I remember when I started blogging in the early part of this year, March 2010, it felt really great stepping into the blogosphere. I was kinda new to the whole blogging thing but I knew a couple of things about blogging, because I used to read blogs and educated myself about blogging before I started my own blog.

After I started blogging and seeing so many existing bloggers, plus new bloggers, coming to my blog to leave comments, giving me a few tips and helping me to build up my blog, I felt really welcomed to the blogosphere. Thinking back on the help that I got back then made me come up with this blog post idea, and I have decided to blog about how you can make a new blogger feel welcomed to the big blogging world.

So, how can you make a new blogger feel welcomed to the blogosphere?

Most of the times new bloggers would start off by making comments on other blogs to gain traffic to their blog and also to gain some exposure. The next time someone comments on your blog, visit this person’s blog, if it’s a new blog then you can reach out to this new blogger to make him/her feel welcomed.

How To Make A New Blogger Happy

  • Offer Some Sort Of Help
  • Most of the times new bloggers don’t understand everything fully about blogging, so they need advice to help them become a better blogger. Why not offer some help, that’s if you are able to. I can guarantee you that any new blogger would like to get extra help or advice about blogging and how to become a better blogger.

    For Example: Lots of people start a blog to make money online because they visited some blogs and see that this blog owner are making six-figures simply by blogging. If that’s the case you can help them to understand that making money online is no walk in the park. In order to make money online it takes hard word and effort, plus you must have the passion in order to effectively do this.

    Give tips such as which plugins to install on their new blog, how to index their blog on Google or how to come up with blog post ideas, they will be happy for such information.

  • Write A Guest Post
  • I know you might not want to donate a guest post to a new blog because, well…, the blog is new. But remember you are doing this to help this new blogger. Don’t find it to hard not writing for this new blog. If you guest post on this new blog, this new blogger will thank you and might even return the favor and guest post on your blog as well.

    If you don’t like the idea of a guest post, you can help this new blogger to develop a blog post and this well help to build up his/her blog.

  • Retweet Their Blog Post
  • This a pretty simple tip. Just retweeting their blog post well make them happy. We all know that you can get lots of traffic using Twitter. So sharing this new blogger’s post will help to gain some traffic to the blog post that you have tweeted.

  • Leave Comments On Articles
  • When I started blogging, in order to get some traffic and comments on my blog means that I had to make comments on other blogs. After leaving comments on other blogs, I started to see comments from the blog owners that I had visited to leave comments. This was like a comment exchange system. So I was happy as a new blogger I was happy to see comments coming in on my articles.

    Making comments on new blogs will make the new blogger happy and also thankful for you leaving comments. Leaving comments will also help to build up your blog’s backlinks.

  • Share Their Blog Link
  • If you are kind enough, you can share their link on your blog. I know this is not something that every blogger would do. Because everybody is selling ads on their blogs these days. But you can give them a little of your traffic by doing a link exchange just for a week to help them feel good.

  • Give Tips On Getting Traffic
  • This is one of the most asked question by every new blogger, “How can I get lots of traffic to my new blog?” You can share with this new blogger on how your blog got its traffic and where it came from. Tell them what you did to get people to notice your blog and that they can do the same to get people to notice their new blog as well.

    Here is what I did to get traffic to my blog:
    -Blog Commenting
    -Guest Posting
    -Forum Posting
    -Directory Submission
    -Using Social Media
    -Optimize My Blog Search Engine Traffic

    Group Discussion

    As the saying goes, “There is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving”. So helping out a new blogger not only makes them happy, but you well feel good on the inside that you helped someone to be a better blogger.

  • So, What are you doing to make a new blogger feel welcomed to the blogosphere?

    1. Reply

      Besides the “feel-good” aspect of helping others, you usually wind up getting your own back scratched when you help someone else out.

    2. Reply

      Great post. I have seen many ‘tips for a newbie’ blogs, but not one like this. If established bloggers help out newbies nothing can get better than that. Lucky you who got some help. I also started around the same time, July 2010. But I left after sometime because of lack of posts and partly due to my own laziness. I have started again would be privileged to receive some help. Especially on the indexing on Google part and post ideas. If you could re-tweet my blog or leave comments, if you have time of course, I would be grateful.


    3. TravelingNatural


      I so glad I read this. I’m a new blogger though I’ve been reading blogs for years and taking note of what others have done…its not easy! Thanks again for this post!!

    4. Bruce Polderman


      Excellent tips whether you’re a newbie or a veteran.

      Bruce Polderman
      Product Manager | Blogger | Google

    5. Mimi


      So happy to see this post. I’ve been blogging for nearly a year now. And it’s easy to feel like an outsider. I’ve read lots of books and read many blogs on blogging so that has helped a lot. I used to reach out and comment on other blogs to help bring traffic to my own site, but now I do it mostly to encourage other bloggers. Especially new ones. Learned how to shorten my urls from a video on youtube and passed that on to a new blogger on twitter. If we share what we learn, we’ll all do better I think.

    6. Daniel


      Nice article, Kharim.

      Impressive website, especially the use of the Blue title bar with the snow effect in the background. Not too much clutter, either.

      As a newb (Ouch, that hurt) it was refreshing to see a post that looked at Blogging from a different perspective. Most of the Gatekeepers(Big players) out there in the Blog – o – Sphere, though, very instructive with their pearls of wisdom, often overlook the fact that there is a huge divide (Especially when viewing their incredible stats) between themselves and those new to Blogging. Yes, this(Seeing what they have accomplished) gives prospective Bloggers an idea of what can be achieved. A great motivating factor. Though, for those in the onset of their blogging journey, it can sometimes, also have the reverse effect.


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    8. Reply

      Lol, whoever your SEO guy is, he needs to get off of the coffee. Great blog, a little heavy on the word “blog” however.

        • Reply

          Coming from an SEO standpoint, the keyword ‘blog’ is used a little too often in this article. Though it may indeed help you rank for the term ‘blog’, and it may be difficult not to use the word ‘blog’ when writing, the word ‘blog’ can be found over 80 times in this article. It could be misconstrued by crawlers as excessive use of a keyword.

    9. Reply

      Awesome job with this blog! I just figured out yesterday that submitting guest posts would bring more traffic to my site. I am just starting my blog as of about two weeks ago but I love it. I guess my biggest problem right now is not so much the money but the traffic and the lack of comments. It is refreshing to see that people in the blogosphere do care.

    10. Dana


      Great! Let’s make blogesphere better by encouraging the new bloggers. It is as simple as retweet their post.

    11. Richard


      Helping others promote their blogs is just good karma overall. I think it’s good to give a helping hand whenever possible. I try to visit other’s blogs when they leave me comments and responds back constructively.

    12. Reply

      Giving a helping hand to new bloggers is a great thing to do. I’m always ready to share an advice or give some tips to newbies when asked. It has happened a few times. After all helping others is what blogging is all about. On the other hand you are building relationship with another blogger, which can always come in handy. Now he might be a beginner, but if he gets among the big players one day, you will probably benefit as well in some way or another.

      • Reply

        That comment was well said Daniel. Helping new bloggers is also helping to build up your blog. This new blogger will look up to you and will come to your blog for blogging tips. And if this new blogger turns out to be a pro, he/she will surely remember the helped that you gave when they had just started out.

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