Mistakes are always being made on a daily basis.

Millions of people make mistakes and this happens in the blogging world quite often.

There are a lot of people coming into the blogging world because they think that blogging is easy to do, almost everybody id doing it and making a great deal of money just by blogging. Millions of people are blogging about this and blogging about that, but how many of these bloggers successful in their blogging journey?

I have listed some 5 common mistakes that new bloggers often make and fail to correct them.

Eager To Make Money

Whenever a new upcoming blogger finds out that top bloggers are making money online they think that it is very easy yo make money online. If this was the case then everybody would be blogging. If you are just blogging to make money then you will fail to do so. In truth and in fact everybody wants to make money blogging but you have to first love what you are doing in order to make money doing it. You have to be passionate about blogging.

If you concentrate about make money blogging then you will lack interest in writing quality content or lose interest in driving traffic to your blog. Remember that with quality content and traffic is what brings you the money so with non of that on your blog you will never make money. You have to satisfy your readers with quality unique content.

Wrong Niche

If new bloggers are eager to make money blogging then the next common mistake they make is falling into the wrong niche. They will start a blog and go into a niche that they know little or nothing about without realizing it. Which niche shoule you choose? Basically this is really simple. You start a blog on something that you know about and love.

For example, you like playing tennis and you know about it. That is a niche right there. You can make a blog and give tips to new tennis players, how to serve a ball or which racket is best for you in a tennis tournament.

Choosing the right niche is very important in making a successful blog.

Copying Other People’s Info

If you enter a into a niche that you know nothing about then the mistake that you would next make is to copy other bloggers articles. I know that as a new blogger you would want to have your articles index on the front page of Google, but you will not be able to do that if you copy and pass other people’s information as yours. Another thing is that you will eventually lose visitors because they will some how know that you are copying from another site that has more information.

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Some new bloggers even copy some articles and change it up so that it looks like they wrote it. This won’t work either. As I said earlier, go into a niche that you know and are passionate about, and then you will always have something to write about for your blog.

Free Hosting

This is one of the worst place to be, free hosting. I am always telling new bloggers or webmasters to stay away from free hosting because you will never know when these free hosting will close down your site.

Hosting is really cheap these days. I am using Hostgator.com and I pay $9.99/month.

HostGator.com is a great place to host your blog or website. Check out the prices below:

HostGator has hosting as cheap as $4.95

    Hatchling Plan (Starting at $4.95/month)
    Baby Plan (Starting at $7.95/month)
    Business Plan (Starting at $12.95/month)

I encourage to use HostGator.com for hosting.

Blogger Instead Of WordPress

This also has to do with free hosting. Blogger is free hosting and WordPress is self hosted. Self hosted is best for any blogger if you want your blog to be successful.

Check out the 10 reasons why i love WordPress.

Group Discussion

I think these are they 5 common mistakes that new bloggers or webmasters make and sometimes fail to correct them.

If you know anymore mistakes that they make, please leave them in the comment section below.


  1. Sara Fargoons


    Hi Kharim, I think you missed out on a valuable point: The importance of intro/summary paragraphs. It kind of ties in to points 1 (Thinking that people will read the whole post) and 2 (Using Paragraph format), but it was never mentioned outright.

    The intro paragraph is absolutely critical to piquing readers’ interest in the rest of the post. If I can’t figure out what message you’re trying to deliver in the first 30 seconds, there’s no way I’m going to invest the next few minutes of my time reading through the article when I don’t even know if it’s interesting or will help me or whatever I’m looking to gain.

    The summary paragraph is slightly less important; it’s mostly good for longer posts where you’re expecting lots of scanning.

    Anyway, I really enjoyed your article, and I’m definitely still guilty of a couple of points. Thanks for the tips!

    Sara Fargoons
    Multi Purpose Tool

    • Reply

      Hey Sara,

      Great point you made there and thanks for backing me up with that point as well.

      Thanks for the comment, it was well appreciated.

  2. Rajkumar Jonnala


    its amazing,

    i just came to know some of my mistakes which i had but i try to stop them all. thanks for awesome ponits.

