A Guide for Beginners: How to Build a Long-Term Relationship as a Blogger?

At the beginning of the career, every writer who has approached a platform to try to set up his work would have faced this problem once. Assume that you have an article ready. You have approached a great medium to publish your article on their platform. You are eagerly waiting for their response, but you […]

Questions That Most New Bloggers Ask And Answers Which Benefits Them

Everyday there is a new blogger entering the blogosphere and I love to see people converting themselves into a blogger. This new blogger can be compared to a young child, this is because they often have lots of questions to ask. A young child might ask the mother; Where do babies come from? Why is the sky blue? What are stars made of?And the list goes on and on. Bloggers are just like that. They often have questions about blogging and searching for answers to which will help them to become a better blogger.

I’m always getting email, Twitter tweets, Facebook messages and blog comments from new bloggers asking all sort of questions.

In this post I will share some of the questions that new bloggers ask and provide the best answers to them.


How To Make A New Blogger Feel Welcomed To The Blogosphere

I remember when I started blogging in the early part of this year, March 2010, it felt really great stepping into the blogosphere. I was kinda new to the whole blogging thing but I knew a couple of things about blogging, because I used to read blogs and educated myself about blogging before I started my own blog.

After I started blogging and seeing so many existing bloggers, plus new bloggers, coming to my blog to leave comments, giving me a few tips and helping me to build up my blog, I felt really welcomed to the blogosphere. Thinking back on the help that I got back then made me come up with this blog post idea, and I have decided to blog about how you can make a new blogger feel welcomed to the big blogging world.

So, how can you make a new blogger feel welcomed to the blogosphere?