It’s an obvious but essential truth that small businesses depend on a strong customer following. If a small business struggles to connect with their target audience, they won’t accrue the necessary capital for marketing campaigns meant to maintain and grow their clientele. Unfortunately many small businesses don’t have the resources for a comprehensive marketing strategy; most must balance limited personnel and resources before they consider putting money into anything else.

For those without the cash to pay marketing consultants, I suggest you look to the web to market your business. Web marketing offers the best opportunity for small businesses to reach out to a potentially huge clientele base at relatively low cost. It requires little time from employees to set up, and even less time to manage with the right software. Below are just a few outstanding web marketing services that could serve as a great asset to fledgling small businesses looking to establish themselves online.


Kutenda is an all-in-one online marketing software for small businesses looking to create a real presence on the web. Kutenda calls its product “marketing as a service,” meaning that they offer marketing services for small businesses struggling to connect with a viable client base. To do this, they give companies time-testing marketing tools to implement as they see fit.

Kutenda essentially takes the burden of developing successful web marketing strategies from small business owners who would be better off spending time working on their enterprise. Marketing strategies with Kutenda include comprehensive email newsletters and updates to (potential) clients; creation of a unique website with SEO; analyses on the state of your online marketing campaign, and much more.

Those that use Kutenda pay a monthly fee to continue with their web marketing support, and the amount is nothing near what a small business would pay to outsource marketing solutions with a private firm.


For small businesses concerned with following trends, consider using Sulia for the latest information on any event. Sulia takes the most reliable sources on every conceivable topic and compiles them for ready consumption for the avid reader.

The site states that they decide what sources are the most reliable based on a series of analytic data and algorithms that determine what media outlet or author the distributes the most consistently high quality information. So a person looking to stay informed on presidential politics in the U.S. can sift through Sulia’s offered sites and writers and rest assured that they’re getting the best information available on the topic. This is an indispensible service for small enterprise staying abreast of all business related trends, from monetary policy to stock trends.


My Next Customer

For small businesses who want to monitor the progress of an already existent online presence, consider My Next Customer. This service uses cutting edge analytic software to track exactly who is visiting your company’s website and utilizing its social media. My Next Customer analyzes how customers came across your site or social media profile, in addition to offering comprehensive metrics on the day-to-day stats surrounding your small business’s online presence.

The service is invaluable to small businesses assessing multiple online marketing campaigns to determine which method works the best. Almost instantly, My Next Customer will take your small business’s information and explain exactly which marketing attempts and those than can afford to be abandoned. You can streamline your marketing without ever needing to pay a high-dollar consultant!

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    This post is so helpful to everyone specially to me who has a small business. I am happy to learn a lot of things through this. Thank you Nadia Jones!

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    The use of online marketing service is important to improve your online presence. Once you already established yourself online, you may now expect increase in the number of your customers. Just like any offline business, marketing plays an important role for the whole business process.

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    Great marketing tips. I am very interested in the small business analytics (since i own 2 of them). You must invest some money somewhere as you pointed out. This will help readers in their research for new avenues to look at. Thank you for the reviews Nadia!

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    I haven’t used any “online marketing services”, though I’m not a SEO expert but I do visit on famous seo forums & blogs and try to learn new things, and experiment it by my own.

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