  3. Vijayraj Reddy


    i too see many new bloggers selecting wrong niche… they must take care while choosing the niche…

  4. John Ernest


    You really have to make an investment if you want to make serious money. This is applicable not only on the hosting website you choose, but also on the effort you are making. The more effort you give, the bigger the fruits will get.

  5. Alan



    Great post man, most newbies want to sell, and sell and sell, then earn earn and earn money (lol) hard to believe but money can make everyone blinds, especially easy money of IM.


    • Reply

      You are right Alan.

      When a new blogger thinks about making money too much then that can be a distraction to the things that really makes money.

      For example, blog commenting and guest posting for traffic, because traffic is what helps to make the money.

      Thanks for the comment.

  6. sumit rana


    well your point ,wordpress is better than blogger may be prooved wrong,
    am having my blog on blogger and m pr-3 with alexa rank below 2 lacks.
    i dont think so if we do harwork with blogger then we can come out with results.
    ya i accept this that blogger requires very much hardwork then wordpress 🙂
    but its not worth wastage of time.

  7. Reply

    I used some reselelr hosting at the starting and that was one of the mistake that I thought should have avoided . But now quite happy with Hostgator VPS

  8. Roy Marvelous


    I made the huge mistake of going with Blogger, and it slowed my blog growth dramatically.

  9. jemal


    I really appreciate the info you have to offer that is FREE I do realize now about the free hosting, however I’m glad I didn’t waist my hard earned money paying for hosting and knew very little about blogging.

  10. Justin Tillman



    I think your dead on with number 3 “copying other peoples info” . It’s mad important to be authentic with you content. The problem i feel new bloggers face is they feel they have to be an expert in order to attract an audience. I do not feel that this is case, I believe that if you are authentic about where you are in your own growth of a subject and can give helpful advice from your own person experience people connect with you in much more meaningful way then if you try to just copy some else info.

  11. Reply

    Great tips 🙂 It’s important to be yourself and develop your own blog personality. It allows readers to get to know you and your unique style, which sets you apart from others. What do you think?

  12. Twitter Adder


    Choosing a right niche is what makes you an experts blogger. As you pointed out, that what makes a blogger a blogger is by earning money from it, Monetizing a blog must be interwoven with your niche. That’s why niches really matters in internet marketing.

  13. Marketing Philosophy


    As you said most expert bloggers are not using Blogger but it is still the best choise for a newbie who just want to speak up!

    • Reply

      Sometimes it is insulting for bloggers who took so much effort and time to come up with a good post but people would just put spammy comments without even reading the post. It is an obvious disrespect to a blogger.

  14. aditia


    yeah I never use blogger before, I really unfamiliar with it, when internet goes down we still can learn blogging by setting up wordpress locally

    • Reply

      Blogger I think is for when you are a newbie blogger and you want to feel what it is like as a blogger. If you look around, no expert bloggers are using Blogger. Thanks foe your comment Aditia.

      Please I am also asking you to make one more comment on my other article:
      5 Important Questions Every Blogger Should Be Asking Themselves

  15. butcher block oil


    hey kharim..thanks for this i really need this tips..i’m new in blogging..i’m really enjoy reading your post..great post..

  16. Reply

    Hi Kharim
    That is for sure some of the most common mistakes. Another one is a total lack of patience. It takes time to build up traffics, twitter followers and for the Search Engines to find all the pages on a new blog. A lot of new bloggers give up way to fast.

  17. hardie board siding cost


    hey kharim thanks for posting up this information..it’s very interesting and fun to read this kind of stuff..thanks nice post..

  18. Reply

    You have rightly summarized the the mistakes of a new blogger. I would add another thing which I have seen on many new blogs, they have posts with long lists of only URLs and the title is like “101 Website Directories”. It is a very bad way and it can really decrease your ranking.

  19. hardie board siding cost


    thanks for this information this is very useful..i learn a lot of things that have to avoid in my new blogs..

  20. Reply

    In my case I wouldn’t consider it to be a mistake of been eager to make money. The reason is because I already knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but I am eager to make money. That’s why I’ve spent a lot of time working on my blog. Hopefully it will pay off within 6 months to a year.

