to the list 🙁

    6. Reply

      Small fonts, flash ads and a billion bars on the page are usually enough to cause me to run. I also have to like the blogger or I’m out also.

    7. Jules


      I, too, am a spelling and grammar fanatic, The funniest post I ever did (accidentally) was about bloggers and writers who don’t spell check or review their work. About 10 seconds after I posted it, I noticed that there was a typo in the title!

      Karma is an interesting creature.

    8. Murlu


      Formatting and typography play a large role into whether or not I’ll read a post – if it’s giant blocks of text I usually skip over it. Likewise, generally serif fonts make it very annoying to read unless it’s a blog I already visit or catches me right from the get-go. Little things matter.

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