BlogEngage Blogging Community is one of the best blogging community, forum, social media and networking sites all combined in one with bloggers from all over the blogosphere. I’m not saying that there aren’t other blogging communities out there that is of great value, but there is none like BlogEngage.

I joined BlogEngage back in April of 2010 (April 19th, 2010 to be exact) and I have loved every moment of being apart of that great blogging community. Being around bloggers who are expert in the blogosphere keeps me motivated and, being around new bloggers gives me the chance of sharing my experiences and blogging tips with them. That’s one of the many reason why BlogEngage is one of the best blogging community.

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My Reasons For Using BlogEngage


  • Traffic
  • The first day of using BlogEngage my blog traffic more than doubled for that particular day, comments on my blog started coming in and my subscribers list started to grow. After submitting a couple of my blog posts, I noticed my traffic started rising and I said to myself, BlogEngage is the best 🙂

    Here is a screenshot of when I started using BlogEngage for the first time.
    BlogEngage traffic report

    Since then, I am a regular visitor of BlogEngage.

  • Networking
  • Networking plays a big part in blogging and the blogosphere. Without networking then we as bloggers would be selfish. Networking in the blogosphere involves in communication with other bloggers, giving a helping hand, sharing blog posts, making comments, etc. BlogEngage gives us the opportunity to do so freely with the use of becoming friends with other community members and also the inbox messaging system.

    Its very easy to make a connection with any blogger of the community and have a conversation.

  • Motivation
  • When I see members of the BlogEngage submit articles which are of interest to me, I don’t hesitate to vote for these articles, make comments and share them with others so that they can also benefit. Reading articles which appeals to me keeps me motivated and an extra drive to keep on blogging. In order to not fail as a blogger, BlogEngage articles which are submitted by others are always of great benefit to the whole blogging community.

  • Money
  • I bet you didn’t know that you could make money using BlogEngage! YES YOU CAN!!!

    Brian, the owner of BlogEngage ha enabled you to make money with the Google Adsense partnership. What this means is that on your story page there are Adsense units placed on them, on your profile you can enter your Google Adsense publisher’s ID. Now you know what that means, each click on that Adsense unit gets you some funds. I think this is a wonderful way of making money with BlogEngage.

    Another way of making money is by participating in the guest bloggers contest where you can win cash prizes.

    I remember one particular time BlogEngage saved my blog. I didn’t have any added funds to pay for hosting and I entered a BlogEngage guest bloggers contest. I didn’t came in first place, I came in at 5th place and got $100 USD. I felt like the first place winner and that helped me to pay for hosting in time. So thanks to BlogEngage my blog was able to stay online.

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    More About BlogEngage


  • Blog
  • BlogEngage Blog has a wide range of blogging topics which will help you to become a better blogger in no time. I am also a guest blogger for the blog so you can also go there to get my great blogging tips.

  • RSS Syndication
  • BlogEngage RSS Syndication allows your content to be syndicated into their portfolio of social media websites such as Blog Serp, Top Blogged, RSS Leak, Blogger Ink and Blogger Tag. This means more traffic for your blog and more search engine traffic as well. So no need to submit your blog posts manually when you can do it automatically with the BlogEngage RSS Syndication.

  • Buttons
  • In order to get more votes when you submit your article, its recommended that you install the BlogEngage vote button to your blog. You can download the BlogEngage buttons and install it as a plugin to your blog.

  • Chat
  • One of the latest features on BlogEngage is the chatbar which located at the bottom of every page. Members of the community who you have added as a friend will show up once this person is online and logged in. You can use the chat to quickly communicate with that person.

    Not only that, there are chat rooms in which you can participate in discussions, get to know each other or just to hang out and chill.


    In Conclusion

    I would like to thanks Brian for BlogEngage, he has created a wonderful blogging community.

    How has BlogEngage helped you and your blog?


    1. Marketing Philosophy


      It sounds great, and in the graph it seems that your traffic double when you join BlogEngage but next day it get back to normal so can you tell us what happen until now…
      Anyway thanks for sharing, I will certainly give it a chance!

    2. AJ Clarke


      Awesome stuff man. I just went over there to sign up but it’s by invites only 🙁 I sent out a tweet to Brian hopefully he’ll let me in!

      PS: $100 for 5th place? That’s pretty good, congrats!

    3. Dana


      Yeah, so far, Blog Engage is the best community for blogger. I also really enjoy Blog Engage on this one year.

    4. Reply

      Hello Kharim, it’s been a pleasure meeting you and following your blog. I’m so happy you have always enjoyed your experience in our community. I think many members have the same feelings as you and have enjoyed hanging around within our website.

      We offer so many ways to market and promote your blog and I think this is why so many blogger tend to return visit our community. We have tons of niche bloggers that are building relationships and meeting new bloggers it’s just been a great experience.

      Thanks so much for the detail article and kind words about our website and blogging community! Also best of luck in the contest I just know you will hit that first place spot sometime.

      • Reply

        Thanks Brian, and I love BlogEngage very much. It’s a wonderful community and I know every member of that community enjoy being there as well. Thanks for the comment

        Please I am asking you kindly to leave another comment on my other article
        5 Important Questions Every Blogger Should Be Asking Themselves

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