Lets say that you have been blogging for quite some time now.

You haven’t been successful in driving traffic to your blog and all the efforts that you put into making money fails.

Whenever you write blog posts they seem to go unseen and unread because no comment was left to show that at least one person came to look at your article.

What do you do? Do you pack up your things and walk through the door? Or do you try to save your blog by breathing life back into your blog?

I think it’s time for you to perform a blog CPR and make your blog come alive.

In this article I will be giving you 5 tips on how you can breathe life back into your blog.

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Install A New Theme

Most of the times why your blog seem to be some sort of ghost town is because the design is like a dead end street or a lonely road.

Most times if your blog’s design is dull and boring then people won’t be easily attracted to it.

Take a look at some of the most successful blogs inside your niche, or even outside your niche as well. Don’t their blog design look amazing and unique?

Yes they do.

Get what I am trying to say now?

Once your blog design looks welcoming and vibrant then people will be more inclined to check out your blog posts. If you have been using the same theme for years, like me, then its time for a change.

I have planned to change my blog design when the time is right and that is the reason why I bought the Genesis Framework.

Also make your blog clutter free, clean layout and a neat navigation. This will help to do the trick.

Write Blog Posts Regularly

Another reason why your blog seems dead is because you don’t blog on a regular.

You can breathe back life into your blog if you start blogging on a regular basis. I have heard of bloggers who even publish more than once per day and they have been reaping benefits from doing this.

This won’t work for all blogs though.

But what we need to remember is that in order to keep your blog alive then publishing on a regular basis would be recommended.

Most blogs end up dead or unknown is because the blog owners don’t publish articles on a regular basis. If you stop posting articles on your blog like you normally do then you will notice that your traffic will die. Publish on a regular and you will see that your traffic go up, well depending on how well you market your blog as well.

Publish regular well help to show that your blog isn’t dead or abandoned.

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Think Outside Of The Box

Don’t follow, become a leader, be different.

One of the best ways to breathe life back into your blog is to think outside of the box and see what new ideas that you can come up with. Once you start coming up with some new ideas then you can jot them down and see what will work well for your blog.

Don’t be one of those newbie bloggers who think that following the pro bloggers will make their blog successful. You have to come up with your own style so that your blog can be unique.

When your blog is different from others then it will help to make your blog unique. This will also cause your blog to come alive.

Change Your Focus

Sometimes when we focus on one thing for too long it can cause us to ignore the true reason why we started blogging in the first place.

Think back to when you first discovered blogging. Remember the reason why you created a blog and try to stir up your passion for the topic which you started your blog.

Most times we tend to focus on the money making part of blogging instead of being a blogger. A blogger should be a person who loves to write articles for people to read or for an audience.

If your main aim in creating a blog was to make money then chances are your focus needs to be adjusted or you will end up failing as a blogger. Yes we all want to make money through blogging, but the truth is blogging isn’t about making money.

Yes you can blog for money, but what I think is best is to blog because you love it and the money will come as a benefit or a reward.

Change your focus a bit and focus more on blogging, I guarantee that when you aim to build up your blog you will start making money.

Start Accepting Guest Posts

Most times when we write blog posts our writing pattern tend to be the same. You can breathe life back into your blog if you start accepting guest bloggers.

How can publishing guest posts help to make your blog come alive?

Well for one thing more bloggers means more new topics on your blog. Different bloggers means different writing style. If you publish articles from different authors then your blog will come alive. Your blog visitors won’t be bored with the same writing pattern, well of course if you are an excellent writer then this doesn’t apply to you.

But people love to read and learn new things from others as well. So try publishing guest posts on your blog and see how well it works for you.


  1. Sudipto


    Hey Kharim,
    nice post and Yes, design really plays an important role and it should be simple so that reader can find anything. We have to update our blog regularly as consistency is very important. Thanks for sharing this tips with us.

  2. Jessica


    Well for one thing more bloggers means more new topics on your blog. Different bloggers means different writing style.
    I like your post very much , i like to read this article

  3. Nestie Villanueva


    This are great tips especially for a newbie like me, will implement your tips especially updating regularly my blog

  4. Reply

    Thankyou for this interesting post. I’m a blogger with two blogs and I’ll definitely apply some of your tips here – you’re right about shaking up the layout on occasion. I also think it’s time to move away from my free host to a paid host.

  5. Reply

    Hello, great post here! Particularly I must agree to point number 3. We should think outside the box, because I guess the more unique your blog is the more likely it would be favored. I totally agree to being a leader in our own way rather than just following other’s style. 🙂 Thanks by the way!