  21. Sabrina


    I would also advise anyone looking to start blogging to stay away from free web hosts. I had to go through the painful experience of having my blog shut down as well. Even if you are just blogging for fun I would recommend staying away, because it’s just not worth risk.

    • Reply

      The same happened to me as well. I almost cried 🙁

      I would love to get your comment on my other article: How To Get More Blog Comments

      Kharim Tomlinson

      • Sabrina


        Well, you’re stronger than me, because I cried. It happened at the beginning of this year and I’m STILL upset. I will definitely check out your article, because I really appreciate the clear and understandable tips that you provide.

  22. nazimwarriach


    Hi Kharim,
    “Copying Other People’s Info” is a thing which is worst than all others. Bloggers should try to write their own content. However he can take some ideas and information from other blogs but the content should be totally real.

  23. Andrew


    I agree with what you said, “to first love what you are doing in order to make money doing it. You have to be passionate about blogging.” Without love for what you’re doing or even passion for it, you won’t last long. So find a niche that you love, that you can relate to or is one of your top favorite things to do or something and not just pick one at random. Don’t ever pick a niche that you are totally alien to.

    • Reply

      Even if its not about blogging, if you don’t love your job then you will quit that job and do something that you have more passion in. Thanks for the comment Andrew, Really appreciate it

  24. Thiru


    Hi Kharim

    Wonderful post, especially niche selection is a tough job for newbies, but once they select right one, they can keep travel in the success way.

    Good dya.

  25. Reply

    Good article Kharim! The first point is an absolute true. Being eager to make money is probably not going to make you any money. In order to earn these days, you really need to be something more than just eager. Originality is what matters the most if you ask me. That is what can really make you stand out. Bad niche choices can also be a reason for failure. Trying to write on a subject, just because it is popular is not a guarantee for success. Going with something you have knowledge in, is the wiser decision.

  26. Hunter


    Really good points. I don’t understand why people use free hosting. If your site gets big its a pain to move to another host. Thanks for sharing.

  27. Tinh


    I agree with all points except “Free hosting”. Frankly, I started my bloging career 7 years ago with free hosting and I am happy. Some free hosting services are good and when blog grows up we can switch. But ideally, we should go for paid hosting at the beginning. Thanks

  28. Bit Doze


    Nice article, you could have allot of problem if you will not doit properly so this is a good checklist what to avoid.

      • Dee at Austin Concerts


        What about if someone is very knowledgeable about a niche but isn’t necessarily super passionate about it?

        I have a friend researching keywords for new blog.. and she’s found one that looks profitable, and she knows a ton about it, and could easily write lots of killer content BUT it’s kind of a dry subject.

        Would you encourage her to do it anyway?

        • Reply

          Hey Dee. I find that kinda strange. But if she is not passionate about the subject then I don’t think it would make any sense she venture into it. Well she could try and find something else to write about.

          • Dee at Austin Concerts

            She wants to start a homebased business.. Actaully using the SBI Lisa talks about.. and she’s researched for weeks and this is where she is.

          • Then tell her to go for it. Once she has knowledge about what she wants to write about then she needs to start now. 🙂

  29. Noah Rainey


    Great list of problems new bloggers struggle with. Hopefully this can save a few from falling into the pits of mistakes. Great post Kharim :)!
    .-= Noah Rainey´s last blog ..25 Ways on How to Make Money Online =-.

  30. ron


    man do i hate the crap outta blogger its good practice though .
    .-= ron ´s last blog ..Is blogging for you ? =-.

  31. Noah Rainey


    I agree with you on these 5 points. So many people think it’s a walk in the park and then just quit when the realize just how hard it is. People need to be warned about the difficulties of creating a blog or website. They need guidance. Another thing they do is just jump right in to creating their website without having a game plan. A Strategy is soooo important when creating a website. Great post Kharim Tomlinson :)!
    .-= Noah Rainey´s last blog ..ThemeSheep – 3 New Upcoming Themes – Sunday May 9-10, 2010 =-.

    • Reply

      Very nice comment Noah. I started in the web world about 5 years ago and I just made this blog 2 months ago. I had to make sure I knew what I was doing.

