How I Got PR3 On Google For My Blog With ONLY Comment Backlinks

People still ask me a lot whether comment backlinks work. They want to know whether it is worth it to even bother with this SEO strategy. Well, my short and simple answer is – yes, they definitely work and are worthwhile. See, we all are constantly searching for the “shinny” new backlinking tactic on a […]

How Coupon Discounts Can Generate Explosive Organic Traffic

So, you’re looking for smart ways to generate organic traffic? In this article, I want to show you how coupon deals can multiply your traffic generation efforts. The coupon marketing strategy can work for any niche, not just for shopping merchants. Discount coupons and other buying-incentives and rebates are great motivators. In the field of […]

Building Backlinks: 5 Solid Backlink Strategy For Beginners

[box type=”spacer”]Get Your Mind on Relationship Building[/box] As a new website owner, you are learning rather quickly that backlinks are important for the survival of your website. A website without backlinks makes your online business a lonely isolated island.  You must get backlinks, this fact is an inevitable truth.  But before that, you must sit […]