    • Reply

      Hi B Gwapo,

      You are so right. Once you be different and become a leader rather than a follower then things will be much better for you as a blogger.

      Thanks for the comment.

  6. Tom


    It is very difficult to get traffic on your blog. If somebody out of many bloggers is getting it is just a chance and no rules are there that have worked.

  7. Mark


    I’m really amazed to read the article and also the responses received. I guess I agree with your points listed above.


  8. David


    You just need to figure out your unique selling point… that’s easier said than done because you start a website with one idea and it may or may not work. Just be willing to adapt and try new content to see what works. When you see a successful website or blog or YouTube channel it’s because they’ve figured out what works for them. Once you get your USP down, it’s a matter of rinse and repeat. But it may take months to figure out. Steve over at Nerd Fitness talks about how it took him 6 months of trial and error to discover what worked.

    • Reply

      Hey David,

      Very excellent comment pal. You are very much right. You have to know what will work for your blog and in order to do that you have to try different things. After that you work with what works best for you.

      Thanks for the comment pal.

  9. Reply

    How regular do you think bloggers should publish post for the benefit of both readers and the search engine crawlers?

    • Reply

      Hey Roch,

      It all depends on what your blog topic is and hope well you promote what you publish. Also you have to take into consideration of your blog readers.

      You just have to test different methods and see which works best for your blog. Each blog is different and what works for my blog might not work for a next blog.

      Thanks for the comment and all the best to you.

  10. Twisha


    Having a noticeable website navigation that looks really really good can make your users explore your blog more.In Freelance Switch’s header, they mention the most important parts of their blog and use it as a kind of splash area to make sure people go in the directions they want them to. and your ideas are also helpful.. this things are enough to make your blog running again…

    • Reply

      Hey Twisha,

      Yes, thats the general idea so that you can keep your blog readers interested in your blog and so that they can stay longer as well surfing your blog.

      Thanks for the comment.

  11. Jason Panuelos


    Thanks for the wonderful tips! It’s so important to always have this renewed enthusiasm for blogging and all your tips are just the thing to keep the blogging passion alive! 🙂

  12. Reply

    Another trick I use is to have a to-do app like Wunderlist to dump all my blog post ideas in to, right when they come to mind. Sitting down and writing a post is hard enough; it’s much easier when you already have a big list of topics to choose from.

    • Reply

      Hey Jeff,

      Great move pal. What I do is have a notepad and to-do app on my phone as well and I jot down my ideas as well so that when I start to write it makes it easier for me.

      Thanks for sharing a comment pal.

  13. metz


    Simple tips yet effective, I am pretty sure. Installing a new theme will look your blog fresh and interesting. Your followers will be intrigued by the change made.

    In my point of view about changing focus, do it very often. If you’ll change time by time, that may result something like you’ll be puzzled.

    I found this post shared on Kingged.com, the Internet marketing social bookmarking site, and I “kingged” it and left this comment.

    • Reply

      Hey Metz,

      Yes new themes does the trick well. Once your blog is looking good then this will help to generate some interest in your blog.

      Thanks for the comment.

  14. Akaahan Terungwa


    Hello Kharim,

    In the light of the recent article by Matt Cutts, I think all bloggers should be extremely careful about the guest articles they receive on their blog especially those tagged with the ‘dofollow’ attribute.

    Accepting guest posts indiscriminately can thus cause you more damage if not done with tact.


    • Reply

      Hey Akaahan,

      Well guest posting is not dead. It’s just the spammy guest posts you should look out for. But once you know a blogger who has a great reputation then you shouldn’t be afraid to publish his/her post. Once they aren’t spamming.

      Thanks for the comment.

  15. Robert Singh


    Wonderful share mate, Indeed changing theme with new one would be really great step to stat over. And I’ve experienced it.

    Thanks for sharing

  16. michael onimbo


    hello Kharim i am loving your post.Sooo much cool stuff.I found a ton of blogging tips just reading through your post.just
    added you to my list of cool bloggers so i dont miss any of your updates so i just published a new blog post that i think
    you will like.So if you share i will do a happy dance in my chair lol.Also please let me know if there is anything i can do

    • Reply

      Hey Michael,

      I always try my best to publish the best content for my blog readers. Thanks for subscribing to my blog. Promise to deliver the best.

      Thanks for the comment.

  17. frank joseph


    You alighted all the points necessary to boost a blog back to life- and i agree with you that a dull theme will make a website to look dull.
    Thanks for all the points.

