Everybody talk about blogging nowadays but very few people really talk about the mediums that make it possible. Blogging isn’t what it used to be anymore and there are now a lot of ways by which you can communicate with people through your blog and there are now so many advantages of using a blog. Some of the great ways people blog nowadays are through various forms of multimedia such as video blogging, podcasting, webinars, teleseminars etc.

While the above are only examples of some of the ways through which we can communicate our ideas to the world they are only made possible by the internet access and mediums through which they’re done. You can’t expect to get the best when trying to upload a video to the internet using a very slow dial-up access neither can you expect having a great webinar by using a slow internet.

High Speed Internet is Now Changing Blogging

If you take a look at some of the most successful blogs and bloggers on the internet you will notice that more emphasis is now being placed on using multimedia to promote your blog than ever. Very few people love to read and due to the time we all spend watching our television and a lot of high quality videos on sites like YouTube and Vimeo we now prefer digesting our favorite online content by watching videos.

The era of updating blogs through “text” alone is folding and a new era of updating and delivering content through multimedia is unfolding. People are now able to connect with you better if they can see your face and hear your voice so it is now time for you to start focusing your efforts on multimedia blogging.

It Makes Marketing Easier

Another great thing high-speed internet access has done to blogging is that it has made marketing our blogs and products online easier. It is now very easy for you to market your blog using a lot of established media sources that can easily go viral: you no longer need to start thinking about which method to use or how to use it neither do you have to waste 100’s of hours only to see you can hardly get result. Marketing your blog is now as easy as creating a great, unique and value packed video and then uploading it to some of the biggest sites on the internet – this wouldn’t have been possible if not for the availability of broadband/high-speed internet access.

Product Creation Has Never Been Better

I was recently reading an e-book by Brian Clark in which he says creating text-based products like ebooks isn’t as effective as it used to be because people have now discovered other better ways to digest content and get results. Instead of you having to wait for months to create ebooks that are not even up to your desired standards you can easily create a product by downloading a few screen recording software or by making use of your webcam and digital camera. This will make it easier for people to relate with your content and take action based on your recommendations.

Try to adapt with the trends, instead of trying to create an e-book that can take you months why not create a few videos in a few hours?


  1. Development Calgary


    Hilarious “galactic” intro image at the start of this post that made me chuckle. IMO high speed internet hasn’t necessarily made it easier — just faster, now that everyone has high speed there is also more competition for attention to products.

  2. Kate Brown Wilson


    To be honest Internet speed is the most important part of blogging, cause once you speed is too low some of the plug-ins you have installed won’t work well, I really appreciate this, many people or reader will be helped.

  3. charter


    I think it is safe to say that the internet has improved many things that we do. With blogging in particular, we can really get out thoughts and opinions out there faster. We can do everything faster like pay our bills, scholastic research, shopping, and more.

  4. Reply

    I agree – I will spend a lot more time on YouTube than I will reading. When I open my laptop, I want to relax and zone out, not have to focus on something.

  5. High Speed Internet


    Ive only been blogging for a couple of months but I still find that many people appreciate reading a well written post. I do see though how popular video blogging is becoming and novice bloggers like myself should not feel overwhelmed by this. If you feel ready to jump into “vlogging”, start by making a short video on your smartphone. As you get comfortable, then you can start adding more advanced features by purchasing a video editing software. As for the evolution of blogging by way of the internet, what hasn’t the internet changed??

  6. ralph


    Life got much better even if I’m not a blogger. If you come to think of it, there’s an endless world out there of what one can do with the internet. For that little personal touch I still send out cards every now and then just to make sure it will not be lost. But other than that, I cannot say I lost much.

  7. jessica


    High-Speed Internet has become essential to our professional lives, as well. Many businesses no longer accept paper applications and/or resumes from applicants applying for new positions. This makes access to high-speed broadband technology imperative for women seeking employment or simply trying to improve their personal and professional lives.

  8. ralph


    I know for me, life got much better even if I’m not a blogger. It is an endless world out there of what one can do with the internet. I still send out cards every now and then just to give that little personal touch that should not be lost. But other than that, I cannot say I lost much.

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