People still ask me a lot whether comment backlinks work. They want to know whether it is worth it to even bother with this SEO strategy.

Well, my short and simple answer is – yes, they definitely work and are worthwhile.

See, we all are constantly searching for the “shinny” new backlinking tactic on a consistent basis. Some may do it as frequently as every week or even more often.

That’s crazy and I have to tell you something. If you waste your time every day looking for the “no effort, no money required” make-money-online strategy, then you won’t succeed.

You need to stick with one method at least for some time to see some results.

Be different than the vast majority and actually put in some effort. Experiment! You never know what works for *YOU*.

Trust your intuition more. It’s necessary in business.

How I Got PR3 Under A Year

So I tried a new experiment for one of my niche blogs. This one is in the “DIY home solar panels” niche. It’s a green energy niche related to self-made solar panels for your home.

Anyway, so I went out and used blog commenting exclusively to test out this theory of ranking high in Google with only comment backlinks with the correct anchor text.

To be sure, anchor text is the essence of why websites are ranked high for particular search terms or keywords. That’s the case for me too.

Therefore, you need to be extra careful when putting in links into your blog comments.

So, the first thing I usually do is I do some “backlink spying”. I find all the places where I can leave a comment with the correct anchor text as a link.

Of course, not any blog will do suffice. I only choose the ones with PR2 and up to PR7 (if I can find them).

I know that some will argue that PR is not the only SEO measure. Well, it may not be the only one, but it still gives me a darn good impression on how valuable a blog comment backlink will be for me.

If you want to cut through the hassle, then stick with PR.

Well, after I’ve done some extensive research (not longer than a few hours), then I can head over to every blog I’ve got on my list and do the blog commenting. Not forgetting about the anchor text and links to my blog.

Then, when moderators have approved my comments (if there are any moderators), I can relax and see my rankings going up, thus giving me an extra surge in traffic and new subscribers.

Things To Remember Though

This isn’t an overnight process to get rich online. I doubt if there’s anything like that because every one of us who has succeeded online has put in some serious hustle and time.

So it is with blog commenting. You won’t make loads of money just by making a few comments and then relaxing. I certainly have put in at least some effort to raise my Google rankings.

Now, remember, this was basically an experiment to prove that something as simple and easy as blog commenting can benefit you greatly if you stick with it for a while.

I had to wait nearly a year for my niche blog to gain PR3 and to boost the keyword rankings on Google.

Of course I didn’t do blog commenting the whole time. The quite opposite is true – I did it for a 1-2 month period. And not every day but randomly.

This proves at least one thing – if you are a beginner and don’t know how to get traffic with the least amount of effort and time put in, then blog commenting is the first thing to try out.

It’s a no-brainier. There’s no other such simple yet powerful SEO strategy out there. At least not that I know of.

So, guys, that’s how you easily get traffic. And remember, this strategy is repeatable as many times as you wish. Be it your “dog training”, “pet care”, “lose arm fat” or whatever niche.

Just give it a try for some weeks and see what happens. Google will index your comments within a few short months and then you will see how much your Google rankings have improved, and how much more traffic you get.

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  1. Mark Jackson


    Hi, Thanks for this post. I have been quite distracted with backlinking indeed. There are just so many strategies out there. I tried to follow Pat Flynn’s multi-layer backlinking strategy. Then another post came along saying Google’s Panda changed everything. Hopefully this will work differently.
    I will test it out and am curious what will happen for my site in the next 6 months.
    All the best.


  2. vishan sahu


    Thanks for this post,it is a rain drop post…i like it really ..because it contain all the information about the exact topic…I am intrigued with much of your information and am persuaded to agree with you after reading your material. I’m hoping you’ll add more articles on this topic.

  3. Ali usman


    Well its good to read your blog as there are lots of people thinking how to get PR you have used backlinks with commenting which are really a great idea and deal but I think the content of your blog or site or the presentation of your site must be according also as that is counts too.

