Since this is a new year, will it’s already 19 days old, I think it is time for a new $150 USD cash contest.

I have been using this blog to make money and if it wasn’t for people like you, my wonderful blog visitors, then none of this would be possible for me.

So as you know may have known, I host $150 USD cash giveaways on a regular basis so as to give back some of my earnings from this blog to my blog visitors.

I hope that you enjoy this $150 USD cash giveaway and hoping that you will win as well.


Cash Prizes

I am going to be sharing up $150 between 3 people. Yes so if you have some entries in this contest then you stand a chances of being one of these 3 lucky winners.

1st place: $75 USD

2nd place: $50 USD

3rd place: $25 USD

Giveaway Rules

The rules are simple… All you have to do is complete the tasks below and that’s it.

Each task that you complete will give you one entry into this giveaway. After completing each task you will be provided with a link. Share that link with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or wherever you like. Each time your friends click on that link then that gives you one extra entry into the giveaway. If your friends join the giveaway then you get an additional 5 entries. The more entries you have then the more your chances are of winning.

Giveaway starts Sunday January 19, 2014 and ends Sunday February 16, 2014.

Cash prizes will be sent via Paypal or some other means of money transfer.

Winners will be notified via email. So please remember to fill out the form below to get notified when the contest is over.

Enter The $150 Giveaway

Complete the tasks below and that’s it.

Subscribe To Get Notifications

Winners will be notified via email. So if you want to know if you have won then fill out the form below and you will be contacted to collect your prize.


  1. joann tompkins winborn


    hello Kahrim nice to meet you thanks for the opportunity and have a blessed rest of your weekend. hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s day
    trying to be nice but this app is annoying i entered the giveaway doing tall the steps and first my comment was not long enough and now it says i didn’t spend enough time here πŸ˜› what’s up with that??

  2. Reply

    Cool Giveaway….Hey Guys…Wish me a best of luck….I really want to win this giveaway.. πŸ˜€

    Thanks you so much, For giving readers a chance to win some cash..

  3. Aravind Gilkinja


    Nice Giveaway. I hope I will win it. Nice thing is you divided it as 3 parts and 3 persons can win the giveaway. Thanks.

  4. Reply

    Thanks a lot for such a great giveaway man,wish to get something from here in this new year.Just completed the tasks ….cheers

  5. Aima Irshad


    Hi kharim.. Completed all the entries..

    And I hope in this new year I win $$ from your blog πŸ™‚

    Cheers πŸ˜€

  6. Sano Sansar


    Hey Kharim, thanks for conducting such a wonderful giveaway.
    I hope I’ll be one of the winner.
    And I want to ask one thing to you, winner will be chosen randomly or that with maximum number of entries?

    • Reply

      Hey Sano,

      Thanks for entering. Well the system that I am using chooses winners randomly. So more entries means more chances of you being chosen as a winner.

      Thanks for the comment.

  7. Reply

    Really nice giveaway.Rewarding in cash is always attract audience. very nice idea. thank you for such great giveaway and keep growing.

  8. Ismail


    Thanks for such an awesome giveaway and providing the opportunity again hope to be one of the lucky winner this time. Fingers Crossed.

  9. Reply

    This is great mouth-watering giveaway and one i will surely take part in. The good part is that this giveaway won’t just improve webmaster success alone, it will also benefit those that share their contents here.

  10. Kaloyan Banev


    Made few click, hope to win! And wish you great success with this viral promotion! Definitely a great idea, but the cash price is pretty high! Good luck all!

  11. Robert Singh


    WOW awesome giveaway I’d say. I joining giveaway at most of blogs to try my luck and I’m gonna join this giveaway too.


  12. Reply

    Amazing giveaway and all steps done, hoping to win at least one prize.
    Thanks for this amazing giveaway and I will do my best to promote it on my all social followers and friends.

  13. Zaid


    Hey pal, this is my first visit to your site and won`t be the last ! I `ve entered the giveaway.

  14. frank joseph


    Thank you Kharim Tomlinson for responding, i just did more than 12 out of 13 of it and i hope to WIN πŸ˜€

  15. frank joseph


    It will be amazing to win one of the prize! Also I also 2k entries, what does this mean? Does it mean that over 2000 people are in?

  16. Reply

    Nice Giveaway. I hope I will be the first winner of this giveaway. Thanks dear for sharing this giveaway. I am so happy to see that type of giveaway here.

  17. Zaib Abbasi


    Hey kharim,
    Thank you so much for a great contest, i’ve entered for this contest lets see what will happen

  18. Ajay Kamal


    Hey that is what i was waiting for Another give away i will participate in it. And will be the winner.

  19. Vanessa


    Ya man. Thanx! Hope to be a winner of that great giveaway lol. Mi pickney is Jamaican also. Ja Bless U all!

  20. Vicky


    Yet another great giveaway, I’d say I’m gonna join this giveaway and wait for the winners list.

    Hope to be lucky winner.

  21. Reply

    Hello Pal,

    This is amazing giveaway. Rewarding cash prize to the winners is best as they can do what they want to with that cash.

    I’m surely in and hope to win this giveaway. πŸ™‚

    • Reply

      Hey Ankit,

      Yes cash prizes in giveaways are always the best. Instead of offering a prize which the person may never use, cash can be used to buy whatever they want.

      Thanks for participating.

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