I have written about BlogEngage 2 times in the past about this site being a must for all bloggers because upon joining that site, my blog traffic has doubled. I also wrote a tutorial on how to BlogEngage in your thesis theme.

This time I am writing about BlogEngage to help promote their second guest blogging contest, which is open to every blogger.

Brian, the owner of BlogEngage, announced the guest blogging contest on November 23, 2010 which is the starting date and it runs until January 01, 2011. This means the contest is for over one month.

Guest Blogger Contest 2

“All Blog Engage members can write for us and have the opportunity to win any prize offered in this contest. We only ask that you have a valid paypal account to accept your winnings and prizes.” – Guest Blogger Contest 2

You can win $1200 USD in cash sponsors.

Best of the Guest Blogger 2 Sponsors

Here are the sponsors who helped to make this contest possible.

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My Guest Post Entry

I have written a guest post and entered the contest. My post How To Make Your Blog Posts Go Viral in which I give great tips on how to get lots of traffic to your blog post.

I would like for you to please help me win this contest.
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  1. Natalie


    It’s nice to see contest like this. I assume, many have joined it… Since it already ended. But hey, who won it?

  2. Jason


    Hey Kharim,

    Thanks for the link! I am wrapping up, the work on my Ad sense sites and I will be planning to create a blog about Making money from home very soon. I think this is a great place to promote my new blog once it gets started. Good luck, in the contest.


  3. Ingrid Abboud


    Hey Kharim,
    Thanks for keeping us updated on the BlogEngage’s guest blogging contest :). I got all excited for this round, seeing that I missed the last one (where Kristi took the #1 prize) – until I read the little note about needing to have a valid PayPal account :(. Unfortunately the country I live in is not on PayPal’s list and therefore am never able to use them. Bummer! And very limiting to what I can do/purchase sometimes – especially for my blog.

    Either way though, PayPal or no PayPal, it’s great to take part in it. I think Brian has done a tremendous job with BlogEngage. It’s an awesome community – one that’s engaging – plus tons of things to learn from all the fabulous bloggers.

    Thanks for sharing the info. Will check it out!


    PS – I look forward to reading your next post :).

    • Reply

      Awwww, thanks for the comment Ingrid. I am so sorry that PayPal is not available in your country. I will make sure to deliver a great post yo you hun.

      I entered the contest because I hope to win. I am only able to come online only 2 days per week. If I win this contest I hope to build up my blog even more so that I can provide more great information for my blog readers. So I am asking you to please check out my guest post and leave a comment there, I would really appreciate it.

      Thanks again for the wonderful comment 🙂

      • Ingrid Abboud


        Hey Kharim,

        Best of luck to you in this contest. Already read your article, RT’d it and voted :)). And it’s worth doing all 3! Nice job.

        You’re providing great content as it is here and I’m sure many of your readers will be looking forward to seeing even more.

        Happy Thanksgiving. And to you too Brian :). Sorry forgot to wish you a happy turkey day in my reply :(.


    • Reply

      Hi Ingrid I’m so sorry to hear about your paypal limitations.

      Perhaps I can make a special effort to include money brokers. I have an account here. I wonder if this would allow more people to join the contest.

      Thanks for letting me know about your situation.

      • Ingrid Abboud


        Hey Brian,

        Thanks for jumping in here and suggesting an alternative. Very cool of you. I’ve gotten used to the whole “not being able to use PayPal” thing although I do admit it is rather annoying.

        As you know, most everything on the net today uses Paypal and to tell you honestly I think they would benefit greatly from widening their reach – even though they’re already almost everywhere as it is :).

        Anyways – all that to say thank you – but I really wouldn’t want you to go out of your way unless there are a significant number of peeps with the same problem as me – which I highly doubt. Plus, it’s not like I expect to win anything – just taking part is awesome enough :).

        I’m sure I’ll find a way around it somehow. Even if it means moving to another country hahaha kidding!

        Thanks again for your kind thoughts. Wishing you and your community continued success.

          • Ingrid Abboud

            Don’t give me any ideas Kharim hahaha!

            Maybe I can enter but know from the beginning that I won’t be winning anything haha. I actually had a post in mind that I’ve been working on but then realized that there was a 1000 word limit in the contest – and of course – my unfinished draft is already past the word limit. Will see.

            I’m sorry to say that I’ve never been to Jamaica even though I would love to and have heard amazing things about the place. I know Negril was always a big popular destination for Spring Break back in my college days :). I think most everyone (except me) stormed either Negril, Cancun or Miami for that week of folly lol.


          • Lol Ingrid! Well for the contest, my word count is just a little over 1000, I still submitted it and Brian kindly accepted it. So I think you should enter. That guest post gave me lots of traffic to my blog, plus I hope to earn some cash to help me, cause I really need some funds.

            Jamaica is really a beautiful place. I was in Negril last year at the beach, and it was lovely. I would love to give you a trip here. Where do you live?

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