One of the main reasons why so much blogs exist is because people know that money can be made blogging. It is easy to create a blog and easy to make money from it as well.

A great way to make money from your blog is through the Markerly’s Blogging Network.

If you haven’t heard about Markerly’s then let me sum it up in a short sentence for you. Markerly is the best blogging network which pays you to write write sponsored content for some awesome brands.

Why Should You Join Markerly?

For one thing you want to make money from your blog right? Then this network is for you.

Markerly is unlike other influencer marketing platforms because their blogging network focuses on quality and authenticity.

How Markerly’s blogging network works is you will get paid for writing reviews on companies and brands such as Levi’s, Super Bowl, TruMoo, eMeals, Last Bottle Wines, Invino, cool earbuds from Jaybird etc.

I love writing sponsored content for my blog and I have used this Markerly to do such and they are so easy to work with. Markerly is a full-service managed network with 24/7 blogger support. I emailed them and trust me, within 5 minutes (or was it less) I got a reply from them.

One thing for sure is that Markerly is very focused on quality blog posts. They also love bloggers who engage with their audience. We all know that quality contents on a blog is what will make it successful, so if you are a blogger that writes high quality contents for your blog and engage with your blog readers on a regular then you should join Markerly. You’ll be happy you did.

Markerly also gives you a heat map for your entire blog post so that you can see where people are clicking. I think this is an awesome feature to find out where readers click the most on your blog. Check the image below.

You notice the heat map on the blog page. The areas in red are where the readers click the most on that blog. When you join this awesome blogging network then you can get the same feature to use on your blog.

How Soon Will You Get Paid?

If you are wondering about Markerly payment system then you shouldn’t. This is because they pay on time.

Once you have written an article for them then you will get paid within 48 hours of the post going live. So no need to wait 30 days to get paid. 2 days is good enough for Markerly’s blogging network.

Join Markerly’s Blogging Network Today

If you like blogging and making money at the same time then this is blogging network for you. I urge you to join Markerly’s Blogging Network.

You can find out more about Markerly and see why you should join them today.


  1. Frank Joseph


    Unfortunately, my site was not accepted, due to the fact that i have less traffic. but am glad other ‘get paid to blog’ sites are doing great.

    • Reply

      All you have to do is working on building up your traffic.

      Most blogging networks who pay bloggers to post articles or pay to write reviews won’t accept your blog if you don’t have much traffic.

      Work on your traffic and everything will be alright.

      Thanks for the comment and all the best to you.

  2. Reply

    Remarkable article written you in this blog, I also try to making money through classified & media site now, even I success blogging venture. Thanks for well written, subscribed.

  3. Tina


    Wow! I’m going to look into Markerly. They sound like a great group. I don’t mind sponsored posts. I think that bloggers who have developed a strong following (like you), have readers who trust their opinions. Ever reviewed anything you didn’t like?

    • Reply

      Hey Tina,

      Yes you should definitely check them out. They are a great blogging network.

      If the products being reviewed are something worth having then yes its good for my readers. I wouldn’t review things that I don’t like or not close to my niche.

      Thanks for the comment.

  4. Sajid Afridi


    Woww, thats great sir Kharim. Your explanation is very well. I like it & i agree with you…
    Thanks for sharing this useful article…

  5. frank joseph


    Thank you for revealing this networks, i know there are lots of such networks out there that bloggers can join and make money, but until we see or read about them, we will never know if they exist or not. And i just commented on one of your post on how to get advertisers. So this one is something i will be willing to try out…
    But unfortunately, i don’t think i meet the minimum requirement which is 100k pageviews 😀

    Although am still going to apply, who knows i might get accepted 😀

    • Reply

      Hey Frank,

      You are so right. Most of these blogging networks I didn’t know about them until someone told me about them. I have worked with them before and they pay really good.

      So what you need to do now is to work on increasing your traffic and then apply.

      Yep that post about advertising is a great one. Thanks for the comments.

  6. Karen


    I like your post very much , i like to read this article post.I think you should sign up and try them out. The links in the article are not affiliate links so it’s not like I am selling you something that you’ll regret later.

  7. naveen kumar rajput


    Thanks alot sir to share with us such an important about Markerly.Now only due to your information iam going to join Markerly ,your website is awesome .I love your website.

  8. Veeramanchineni Lalitha


    Thanks for sharing such kind of information..These ways are sufficient for any people to give guidance to earn money.This will also help us to make their way easier….
    Keep sharing..:)

  9. Reply

    I suposse that all the content in Markerly are created in english language, right? In that case there are no rooms there for a spanish boy like me

  10. Reply

    I agree that is awesome to get paid within two days, but could you please share an honest review about the average income out of this network ??
    are you a member ? on average how much you’re making out of this ?

    i have an online tool website, i’m currently adding and expanding allot of features i was thinking of adding a blog to it as well,
    trying to decide if it is worth it to invest my time in blogging for this network or not, money wise i mean!
    Many thanks and Best wishes!

    • Reply

      Hi Mitch,

      To be honest I love this network. I wrote a a review for them and got paid $100 USD the very same day. Yes I am a member of the network. They are really fast.

      I think you should sign up and try them out. The links in the article are not affiliate links so it’s not like I am selling you something that you’ll regret later.

      Sign up for free and try them out.

      Anything else you want to know then feel free to ask me.

  11. Reply

    Hy Kharim, There are so many networks around though this sounds realy attractive especially the fact you’ll get paid within two days, Great! Thanks for sharing this info…

  12. ashfaq ahmed


    yep blogging is a great way to make money. I also never hear about Markerly , after reading your article i got to know thanks for sharing.

  13. Zaib Abbasi


    Hey Kharim Tomlinson,
    I’ve heared about this group first time and i will give it a try.
    Thanks for a great info
    Best Regards and Happy Blogging

  14. Saqib Razzaq


    I have never ever heard about this site before but after reading this post, I am planning to give it a try. Thanks for showing this to me.

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