A great number of business owners advertise their businesses on Facebook, as the aforementioned social platform has an astonishing number of users. For business owners the main advantage of advertising on a website like Facebook is the opportunity to turn its users into their clients.

However, the whole process of gaining new fans and keeping the old ones is not that simple. Namely, Facebook has changed a lot since it was founded, and the changes it made have always been turned to improving their users’ experience.


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One of the changes Facebook has recently introduced is the one regarding businesses that have their fan pages on this site. Due to these changes, businesses owners advertising on Facebook have to put more effort into getting through to their fans. In the near past, it was possible to buy “likes” and grow your business this way. Nowadays, it is not possible to do so anymore. Moreover, Facebook has introduced new metrics, and these metrics are now the key to gaining larger audience for your company.

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There are three of them and these metrics include People Talking About This, Engaged Users and External Referrers. Here will be given a list including a short explanation of each of the metrics, to help you familiarize yourself with these relatively new terms in the world of Facebook marketing:

  1. People Talking About This – this metric is related to the numbers of people who have interacted with the fan page of your business. The interaction between Facebook users and your fan page can be anything from a “like”, comment or sharing. The number will show how many people found your page interesting enough to interact with it in any of the aforementioned ways.
  2. Engaged Users – this seems to be the most important number for every business owner. The metric ‘Engaged Users’ shows the number of people who are genuinely interested in your products or services. It is especially useful, as it shows how many clicks your fan page had in the period of the previous four weeks.
  3. External Referrers – another important number for your fan page is the number that shows how many people visited your page. These are, however, people who came outside of Facebook, rather than its users. This is a great way for you to learn something about advertising your business, as you can get the information about how people found out about your business. Then, you can determine which way of advertising is the best for your business, and focus mainly on promoting your business this way.

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You should not miss the chance to use these Facebook metrics in order to make your business better and more successful. In spite of the fact that they might seem a bit complicated at first, they are pretty easy to understand once you get all the information you need on this subject, and they are an amazing way to make Facebook users more engaged with your fan page.

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    Facebook seems to be rising in terms of popularity as recent news confirmed that Facebook reached near to Google in terms of traffic. This confirms that there is definite reason for any to utilize Facebook as a platform to market their product. Here though very few business can explore but still there requires few more functionality in terms of search engines like Google to explore Facebook to their fullest est potentiality.

  2. Ayesha


    Facebook is a social site.Social media habitually acquire longer time to offer consequences however it is very considerating to spawn wakefulness . It’s a very good way of marketing.

  3. Reply

    I just subscribed to your newsletter. I found this article useful because I have never looked at Facebook at a new perspective. The metrics you have shown People Talking About This, Engaged Users and External Referrers, is a good baseline which I can use once for my business in terms of social media marketing.

  4. Maja


    Today there is a lot of competition between Google + and Facebook. Both media are introducing new strategies to improve online business. This article is productive to promote online business.

  5. Vernon


    Good to know about this one Cristal, your post is packed with great information and this 3 metrics is very useful for us to market on Facebook. Thanks for sharing this one. I will look forward to use this one.

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    hi CrystalJ, these 3 metrics are really helpful for to build market on Facebook and I personally found that Engaged Users is very necessary to increase marketing service.Thanks for shairng.

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    Hi CrystalJ!

    At first, I didn’t even like or use Facebook, but then I do really love it now, and heavily addicted LOL

    The three metrics you have mentioned are interesting factors to me, as I also wondered, what “People Talking About This” metric was about, and wondered how I could get that thing in my Facebook LOL.

    Now with your post, I can understand it better, thank you!


  8. Philppe


    Well the guidelines are really great. It has been seen that one of the biggest social media platform (face book) on the planet boasts a wide array of communication tools businesses use to find and engage their target communities. Keep sharing such more interesting blogs with us.

  9. Reply

    Hi Crystal,

    Nice sharing, Earlier I was confused between “People Talking About This” and “Engaged Users”. But now I have clear understating how they’re different and what actually they convey.

    • johnavery


      almost the same thoughts here too mr.Atul. We have to dig a lot before using Facebook in market place but.

  10. Catherine


    These Facebook metrics will surely help out business peoples. That’s really great.

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