  4. Jamy


    Time is money and also you need to wait for the PR as we want PR fast so that we do optimization fast and continue it with any type legal or illegal in that case some time we got a ban or a panty.
    You have write exactly what I was thinking. Thank you for sharing this information.

  5. Sandy


    I have found the blog commenting to be very useful. I did blog commenting everyday for 1 month and noticed that my website moved up to the second page on google, It took awhile to see the result but it was well worth it.

  6. Reply

    Do you have any idea that how many comments you have made to get the Page Rank-3?

    and as you said

    “I had to wait nearly a year for my niche blog to gain PR3 and to boost the keyword rankings on Google”

    Don’t you think that one year is really a long time to get the PR 3.


  7. Robert


    It reminds me of an old quote saying: The expert is the one who does the basic well 🙂

  8. Hendarto


    After reading your article, I can say Yes I’m agreed with you that building PR is not an easy thing, we have to put our best effort on hot to increase our PR and one of the best thing to do is link building but the most important thing is please be keep natural and not buying a huge amount of blindly back linking.

  9. Sanfelli Hortelano


    Very nice. Very inspiring. Thank you dude!!!! good job!

  10. Reply

    Amazing strategy. This clearly shows that the technique worked. You did it very well. Did you always comment on those blogs with page rank, was there any exception to the rule?

  11. John Ernest


    I understand how important backlinking is so I’ve also made some research. Being that backlinking is the secret of Google’s prized algorithm, it often states that the more high quality links you get the higher your page rank will be. But what if you have a lot of low ranking baklinks? I read that it will adversely affect your PR. Instead of bringing the PR up it could decrease it or not affect it. This is a complete waste of time. And aside from that if you link to link farms, as far as I know of Google’s latest algorithm, you may even be penalized. So take care in backlinking.

  12. Andreas Pazer


    Nice info which will be prove so useful for all blogger and online marketers. But they also remember to not spam the blog sites. thanks for excellent tips.

  13. Julie


    I agree that commenting is a great way to build backlinks. Plus it is a lot of fun, you can discover new blogs and find other people to network with. Great way to drive traffic to your blog too. I have been doing it for years!

    • Ray Wilson


      Hi Julie,

      Networking is an absolute must, but if you cover many different niches for backlinks, then it’s not so important to do.

  14. Reply

    Hi Ray, glad that you discovered blog commenting. I think there are other advantages to it. Straight traffic generation being one of them. Relationship building is another.

    Thanks for sharing your experience with commenting, personal experience is always valuable.

    • Ray Wilson


      Hi Davesnape,

      Relationship building through commenting is a great strategy if you’re involved in the niche of the comment blogs.

      Though, I focused on many different authority blogs in different niches, not necessarily building a relationship in every niche.

  15. Rob


    I also get quite a bit of traffic through leaving comments- especially comment luv enabled blogs.

  16. Reply

    Great share Ray Wilson …

    For me, Commenting on blogs is the best source for building backlinks.

    • Ray Wilson


      Hi Salman,

      Nice to hear that it works for you, recommend you expand on it.

  17. Reply

    Commenting is one of the techniques that I have been using in the past few years mainly for backlinking.
    I also like you, think it is working.
    BUT I have one thought that makes me worry.
    What happens if google stops measuring comments as a way of increasing PR?
    What do you think?

  18. sreekanth


    Glad to hear this news, PR 3 just by commenting
    have agreat blogging time Ray

  19. Rudy P


    Very interesting and informative article. Good job, thanks for sharing!

  20. Reply

    Ray, You have said a sure shot true fact about blog commenting!Though The Backlinks acquired by blog commenting are useful in site’s link count, The blog commenting process leads to a perfect interaction between every two bloggers!

  21. Mohsin Ali


    This is something new for me that Google pagerank 3 with only comments. I have being creating backlinks for one of my blog from last 6 months and still i got only pagerank 2. This ai also good news for newbie bloggers who are not away of how to create backlinks.

    • Ray Wilson


      Hi Mohsin,

      For newbies it’s really a golden strategy to get some quick Google-rankings-boosting backlinks.

