Internet used to be a medium predominated mostly by the text based content. Back in the olden days of dial-up connections; everything on Internet was text, from education to entertainment, and from communication to … err leave it. But the fact is that on all types of websites, we expected nothing but text accompanied by a couple of pictures and some occasional videos that will took ages in loading, not anymore.

Thanks to some remarkable advancement in the technology, we have download speeds that would have sounded impossible for a common Internet user, some years ago. And now we are witnessing a shift with more and more images and videos taking the center stage. There’s a steady growth in video and photo sharing websites, and the trend is same at blogosphere, where we can see more photo-blogs being launched on daily basis.

Photo-blogs are the blogs where posts are based on photographs and images. Some are accompanied by text while others are inspiring and meaningful on their own. When it comes to the pros and cons, photo blogs have their fair share of advantages, as well as disadvantages. If you are looking to launch one, you must decide after going through the following points.


  • Photo-Blogs are much more appealing as compared to text blogs, and for obvious reasons, since there’s no way you can make some text appear as enticing as the graphics
  • You don’t need to spend hours writing marathon posts, on photo blog, you can post a picture along with a  couple of lines and that will do the job
  • Photo Blogs can do much better when it comes to social media marketing as compared to text blogs, since visuals are more captivating as compared to a link to an article
  • You don’t have to force yourself to write on a new development or cover some news coming out of the industry, after all blogging should be a little different than journalism
  • You don’t have to do a lot of editing or proof reading
  • Your blog will easily stick out from the crowd of text blogs going berserk with the same topics talking about making money online, tech, gadgets, and the likes.
  • You will take pleasure in Photo-blogging even if you’re not making much money out of it, which is not the case in text blogging, where you can get bored quite easily


  • It will be hard to optimize and get unique visitors to your blog because of the lack of content (unfortunately, photographs don’t carry as much weight as text when it comes to ranking factors), which means you will have to make the most of other Internet Marketing mediums
  • You won’t be able to make much money via text based ads, so you will have to rely more on getting sponsors to monetize your blog.
  • It’s not that you can take just about any photograph from Internet and put it on your Blog, instead you will have to read a lot into different types of copyrights and make sure that you are giving proper credits
  • It’s true that photo-blogging will save you from the tedious task of editing and proofreading for typos and grammatical errors, but in case of photo-blogging, you might as well have to do minor photo editing (e.g. resizing to standardize and making it a good fit for your blog).


  1. Rohit


    I think now i will thin twive before statrting a photo graphy blog
    thanks for the post

  2. Samuel


    Nice Article. A photo blog can be used to showcase one’s photography talents. And like u said, it won’t contribute much as a money making blog when compared to the normal text-blogs. And, it might even be hard to be consistent in coming with blog posts as a high quality photo generates once in a while so. Then the blog design won’t be that flexible too.

  3. Tracyann0312


    Foe me it is good to have photography blogs if you have different photos to post there. but for me, I would prefer to use text blogs because I can give my readers ideas that can help them for their daily living.

  4. Maja


    You are right at your arguments but photo blogs are becoming popular these days. It is one of the novice introduction.

  5. Megan Brown


    Hi Bashir..pleasure to meet you.

    You are very much right here concern to photoblog. As I like such type of blogs very much but due to some it disadvantages one have to think twice if s/he is blogging for generating income.

    But for hobby this is the best option other than else.
    Anyway thanks a lot for sharing your expert knowledge concern to photo blog.

  6. johnavery


    well written, i am a bit surprised how you managed to leave the need for finding appropriate content in case of images and the bandwidth that the site may take to load for consideration towards the disadvantages. Have to appreciate your effects of making it clear about the traffic factors of text based blog and picture based blog. You might have easily got carried away with the advantages of picture blog and ended up ignoring certainties.

  7. Ayesha


    Everything has some good effects and some bad effects. Photos blog has many advantages it’s main good effects is in social media marketing. The above blog is very informative. For more educational tips visit techblog

  8. Beth


    I would still prefer the combination of photos and texts for a blog. At least your readers can fully understand what you wanna tell them, plus the fact that you can let them think the use of your photo to your post.

  9. angel reyes


    I am thinking on doing this on my blog nut after reading the disadvantage of it. I am now thinking on something else making your blog beautiful shows your personality but if it does not drive traffic due to this better change it. Thanks for the review.

  10. Reply

    Blogging – Is it worth doing? From general comments I have heard across the photography community then the answer is mostly yes! Do it. One thing is for certain, if a photographer is known to have a blog then few people think that’s a bad thing.

    Even if a blog or photoblog is not up to the standard of your usual work it is often seen as a sandbox for experiments or a place to bounce creative ideas off the wider photo community. Blogging on a photography or microstock related topic is a great way to ‘learn though teaching’.

  11. Bryan Ring


    Thank you Bashir! I agree that there are rules that need to be followed when photo blogging. Having accounts such as Flickr has been a real traffic getter for my lawn care company. You need to search within the medium for your target audience and they are surely there.
    I love the Pros and Cons of your article as they point out guidelines every internet marketer should follow!

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