4 Small Reasons You Should Read Other Blogs

Reading other bloggers blog is something that I have been doing way before I started this blog or even thought about building my very own blog.

Now that I am a blogger, why do I continue to read other people’s blog?

Good question don’t you think. I don’t read their blogs to steal information, but to get inspiration, ideas and to create a friendly relationship with the other bloggers.

I have 4 valid reasons why you should be reading other blogs.


Become A Friendly Blogger

Are you a friendly blogger? Do you try to make friends with other bloggers? Are you friendly to your blog readers?

You really need to consider these questions if you operate a blog, or if you are going to start a blog. Being friendly with other bloggers can really make blogging easy for you especially if you have blogger friends in the same niche. You could both talk about the advantages or disadvantages in your niche, the changes taking place in your niche, why you choose this niche and so on.

How do you become a friendly blogger to other bloggers, to other users on the internet and to readers of your blog?

Are You Satisfying Your Readers?

Before I start, I would like to know. Are you satisfying your website readers? Do you know what they want? These are questions you should be asking yourself as a webmaster.

I often browser the internet for something that I want to find information online and often turn up unsuccessful. I find myself saying, “This is not what I wanted” or “What the hell is this???” because of the type of information I find on that webpage.

This now lead me to think, Are you satisfying your readers needs? I will be providing some tips on how to satisfying your readers needs and have them coming back to your site. (more…)