    • Reply

      Hi Frank,

      Yes you are right. If a blog is not looking presentable then more than likely your visitors will walk right back out the door. We have to present something pleasant to their eyes and also remember content needs to be of high quality to keep them on your blog.

      Thanks for the comment.

  18. Catherine Holt


    It is definitely possible to bring a blog back to life, even at the brink of death! You have raised some great tips here and if you follow them, it will certainly help to increase traffic. Posting on a regular basis is a great idea, not only does it mean your readers know what to expect, but it gives you as a blogger a structure and commitment rather than blogging adhoc.

    • Reply

      Hello Catherine,

      Right on point. If you write blog posts on a regular basis then this can help to build traffic and also this will help to better ourselves as bloggers.

      Thanks for the comment.

  19. Karen


    Awesome post .i hope everybody will like your post,This are really massive and valid points, and I so resonated with it as I’ve been perplexed this past week and you have just solved my problem with this awesome piece.

    • Reply

      Hey Karen,

      So happy that my article was of some help to you so that you can start blogging again. Hope this time your blog will be even better.

      Thanks for the comment.

  20. Akaahan Terungwa


    Hello Kharim,

    Believe me, I know how blogging without any impact feels…in that light, I completely agree with all the points you’ve listed here.

    I would add one though: ‘Blog With Authority’. We all love to visit blogs that are run by people who know what they are doing: I landed on your blog because I believe you are a serious blogger who really wields authority about what you blog about.

    Why? I want real value; We all want real value – not some trash!

    And I believe many of your readers are here for the same reasons…


    • Reply

      Hey Akaahan,

      So happy that you could stop by and read my article, I really appreciate it man.

      The point that you have added in your comment is also a valid one. Once you start blogging with authority then people will begin to see your blog as a place for good resource.

      Thanks for the comment and all the best to you.

  21. Sam Adeyinka


    Hey Kharim,

    This are really massive and valid points, and I so resonated with it as I’ve been perplexed this past week and you have just solved my problem with this awesome piece.

    Thanks so much for sharing and I hope my traffic and blog will come back alive as I start implement your shared reasonable points.


    • Reply

      Hey Sam,

      Sorry to hear that about your blog. I hope that this post can help you to drive traffic back to your blog.

      Keep on blogging pal. Thanks for the comment.

  22. Reply

    Awesome tips to reborn a dead or dead-ish blog and often times i come across blogs that look like a desert land and i know it must be frustrating for the owner, i wish such blogger can read this post to find ways to breath life into their blogs once more. this post is totally worth sharing and i am going to do just that.

    • Reply

      Hey Nwosu,

      You are right man, I have been on some blogs and they really need help. So what I try my best to do is to write articles to help bloggers build up their blog. If I come across blogs like those then what I do if possible is to leave a comment on such blogs and hope that the blog owner will check out my link and find some encouraging post to help them.

      Thanks for the comment and all the best to you.

  23. Sunday


    One of the very first things to be done to breathe life into a blog is to do a check on the entire blog. It is important to reassess what is working and what is not working.

    Revaluation of the contents, theme, landing page, social buttons, etc should be carried out first. After which the problem can be identified and then the right solution would be recommended.

    The five tips shared in this post to breathe life into a blog are helpful and should be effective after proper reassessment is done in the entire website.

    • Reply

      Hey Sunday,

      Yep once you start to take away the things from the blog that isn’t working it will help to make the blog come alive. Doing an analyzation of the entire blog is always best so that you can find each problem.

      Thanks for the comment.

  24. Vanessa


    Your post is way too cool cause you focus on the essence of blogging. I design my blog all by myself so that it is unique just by using the simple blogger template.

  25. Sekhar


    Great post Kharim. I was down with illness for 2weeks, so was not posting in my blog. And your post was bang at the time, I was thinking of getting back with regular posting. Great tips buddy, really inspired me.

    • Reply

      Hi Sekhar,

      So sorry to hear that you were feeling sick. I hope that all is well with you now so that you can start blogging again.

      I am very happy that you have found my blog post to be a source of encouragement to you.

      Thanks for the comment and all the best to you.

  26. Reply

    Some useful points there.

    Be careful with guest posts though. Matt Cutts has just slammed guest posting for links -you don’t want to be seen as harbouring somethingg they see as spam.

    • Reply

      Hey Mark,

      You are so right. Matt Cutts has been clamping down on guest posts and then spamming that has been taking place with them.

      Thanks for the comment.

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