When you have decided to make over your blog to be position higher in most of the popular search engines, the main thing that you need to go through would be the search engine optimization techniques. This is because these search engine optimization techniques would provide with the plenty of natural ways to attain their position in the search engines. There are varieties of SEO techniques available in order to increase the blog traffic of your blog and also for increasing its internal links.

Those methods are as follows:

  • Use out quality content
  • One of the things that you can go through for improving the search engine results of your blog would be the unique and attractive contents. Since contents would grab the attention of most of the individuals who have surfed through internet, it would work as great source for providing you with blog traffic.

  • Update fresh content often
  • Another thing that you can go through in order to improve the blog traffic of your blog would be, updating your blog often with the fresh and unique contents. This is because most of the people would get interest with the blogs or sites which would provide them with updated news often.

  • Be a follower
  • If you want to make over your blog in a better way, it is necessary for you to follow the blogs of famous people. You can find out these famous people with the help of search engines and also it would be better to follow people as per your niche. It would also make you to get more followers for your blogs too.

  • Publishing guest posts
  • Since today most of the people have preferred to make money through blogging, it is necessary for you to provide with the guest post which would easily be accepted by top blogs. Because of these guest posts you can have a back link for your blog on high quality blogs, which would probably increase your traffic and ranking by the principle of link juice.

  • Social media and social bookmarking sites
  • When you have considered about these social media sites, you could probably create a profile on these social media sites where you can discuss about your blog with your friends. You can even make your friends to follow your blog as visitors which have been considered as the best way to increase the traffic of your blog.

    Other than these things you can also go with the social bookmarking sites for increasing the back link of your blog. Since you have to provide the blog URL, description and Meta keywords of your blog in these social bookmarking sites it would definitely increase the traffic of your blog in a rapid way.

    Necessity of Social Bookmarking

    Even though there are plenty of methods available to increase the blog traffic, the main reason for most of the webmasters to prefer with these social bookmarking sites would be they could probably increase the blog traffic in a faster way. It would also make the blog to get enhance with the search engine listings.


    1. Atinder S Gill


      Social bookmarking has three benefits.
      1 Traffic and
      2. Backlinks
      3. Authority

      So, why should anyone miss out on these vital points. Bookmarking is must for every blogger, webmaster.

    2. Ali usman


      This is good as social media is one of the best place which can provide you organic traffic from any where you want. But it is better to stay social on it and stay connected with every one on it.

    3. Jamy


      You have to be social in every where but these tips are really very good specially fresh content which are the most important part with that need to make some social media work.

    4. Reply

      Hi , Really its Awesome and very informative post. Social bookmarking is the great method to get the traffic but in my opinion Nowadays we are not getting any results from excepts two or three sites. so i dont give any response of social bookmarking.Wel thanks for sharing with us.

    5. Nawaz


      Back links are the energy for the site. A site with good contents always get ranking if it has quality back links.

    6. Nwosu Desmond


      The importance of social networking can never be over emphasized as a source of traffic to your blog, friends share their interests with one another and just like virus the effect over time grows so large that you will never end up benefiting from it.

      Thanks for the tips though….nice blog

    7. IamRex


      Thanks, man. But just wondering, what’s your opinion on those automated social bookmarking softwares?

    8. Arshad


      Social bookmarking traffic is very important website and good benefits of social bookmarking owner looking to hence them search engine marketing and efforts.

    9. David


      While I haven’t got too much into social bookmarking I have been looking into it further and really need to get ontop of it.

    10. Jasmin


      Social Bookmarking sites can play very important roles in getting the audience for the site and it is the free medium for marketing. And thanks for this very good post explaining well about it.

    11. Reply

      Thanks Nadine! It is always nice to read about ways to increase our blogs’ traffic. There are many ways but I believe you have included the best ways of them all!
      Thank you again!

    12. charlesdavid436


      Social Bookmarking is very important to blogger because it can help them easily increase the traffic rate they have. Also when they research contents about it, the can just easily find because it is bookmarked. I really love this, thanks a lot of sharing this Ball Handling Xtreme.

    13. Debbie


      Hmm, I follow some interesting blogs, but it never crossed my mind to look for popular writers in my niche. Thanks for sharing.

    14. Mika Castro


      Web surfers surely bookmark some website if they find it useful or feel that if can provide them with interesting ideas or information.

    15. Aasma


      Fresh and informative post gets more attention, so if you stick to it there are good chances to receive more and more traffic in quick time.

    16. Reply

      This is a good article highlighting the importance of social media. They are powerful techniques to be used. Guest blogging is another good way.

    17. Grant Brookes


      THis is really surprising to know that these SBM’s are still beneficial. I was talking oto one of the SEO guru, and his opinion is that these SBM’s are good only if you are posting unique content to them, if you are nbot, then these are absolutely waste..!

    18. Reply

      Thanks Nadine for sharing this tips with us. I think informative article always help us to gain visitor and its attract the social media users too.
      Thanks for this.

    19. TracyAnn0312


      Social Bookmarking is very important to blogger because it can help them easily increase the traffic rate they have. Also when they research contents about it, the can just easily find because it is bookmarked.

    20. Amit Sharma


      Agreed with all your points, not to mention, it’s through social media through which we get to know the real value of our content. Real worth of our content. 🙂

    21. Azam


      Research based and fresh contents are always very useful to increase the traffic for a site. These contents are very helpful to enlist the site in organic searches.

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