  32. Joe Boyle


    I like the “free webhosting” one there, Kharim. Taking it a step farther, it’s an investment game. You must invest on the fact that you will put enough effort & time in, in order to get where you want to be. By using free webhosting, you may well tie your legs together and try to start the race. You are put at a handicap. It’s not a good idea.

  33. Murlu


    Choosing the wrong niche is one of the biggest mistakes many new bloggers make, but it’s perfectly understandable and almost required when beginning your blogging career.

    When we first get our blog, it’s all open game, we want to talk about everything – it’s hard to resist because you’ve had years of experiences and events which you’d like to share. Often, the first blog you make never seems to pan out and survive but it’s perfectly okay because it’s a great learning experience.

    Once you begin to adapt and understand what you’re truly passionate about when writing, you’ll find your voice and be able to talk endlessly about your niche.

    Obviously the easiest solution is to choose a niche which is based around a hobby. It really doesn’t matter how obscure your hobby is either, there’s always a community online for it.

    My best suggestion, for starting out, is to take a whole day just to brainstorm. Keep notepad open or the classic pen and paper, write down every idea that comes to mind, don’t edit yourself!

    You’ll soon find you’ve written down dozens (maybe hundreds) of ideas you’d like to cover with your blog. Go through each of them and ask yourself “would this fit on my blog” and “would people enjoy this?”

    If you can answer yes to both of these questions, start writing. Again, just write free form, don’t edit yourself, just keep the ideas flowing. The more you write, the better you’ll be able to quickly convey your message to the screen.

    That’s the key to your success; keep trying and you’ll eventually find your groove.
    .-= Murlu´s last blog ..Make Money Online By Uploading Files =-.

    • Reply

      Nice tips Murlu.

      Choosing the wrong niche I guess is trial and error.

      Thanks for your comments

  34. Dragon Blogger


    Nice tips, I suffered with my own “niche” problems not knowing what to write about and just being all over the place in what I wrote about originally.

    Copying is a horrible habit, if you like another bloggers article then take a very small snippet, point out the article and give credit and write your own take on it. It is okay to write about the same content / topics (we all do it) but make sure you give credit and never steal an article, not only will you be branded but if that blogger complains to your ISP you can have your whole site shut down abruptly for copyright violation.
    .-= Dragon Blogger´s last blog ..Ultimate HootSuite Tutorial =-.

    • Reply

      Thanks Dragon for commenting and giving some points.

      If you plan to copy others info then it won’t make any sense.

  35. Ileane


    Kharim, excellent points here. I’d like to add something I read about earlier today. Some new bloggers so very anxious to receive comments that they approve some comments and trackbacks that are actually spam by mistake. I remember that it took me a few days to recognize the spammers, now I can spot them pretty easily.
    .-= Ileane @ The Podcast Blog´s last blog ..Twitter, Tweetmeme, and Your Retweets =-.

    • Reply

      Great tip Ileane. Trackbacks I notice are getting too spammy these days. I often delete them. Thanks for the comment hun. 🙂

  36. Reply

    A few days i havent checked your blog, lots of posts i missed LOL. You are a very good blogger, always new posts Kharim 🙂
    I don’t understand why people choose free blogging platform either, lots of pain if their account is suspended, for example. Waste of times and works 🙁
    .-= Kimi´s last blog ..A new method of spamming comments in wordpress! =-.

    • Reply

      Thanks for your comment Kimi and also for reading. The reason for this blog being a success over the past 2 months that it has been online is because I have done alot of reading before I made this blog and I know how to drive traffic to it.

      Want to know why I write such great posts? Read my post: How To Develop Good Writing Technique

      I have been in website building and design for over 4 years now and this blog was made to help new bloggers to make their website a success and also to make money online.

      As you said in your comment you don’t know why people choose free hosting such as blogger platform. Blogger is great but the only downside is the free hosting. That’s how I started using WordPress cause my blogger blog got closed down with almost 100 posts 😕

      So I made this 1 and started out fresh.

      If you need any help Kimi, please feel free to give me a buzz. 🙂

    • Reply

      I never knew that all the posts and our work are gone forever if the free blog is suspended, that is some serious loss if some online business are using them. There was a time when many business used to use free blogging platforms.

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