Strategies I Am Taking To Win The BlogEngage Contest

Whenever you enter a contest you should be in it to win it.

This is my motto for the guest blogger contest at BlogEngage which is powered by Brian. On November 23rd, 2010 a contest was launched at BlogEngage with a share of $1,200 in cash prize to be won along with other great things to be had.

In order for me to win the contest, or at least stand a chance in winning, I had to have a few strategies for myself to take on this contest. All contests need a really good strategy in order to win and if you fail to do this then you will fail to win.

Here are my plans and strategies to winning this contest.


The Blog Engage Best Of The Guest Blogger Contest #2

I have written about BlogEngage 2 times in the past about this site being a must for all bloggers because upon joining that site, my blog traffic has doubled. I also wrote a tutorial on how to BlogEngage in your thesis theme.

This time I am writing about BlogEngage to help promote their second guest blogging contest, which is open to every blogger.

Brian, the owner of BlogEngage, announced the guest blogging contest on November 23, 2010 which is the starting date and it runs until January 01, 2011. This means the contest is for over one month.

BlogEngage For Thesis Theme

I recently spoke about BlogEngage being a must for all bloggers. But when I was installing the blog engage button I encountered a small problem but this was over come easily with a few codings that I placed in my Thesis Theme.

The problem was this, when I went to the settings of the BlogEngage there is only one option to align where you want to place your button.
These options for alignments are:

  • Top Left
  • Top Right
  • Bottom Left
  • Bottom Right
  • None
  • After I selected the top left (because that’s where I wanted my button to be displayed) I notice an error in my Thesis teaser section.