      Just stick with the commenting and you’ll get that PR3.

  22. Marie


    That’s amazing! People say that comment backlinks are dead but honestly I don’t think so! If you provide genuine, helpful content, it only benefits both!

  23. Reply

    Hi Ray as you said blog commenting is one of the simple and powerful seo strategy, I use this method to promote my websites got some good results too…

    • Ray Wilson


      Caroline, it’s amazing how many people ignore this strategy, although know it’s one of the fundamentals of traffic. And it’s simple, doesn’t require any skills.

  24. Debbie


    Hmm, I don’t remember exactly where I’ve read that it’s not recommend to focus on a keyword to rise in SERP, you need to use several keywords/expressions otherwise you get penalized – is it true?

    • Ray Wilson


      Hi Debbie, the truth is – you need the exact match KW phrase put in the comment.

      BUT, don’t go for 100% of your anchor text being that ONE KW phrase. 70 – 80% is a happy medium.

      But then again, for me it usually happens naturally, I never get the 100% all identical anchor text. Someone backlinks to my content with a different anchor text or something else happens.

      • Debbie


        Hey, Ray! Thanks for your reply. It really helps. Have a nice weekend!

  25. Aasma


    That’s certainly an interesting theory about gaining PageRank for your website, I would love to give it a try. thanks for sharing your strategy, however many SEO’s won’t like to share their tricks.

    • Ray Wilson


      Hi Aasma, yeah it’s still somewhat a theory, but the best success is found in taking a theory and testing it out. Nothing better than that!

  26. Mika Castro


    I know that you strive hard to reach the PR3 on Google. Congratulations!

  27. Joseph Mills


    Competitors are widely spread in the net world and its very hard to be on top; getting a higher rank need lots of effort and research too. Thank you for this great piece of advice. I should have a try then

    • Ray Wilson


      Yeah Joseph, what can we do? I see that we need to get better than the majority. As simple as it sounds, it requires some work and time. But if you want the rewards, do it!

  28. Becca


    Nice info which will be prove so useful for all blogger and online marketers. But they also remember to not spam the blog sites. thanks for excellent tips.
    Let’s see how the progress of my site.

    • Ray Wilson


      Becca, there’s a happy medium, and wish you luck with the commenting.

  29. Joe Boyle


    Great article, Ray. I have experienced similar results from blog commenting – I have, for the most part, achieved PR2 from mainly blog commenting. I think the method can easily be drug out and experimented to bring down to a core science, but for now, just using PR is a good measure of whether or not to comment. DoFollow is another thing to watch out for. If WordPress would just enable DoFollow by default, it’d make everything a lot easier. But the simple reality is that they do not and never will.

    Anyway, great post, will keep investigating the method.

    • Ray Wilson


      Joe, yeah it’s a shame that they don’t do it. Dofollow by default would be a wicked opportunity and all the spammers would be in ecstasy, which again isn’t so good.

  30. Azam


    I have also got PR3 last year one of my site only by posting quality articles and do follow blog commenting.

    • Ray Wilson


      Hey Azam, thanks for your input. Nice to see that others on this forum have got some results with a strategy so simple as blog commenting.

  31. Reply

    Thanks Ray for this post. I will give it a try too 🙂
    Hope i can able to get good PR for my new upcoming Blog.

    • Ray Wilson


      Amit, it’s very doable if you stick with this strategy for some time.

  32. alex


    cheers for this mate, will give a try for a few weeks then get back to you to say how i got on

    • Ray Wilson


      Hi Alex,

      🙂 Definitely give it a try for some time and will be pleased to hear your results.

      But know that Google isn’t the fastest creature to index the comments, it will take some months for you to see the “link juice” you get with a tool like SEO Spyglass or even


      • Ivin


        Well, as you can see I’m going for a very competitive keyword. This is an actual test I’m running and I’m actually expecting results much faster than you’re expecting. I’m hoping you are wrong 😉

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