Win A 300×250 Banner Advertisement For 1 Month

Banner advertisements are one of the best ways to promote your blog, website, forum, services, products or anything you want. Advertising exposes you site or your product to new visitors or even customers.

I have done banner advertisements for this blog in the past and I have seen where it has been effective in bringing traffic to my blog. This is why I also sell banners on this blog so that whoever wishes to increase their site’s traffic can do so on my blog.

If you look on my article/post pages you will see a 300×250 banner spot, floating right beside the featured image. I have decided to give it away for 1 month for free. Yes! Thats right. I am going to give it away.

I will be running a contest to decide who should get this spot. This contest will be running from May 13, 2012 through to May 28, 2012 and the banner prize will be displayed on this blog from June 1, 2012 until June 30, 2012.

Prize: I will be giving this 300×250 banner space to one lucky winner…. WAIT!!! Upon second thought, I will be giving away three 300×250 banners to three lucky winners.

How will this work, you may ask. Well I am using the OIO Publisher WordPress Plugin on my blog which allows me to sell banner advertisements. I can also use it to do banner rotation. This means the three banners will appear in the same spot but one displaying on each page load.

How To Enter For 300×250 Banner Contest


I am using the Raffle Copter for this giveaway. All you have to do is complete the tasks below and you will be entered into this contest.